Independent Contractor Liability Insurance

If you run a business as an independent contractor, you need to protect your business, yourself, your employees, and your customers. That’s why having a business insurance policy (or three) is a necessity: it ensures (pun intended) that, should your business encounter any issues, you don’t go into the hole to cover them financially. Here, we’ll look at different types of commercial insurance you should consider, as well as address who needs business insurance coverage as a contractor. What Kind… Read More

Landscaping Insurance

As a landscaping contractor, or other landscaping business, choosing the right insurance is important to keep you and your employees covered. A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is a good place to start with the insurance coverage most small businesses need. With that said, there are also some other insurance plans you should also consider for your landscaping company. What type of insurance does a landscaper need? Let’s start with the Business Owner’s Policy. BOP insurance typically includes general liability, commercial… Read More

Janitorial Insurance

If your small business offers janitorial services, you may need one or more types of janitorial business insurance to protect your company, your equipment, and your staff. Accidents happen. Someone might slip on a floor your employee recently mopped. Your office might be burglarized. An employee might get into a car accident while driving a company car. All of these are things that janitorial insurance can mitigate risk for. What is Janitorial Insurance? Janitorial insurance is an umbrella term for… Read More

Construction Insurance

Although there is no actual insurance product called “construction insurance” there are a number of insurance policies designed to offer protection during construction projects. Depending on the nature of the project—whether or not you are the general contractor, the property owner, or a subcontractor will influence the type of insurance you purchase. What types of insurance do construction companies need? A general liability insurance policy is something most construction companies should consider to mitigate some of the risks associated with… Read More