5 Tools to Help Vet Your Employees

5 Tools to Help Vet Your Employees

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In today’s highly competitive job market, finding the right employee can be a costly and laborious process. For many employers, sifting through resumes, conducting interviews, and checking references is only the beginning. Finding and hiring the perfect person for the job means identifying the candidate that most closely holds the skills and experience necessary for the job, but it also means finding an individual that will help you carry out your company’s mission and add to your company culture in a positive way.

To find the perfect candidate, many businesses, or more specifically HR specialists and hiring managers that oversee the hiring process, must take a deep dive into candidate’s background. A great way to start this is through a simple background check, but stopping there may not be enough. Instead, employers may want to turn to some of these top employee assessment and vetting tools, many of which can help increase the return on investment often associated with recruitment and training efforts.

1. WonScore

Great for: Overall Evaluation.

Wonscore, designed by Wonderlic, makes pre-employment testing easy by allowing employers to evaluate potential employees by using a variety of tests, including those that evaluate personality, skills, motivation, and aptitude, many of which are designed to address job- or industry-specific factors. Test results can then be used to predict performance and select employees that are an overall good fit for the company.

In addition, WonScore customers also gain access to a robust interface makes it easy for hiring managers or HR specialist the to both manage and compare potential candidates, increasing efficiency and further saving money and time.

2. Saberr

Great for: Company Culture. 

The skills and experience a candidate brings to the table are important, but a solid background doesn’t necessarily translate to a good fit. One of the most important yet often overlooked aspects of the hiring process is the cultural fit, or how any potential candidate will perform with regards to the values endorsed by your company.  

Saberr wants to “make teams in every workplace form at the top of their game,” and to do that, they pair psychology research and technological advancements to promote harmony and productivity within the workspace. Saberr Base, one of two tools provided by the company, uses a survey model to help employers identify candidates that will thrive within the company’s culture. Saberr also can be used to build relationships between existing employees, allowing for stronger teams and greater productivity and goal achievement.

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3. Pymetrics:

Great for: Assuring Equal Opportunity and Gamifying Assessments.

According to Pymetrics, 30-50% of companies choose the wrong candidate, which is a costly error. Pymetrics aims to fix that by incorporating neuroscience games, customized AI, and bias-free algorithms to help employers pick the best individual for the job based on their profile and overall performance. With proposed recruitment savings of over $20,000 – saving increase exponentially as the candidate pool size increases – it’s not surprising that companies like Unilever, LinkedIn, and Tesla use products to vet and build their own employees and teams.

4. HR Avatar

Great for: Job Simulations. 

It’s difficult to determine exactly how an employee will perform in a given situation, but HR Avatar was designed to address that common blind spot. HR Avatar customers will find over 400 job-specific and skill assessments that can be used to vet employees based on the tasks they will be required to engage in and complete. Included in the test library are tasks relevant to customer service, accounting, personal care, hospitality, sales, etc.

Once a candidate completes a specific test, employers will receive a “results report” that provides insight into a candidate’s cognitive ability, knowledge and skill set, personality, and emotional intelligence, allowing for a comprehensive view of a candidate’s potential within the context of a specific industry or practice.

5. Lytmus

Great for: IT/Engineer hiring. 

Unless you have a solid background in database management, software engineering, and QA, it can be challenging to identify the best candidates to fill those positions; however, it’s often the employees that fill those positions that are responsible for keeping your business up and running, not to mention secure.

Lytmus is designed specifically with engineers in mind and allows employers to assess employees based on their performance on real-world engineering tasks. Employers that leverage Lytmus have access to a library of questions for specialized roles, including those used to assess backend, frontend, systems, QA, and database tasks; a repeatable cloud-based Ubuntu workspace for each candidate; and the ability to customize questions and workspace for their unique hiring needs.

Much like Pymetrics, Lytmus has a host of big-name clients that use the tool, including Pinterest, Cisco, and Facebook, many of which recognize the true value that a solid engineer can bring to the table.

The success of a business is undoubtedly based on those who help run it, and that can make the hiring and vetting process both challenging and stressful. Finding the right employee requires more than a resume review and a background check, and in many cases, even an interview is not enough to really gage how an employee will go on to contribute to your business.  Using HR tools designed to fully vet employees can help save you and your team time and money, all while maintaining the culture and growth you wish to achieve.

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