We Love You, and So Does Experian

A note from Nav’s co-founders: Four years ago, we founded Nav to have a meaningful impact on the lives of millions of small business owners by making it easier for them to understand their credit profiles. Today, we’re excited to announce that Experian is investing in our mission, the service we’re providing, and the team we’ve built. • The investment is fuel for us to build out our platform for small businesses. • The partnership provides more small businesses the… Read More

Experian® and Nav Partner to Provide Transparency and Financial Access to Millions of Small Businesses

New Approach Will Save Small Businesses Valuable Time and Money. Costa Mesa and San Mateo, Calif. Sept 21, 2016 – Experian®, the leading global information services company, and Nav, the only free source for both personal and business credit scores, today announced a strategic partnership to provide small businesses greater transparency into their business and personal credit data, along with instant access to their most-qualified financing options based on their credit profile. This new and free approach saves small businesses… Read More

[Infographic] How Nav’s MatchFactor Gets You the Best Financing

Last week we announced the launch of our proprietary MatchFactor technology, which makes it way easier for you to see and apply for business financing options you’re most qualified for. Nav does this by instantly comparing your credit data and business information to a lender’s known requirements. It filters and calculates your match score for dozens of the top business lenders and credit cards—all behind the scenes. The higher your score, the more likely you’ll be approved. This saves you… Read More

A Radically Smarter Way to Get Business Financing: Introducing MatchFactor from Nav

Small businesses using Nav’s MatchFactor technology are four times more likely to be approved for financing. San Mateo, July 14, 2016 – Nav, the only place to get both business and personal credit scores free, today announced the launch of its MatchFactor technology, the first and only technology that uses a proprietary algorithm, along with machine learning, to instantly filter and display financing options a business owner is most-qualified for. This allows small businesses to save precious time and only… Read More

Introducing MatchFactor: A Radically Smarter Way to Get Business Financing

Everyone says they love the American Dream, but when it comes to financing your own business, the dream and reality don’t add up. The stats are dreadful • On average, it takes 26 hours to search and apply for business financing. • 22% of business owners have given up on applying because they’re discouraged. At Nav, we’re on a mission to materially reduce the small business death rate in America by making it easier to access money. That’s why we’re… Read More

Nav Launches First-of-Its-Kind Small Business Advisor Program

Nav, the only free source for both personal and business credit scores, today announced the launch of the Nav Small Business Advisor Program, a new initiative that will give advisors who work with small business owners free tools and training so they can more effectively advise clients on ways to build strong business credit, and improve their chances of getting access to capital when they need it. Advisors can play a key role in helping entrepreneurs understand the importance of… Read More

What The Lending Club CEO’s Exit Means for Alternative Lending

Lending Club legend Renaud Laplanche was forced to give up his position of CEO and Chairman on Monday after the Lending Club board discovered a violation of the company's business practices. Caton Hanson, co-founder of Nav, shares his thoughts on what this means for Lending Club and the future of the alternative lending industry. So Renaud Laplanche, CEO of Lending Club, resigned after it was discovered that the company had knowingly loaned Jefferies Group $22 million dollars’ worth of loans… Read More

Save Your Marketplace Offers: New Feature from Nav

Finding the right financing option for your business just got even easier. We’re excited to announce our new saved marketplace offers feature that will save you time searching through Nav’s growing number of financing options available to businesses. To take advantage of this feature, visit the FINANCING or CREDIT CARDS tab of your Nav account. Use the star in the corner of each lending offer to save the options you’re interested in, and access them anytime from the “My Favorites” tab in… Read More

John Oliver Destroys Credit Reports; But Here’s What He Missed

John Oliver, host of HBO show Last Week Tonight, fired shots at the personal credit reporting industry this past Sunday on his latest episode, questioning why three numbers play such an pivotal (and sometimes damaging) role in our lives. Oliver points out how simple errors on personal credit reports can negatively impact someone’s life, mainly due to the lack of regulation on background checking companies. But he failed to mention business credit reporting, which has even less regulation and more potential… Read More

What Do Each of the Presidential Candidates Plan to do for Small Business?

Primary season is upon us. With one caucus down and many more primaries to come, it looks like an interesting road ahead for both the GOP and Democratic parties. One important issue that touches many U.S. families and has a huge effect on the U.S. economy is small business. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses account for 54% of all U.S. sales and have created 66% of the net new jobs since the 1970s. Despite this impact,… Read More