A 5-Minute Guide to Facebook for Small Businesses

A 5-Minute Guide to Facebook for Small Businesses

Modern technology and the advent of social media has given people a great way to connect with friends, professionals, and your great aunt who shares clickbait. Over time, however, social media has evolved into a crucial tool for small businesses to reach customers and take their operation to the next level.

Facebook in particular has developed a great platform with tools for business owners to adjust and optimize their strategy. With approximately 2 billion users per month, it’s an opportunity that simply can’t be missed. Here, then, is a quick guide to Facebook for small businesses.


Let’s start with perhaps the biggest question in your mind: how much does it cost? There are a variety of features and ways to use them on Facebook, and so, as it so often is, the answer is: it depends.

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First off, a Facebook page, for personal use or business use, is free. Facebook ad space is sold by auction, and so it can be difficult to pin down an exact cost. The cost will also vary based on how prime the “real estate” is for your ad; just like a billboard on I-5 in Los Angeles costs more than FM 534 in Swinney Switch, Texas, sometimes the space you’re targeting draws traffic that other people are looking for, and the price will be higher.

The good news is that this can allow you to work with your budget. You can submit a bid based on your budget, and can bid based on your daily budget or how much you want to spend per click or per impression (CPM).

You can also set how many people you’d like to target and reach, and Facebook will give you a fixed price for that ad. This is a newer feature they are still rolling out, so it may not be available to your business just yet.

Features of Facebook for Small Business

As Facebook has aged, they’ve developed more tools for you to use to optimize your business. Here’s a couple.

Page Insights/Metrics

Over time, as your Facebook page and ads get in front of more and more pairs of eyes, Facebook will track some incredibly helpful stats. Not only can you see how many people see each individual post, you’ll be able to see info on the demographics of your audience (age, gender, location) and how they interact with the posts.


Facebook paid $1 billion to acquire Instagram, and that makes things a lot easier for you. You’ll be able to connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts to automatically share your Facebook posts on Instagram, increasing your visibility and enabling you to reach more customers. You can simply select the option to share your post on Instagram as you put up your post.

Audience Network

Starting about two years ago, Facebook started extending the reach of their ads beyond their own site. This means that the ads that user sees on their Facebook page can now be seen on other websites as they surf the web. If you go into this network, it expands the reach of your ads even further gives you even larger visibility.

Simplicity and Familiarity

With a major chunk of the world’s population using Facebook, there’s a good chance you have a profile yourself, and you’ve had it for a while. While certain systems and software related to your business are difficult to learn and put into use, Facebook is something familiar to you.

As you move forward using Facebook, they offer programs like Blueprint that give you a better tour and more details to get your business going. Take advantage of what’s already there and watch your business grow.

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