Western Governors University: A Guide for Entrepreneurs Looking to Learn More

As a business professional, you are aware that you are in a position of continual learning, where what you knew yesterday is constantly being reshaped with new information based on more developments in the marketplace. As a result, many professionals take it upon themselves to acquire a business degree, be it solely an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree as well. But should you decide to journey down this path, which institution should you choose? After all, a business degree Read More

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Have ‘True Grit’

Proponents, supporters, and marketers within the New Thought Movement believe that the foundation of success is tied to one’s ability to “think positive.” It’s the belief that we are all operating under something known as “The Law Of Attraction,” where our thoughts contain energy forces and through quantum physics, whatever thought we put out into the environment, the energy within that thought will match a similar energy force and “attract” people, circumstances, and resources in life to you based on Read More

12 Traits of Successful People

In business and in life, the top performers behave differently. To quote Vaibhav Shah: “Whenever you see a successful person, you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them.” Research proves that both wealth and income inequality are major issues in America, with the divide between the top 5% of Americans and literally everyone else being significantly large. However, despite these facts on wealth and income inequality, it’s also a fact that those who are in the Read More

How Tax Liens & Judgment Liens Work

In Summer of 2017, new reporting standards from the National Consumer Assistance Plan were released in relation to both tax liens and judgment liens. In a nutshell, going forward, for either a tax or judgment lien to be reported on your personal credit report, the reporting must include all of the following: Your name Your address Your social security number Your date of birth Required courthouse visits every 90 days to make sure records are updated This new reporting feature Read More

What You Need to Know About Filing for Bankruptcy

Sometimes filing bankruptcy may be your best option due to inefficient debt management or other legal bills that could have amassed. Sometimes, business owners, in particular, can do these things to avoid bankruptcy. There are five major types of bankruptcy in the United States, and for this article I will provide details of these filing options, along with the consequences of filing bankruptcy and other information to use at your disposal should you need to utilize the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Read More

What You Need to Know About Merchant Processing Discount & Surcharge Programs

With the rise of the internet, many merchants have gained more insights into the workings of the merchant processing industry today than ever before. This includes the following facts: The processing terminals that were pitched on multi-year leases for $50 to $120 per month, wholesale for only $200 – $400. The interchange base rates are highly visible, with V/MC for example, posting new variations twice per year in April and November. There are multiple players in the processing ecosystem. The Read More

The Inspirational Story of the Brothers Who Created Arby’s

During the 1960s and ’70s, there was massive hype over the expansion of quick serve restaurants McDonalds (due to Ray Kroc) and KFC (due to Colonel Sanders). However, there was another massively growing fast-food chain that was taking significant market share and that chain was “Arby’s.” Today, the Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc. is the second-largest fast-food sandwich chain in America, second only to Subway, with Panera Bread and Jimmy Johns coming in at a very close third and fourth. But how Read More

Purchasing Vs. Leasing Cars: Which Is Better for Your Business?

The tax code provides many advantages to business owners, allowing them to deduct many more line items compared to non-business owners. Strategically using the tax code in this fashion with, for example, the opening of a home based business, could allow you to transform many personal expenses into business expenses, leading to lower taxes. One major personal expense to business expense transformation is that of your car, or more specifically, the business use of your car. If you use your Read More

The 5 People You Will Fire

As your business grows, expands, and develops, you will certainly need to hire in various forms to help take your business to the next level. However, while on one end you will need to hire individuals, on the other end, you will need to let some individuals go due to a variety of reasons. For this article, I wanted to discuss the five people you are likely to fire as your business matures, plus some tips surrounding the “firing” of Read More

How to Find Collateral In Your Business

With the variety of alternative and innovative capital sources that are exploding onto the market with the Fin-Tech Boom, you may be surprised what items, assets, and materials within your business can be utilized as collateral to assist with business financing. For this article, I wanted to discuss innovative ways you can find collateral in your business to use as security for needed working capital. Note On Unsecured Debt Financing Unsecured debt financing allows you to be funded for business Read More