How to Get the Most From Your Nav Account

How to Get the Most From Your Nav Account

If you’re like most small business owners, you barely have enough time to brush your teeth, let alone manage your business credit and financing. That’s why Nav gives you tools that are ridiculously easy–and fast–to use.

Within a few minutes, we can help you find and dispute credit report errors, start building a strong business profile and access pre-qualified financing offers. And thanks to our sorcery technology, we don’t just tell you what to do–we do it for you, whenever possible.

Of course, it helps to know where to start.

Follow the 8 tips below and you’ll be owning your business credit like a boss in no time.

1. Verify your credit data is correct (takes 3 minutes)

The first thing you should do is make sure your scores and data are correct. When you first log in, you’ll see a dashboard with your personal and business credit scores together. You should verify your scores look right and that the information in your reports are accurate.

To help you do this, we give you your personalized advice called “Latest Insights” just below your scores on the dashboard. This quickly shows you items in your report that are negatively impacting your scores, along with tips on how you can improve.

Check my credit profile now.

Nav dashboard

2. Use CreditSweeper to Find and Dispute Errors (takes 3 minutes)

Cleaning up credit errors is one of the easiest ways to improve your scores. Even something like an incorrect SIC code (your business’s industry classification) can lower your business credit scores.

Video: Learn about disputing errors on your credit report

When in the CreditSweeper tool, just choose the report you’d like to review. You’ll see your profile information and any accounts negatively impacting your scores. If something looks off, just select the item and click on what’s wrong. We’ll do the work for you and submit the issue to the bureaus or connect you to them to make things right.

Use CreditSweeper now.

Credit Sweeper

3. Get Matched to Your Best Financing Option (takes 5 minutes)

If your business needs financing or if you think your current financing is too expensive, take a few minutes to compare your options. We show you offers based on your credit, so you’re more likely to be approved.

Use our filter to only see offers that make sense for your needs or that you’re already pre-qualified for. To learn more more about an offer, just click on it. We’ll show you the details, written in plain english, and give our recommendation. You can apply right from our site.

Browse financing offers now.

Browse credit card offers now.

Nav financing filters

Need help figuring out what’s best? Speak with one of our lending and credit specialists. We don’t work for the financial institutions, we solve for you. Our team will point you towards the best option for your situation.

Call 844-636-2445 to talk with our lending specialists.

If you’ve been denied financing, or only qualify for high-interest offers, you’ll definitely want to check out our next tool.

4. Build a Strong Business Credit Profile (5 minutes to get started)

Whether you’ve been in business for years or are new to the game, building a strong business credit profile is essential. It makes it much easier to qualify for the best financing and trade credit accounts that can save you money.

Video: Learn how to build your business credit profile with Nav’s BusinessLauncher

BusinessLauncher guides you through the essential steps of establishing and building your business credit profile. From opening a business bank account to establishing trade accounts with suppliers, BusinessLauncher not only tells you what tasks to do, but does the legwork for you when possible. Other companies charge hundreds of dollars for this service.

Use BusinessLauncher now.


5. Track the credit of other businesses (takes 3 minutes)

Available in our Premium and Premium Plus plans, we let you monitor the credit reports of up to 5 other companies. This helps you easily manage risk by making sure your customers and suppliers are on the “up and up.” so you don’t waste time and money on clients or who won’t pay you, or who drag out payments for a long time. You can also use this to gain intelligence on your competitors.

This powerful tool would cost you well over twice as much to use elsewhere.

Start tracking other businesses.

6. Protect your credit with monitoring and alerts (takes 2 minutes)

Get peace of mind knowing your personal and business credit reports are both protected with continual monitoring and alerts. Just set it and forget it – we’ll alert you via text or email whenever a change hits your profile. Plus, our identity theft protection and recovery services can help you quickly get back on your feet if you’re a victim.

Set my credit monitoring up now.

7. Download the Nav app for anytime access (takes 2 minutes)Mobile

Your personal and business credit changes all the time. Our free Android and iOS apps keep you connected to all your scores and Nav tools wherever and whenever you need them.

Download our Android app.

Download our Apple iOS app — Coming Soon.

These steps are the easiest way to understand and build your business credit profile, so you can get funding, save money and protect your assets. It’s worked for us, and we know it can help you grow a business the way you want.

So now the ball’s in your court. If you haven’t done so, sign up for your Nav account here to make use of the above features offered. And keep in mind that this is just the beginning—so stay tuned for more product updates, and if you have feedback about how we could improve, don’t hesitate to reach out.


8. Watch this “Getting Started with Nav” video




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