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9 Slack Faux Pas & How to Avoid Them

Slack is an exciting and effective communication tool, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used inappropriately. With more than 4 million daily users, odds are you have come into contact with Slack at some point, or will in the not-so-distant future. Teams of all sizes are finding Slack a great way to improve communication while reducing email clutter. However, some users may not be following the unwritten rules of Slack. If you want to avoid Slack faux pas, read… Read More

4 Reasons Fear Is Good for Your Business

"Great fear is concealed under daring." This idea — courtesy of a Roman poet named Marcus Annaeus Lucanus — is one I rejected for years. Where I grew up, if you were a guy, you didn't cry. You bit the bullet. You toughed it out. You stood up and took it like a man. I remember a football practice so brutal, one of my teammates broke down sobbing. I looked at him and thought: I'm never going to be that guy. I'm going to be… Read More

How This Entrepreneur Turned a Modern Calligraphy Skill Into a Booming Side Business

Lori Shen is the founder of Letter On!, a modern calligraphy and design business specializing in Hawaiian designs. Letter On! sells a variety of products from greeting cards to prints to rubber stamps. The company also offers custom design services for items such as welcome signs, place cards, envelopes, and chalkboard signs. Shen attributes her entrepreneurial spirit to her family. “I’m a product of two small business owners. My parents started an orchid nursery in Waimanalo, Hawaii, the year before… Read More

How to Use Work as a Motivation to Stay in Shape

I've never been a huge fan of exercise. It's only fun if you're playing a sport, and I'm not the most coordinated guy. I can't even pull off a friendly fist-bump if I'm walking while I make the attempt. Imagine how that would translate on a basketball court. I used to get fired up about exercise all the time. I'd think, "Oh, yeah, I'm going to start lifting weights!" And I would follow through, too — for about a week. Problem was, mornings and… Read More

What You’ll Give Up When You Start a Small Business

“I have never been this tired before," says one of my colleagues, speaking about the birth of his son. "I never understood what ‘this is hard’ meant before.” Being a father myself, I get what he's saying. But, you don’t need to have a kid to experience that kind of shocking, life-changing responsibility. Just open a small business. If you think I’m being facetious, think again. My first two years in small business were the most difficult of my life. Nothing could… Read More

6 MBA-Level Classes You Can Take for Free

As a business owner, lacking the basic business know-how your typical MBA grad enjoys means that learning things from management to leadership to strategy comes largely by trial and error. Though many things in business are best learned by experience, there are some areas where having a few basics down first really raises your stock in the business world. The good news: There are free sources that allow you to pick up the skills you need to kickstart your business… Read More