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Retail Options for Working Capital Loans

Running a retail business can be deeply rewarding. Nevertheless, as with any small business, it can also be challenging. Retail businesses may be more impacted by macroeconomic events than many other sectors, and owners must always be prepared for unexpected events that alter daily operations. The good news is that when times are tough, there are tools that can help make managing business needs easier. One good resource is a working capital loan. Let’s explore how working capital loans can… Read More

How to Survive (& Thrive) as a Restaurant with 2022’s Rapid Inflation

As the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates, restaurant owners have a right to be worried. There are still sectors of the food service economy that have yet to fully recover from the COVID-19 crisis, and now the threat of a recession is on our collective doorsteps.  Nevertheless, while an economic downturn may be inevitable, restaurant owners are not helpless. Let’s explore some actionable ideas you can use to minimize potential disruptions on your business.  How Inflation is Impacting… Read More

Understanding Ecommerce Fulfillment Needs and Top 5 Services

If you have an ecommerce business or a bricks and mortar business that also sells items online, you know that one of the biggest challenges (after making the sale) is getting the item your customer purchased delivered to them quickly and smoothly. You may start out with inventory in your basement, garage or spare bedroom that you hand label and ship out. Maybe at some point you get a warehouse to store inventory.  But as your small business grows you… Read More

Best Ecommerce Solutions for 2022

If you want to do business online you’ll need more than a website or social media accounts. You’ll need an online shopping solution so your customers can buy your products or services. That includes product pages so they can view what you have to offer, payment processing tools so they can make a purchase with their debit or credit cards, and shipping tools if you need to send a physical product.  Most small businesses don’t want to have to hire… Read More

How is Small Business Financial Health Attained and Maintained?

You won’t have a business without sales. But to have a truly sustainable business, you need more than just enough cash in the bank to pay your bills. Good financial health allows your business to thrive and, if you choose, continue to grow.  Here’s how to understand and improve your business’s financial health. Why Is Small Business Financial Health Important When you’re feeling healthy, everything is easier than when you’re not well. It’s the same thing when your business is… Read More

Managing Construction Cash Flow

Cash flow is the cash coming into and going out of your construction business during a specific period — and managing it well is necessary for your long-term success. A healthy cash inflow and outflow shows you have the ability to collect from customers and enough cash to cover your expenses, which is especially important in the construction industry. Often, you need to bid on the next big project even before you get paid for your last project, which makes… Read More