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How To Scale A Small Business

Every startup and small business dreams of rocketing growth. But without a little planning, business owners may stay mired in focusing on daily tasks and to-dos and may not take time to come up for air to work on their business strategy for growth. If you dream of expanding your business, get a plan for scaling it smartly and sustainably over time. What Makes a Business Scalable? Scaling a business means growing it slowly and steadily so that it can… Read More

How To Grow Your Small Business

Most small business owners are so focused on the day-to-day of running their businesses that they don’t think about how to take their business to the next level. Stop for a moment and consider: how could you grow your business? How could you increase revenues, serve more customers, and create a more financially stable business? What Do You Want for Your Business? When you run a new business, it’s all you can do to stay afloat. But as entrepreneurs like… Read More

Small Business Expansion Loans

Is your small business ready for growth? Maybe you can serve more customers if you open a second location or can increase revenues by expanding your product line. Whatever your business needs for growth, you need the cash flow and capital to make it happen. Finding the right loan is key for the future success of your business. Is Your Business Ready for Expansion? How can you know if it’s time to expand your business?  Consider the market you’re in.… Read More

Small Business Year-End Checklist

The end of the year is often seen as a perfect time of year to reflect and plan for the year ahead. But the reality for most business owners is that it’s crazy busy and it may feel like all you can do to make it through.  Though you may not have a lot of time for quiet reflection, do your best to try to carve out some time so you can review where your business has been and where… Read More

Best Banks For Independent Contractors in 2022

For the self-employed, freelancers, and contractors, it can be daunting to figure out everything you need to thrive in your business. You’ve got a lot of balls in the air since you’re doing everything to run your business on your own. Understandably, it can be challenging to manage it all.  So I’ll make one aspect easier for you and help you figure out what type of business checking account you need...and you DO need one! Can I Open a Business… Read More

What is a Neobank?

If traditional banks and credit unions seem a bit stodgy and out of date for your banking needs, consider opening an account with the latest star of the fintech industry: neobanks. These digitally-savvy darlings of the tech world have much to offer...but they’re not banks as you have known them. Let’s look closer at how a neobank could be the solution to the financial services you seek for your business. What is the Meaning of Neobank? Neobanks (also referred to… Read More