How a Strict Budget Was Key to Getting This Telecom Company Off The Ground

José Cruz is the founder of rēd wireless, a cellular telecom company based in Detroit, Michigan. Cruz calls the company “a collaborative family business” that helps building owners and end-users access reliable cellular connectivity indoors. Cruz leverages 20+ years in the telecom industry to demystify cellular for his clients. Why did you start this business? I never had the entrepreneurship bug. In the ‘90s, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electronics from the University of Puerto Rico. From there, Read More

5 Businesses You Can Start Without a Car

Starting a business in the United States is incredibly easy today. All you need is a few minutes online and you can have a business registered. A few minutes more and you can have a website up and running. But many business ideas require the owner to have a car, truck, or other method to move themselves and their products around the city. What if you don’t have a car and still want to start a business, are you out Read More

How to Pick a Platinum Credit Card

If you’re into commodities trading, then you know that platinum is nearly as valuable as gold. Credit card issuers love to attach the platinum moniker to their premium rewards cards, in the hopes that customers will find them to be equally valuable. But is a card any better just because it includes “platinum” in its name? Let’s take a look at the business credit cards labeled platinum, and see if any of them are right for you: The Business Platinum Read More

Will A Business Debit Card Help Build Business Credit?

In the process of trying to grow their businesses, savvy entrepreneurs have learned it helps to build a strong business credit profile. Good business credit scores can make it easier to qualify for certain types of financing and can help open the doors to opportunities like government contracting or working with large retailers. But figuring out how to build business credit can be confusing. Some types of accounts show up on business credit reports and some don’t, making the process Read More

How to Register Your Business with the Secretary of State

Congrats! You’ve decided to take the next big step in entrepreneurship and start making your business a legal enterprise. Many small business owners have the need to register with their Secretary of State. Are you one of them? Determining Your Requirements Not everyone is required to go through the process. In fact, if you are a sole proprietor or spousal partnership operating under your own name, you may choose not to do this at all. There are times as an Read More

The Worst Time To Apply for a Business Loan

Imagine this: You’re hard at work on your business, you’re growing and pouring more money into the development of your company. Times are busy, and more customers are inquiring about what you offer. Suddenly, it stops. Your existing contracts are ending, and the rate at which new customers are coming in is dwindling. If you’re not careful with your finances, a slow season can have cascading consequences. Less business means less cash flow and less cash flow can mean you’re Read More

64% of Businesses Expect More Complex Regulations Under Trump Administration

Businesses have much more to worry about than just overhead and sales these days, according to the “’The $100,000 Bill” survey by The Workforce Institute at Kronos. With over half of surveyed business owners spending between $40,000 to $100,000 just to prepare for new business regulations, it seems that each new law or mandate has the potential to cut into profits. Of those business who track the costs (many do not), these expenses include such activities as hiring legal consultation, Read More

High Risk Secured Advances — What You Need to Know About This Financing Option

By now you may know of the Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) along with its sister product the alternative business loan. An MCA is a type of financing in which the lender purchases future credit card sales from the business in exchange for an upfront amount of money. The cost of this type of financing is usually expressed as a factor rate, or a percentage of the total lending amount. There are no interest rates nor fixed payment terms. An alternative Read More

Why Business Owners Are Suing Equifax After Data Breach

Small business owners often rely on good credit to help sustain their businesses, and the recent Equifax data breach may put them at risk. The first class action has been filed nationwide against Equifax on behalf of small business owners “for its failure to safeguard consumers’ and small business owners’ personally identifiable information.” According to the complaint, many of the 143 million individuals whose personally identifiable information was stolen in the recent Equifax data breach are also small business owners. Read More

5 Small Business Phone Solutions That Won’t Blow Your Budget

When Leigh Wilkins started making scones from her kitchen in Plainfield New Jersey, she had no idea it would turn into a business. “I like to cook,” she says. “It’s a passion of mine.” But when friends tasted her fresh baked scones, they told her she should sell them. She listened, and now is the “Scone Diva,” selling scones in traditional flavors as well as unique ones she’s created like “GuavaBrie” and “CherryLemonGinger.” Wilkins took the time to set up Read More