Is an Unsecured Business Line of Credit Right For Your Business?

Small businesses, even very successful ones, may need access to cash from time to time. There’s just one problem — securing business financing from banks or online lenders can sometimes be a time-consuming process. If only there was a way for small business owners to fill out one application, borrow money, pay it back, and borrow again from the same source the next time they needed cash.  Thankfully, there is a financial tool that works exactly like that. It’s called Read More

How to Find and Apply for Minority Business Loans

Many minorities are starting businesses, have been running one for a while, or are well-established in their industry. Despite their qualifications and eagerness to be part of a growing economy, however, there are some obstacles unique to them. The U.S. Census reveals that minorities, specifically Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans, have a household net worth far below that of their Caucasian peers.  For every dollar in worth that a white family has, a Hispanic family will have just 11.8%. It’s reasonable Read More

How to Apply for Unsecured Business Loans

Getting funding for your business is a significant growth milestone. With so many options for lending, however, it can be challenging to know what choice is best. For many business owners, the unsecured route presents the least amount of risk. With no collateral to offer up, you can be assured that your home and other assets are safe.  How can you make sure you have a good chance at the best unsecured business loans? Start with this step-by-step guide: Understand Read More

The Patriot Express Loan: What You Need to Know

The Patriot Express Loan program launched in 2007 to help provide business loans for veterans to start or expand their businesses. While the program expired in 2013, it was extremely popular and still gets attention from veteran business owners.  Getting a Patriot Express Loan is no longer an option, but the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) still provides excellent loan options to veterans who qualify through the SBA 7(a) Express Loan and other programs. Here’s what you need to know Read More

Amex Launches Blue Cash Business Card, Ends SimplyCash Offer

American Express business cards have been a staple for savvy business owners for a while now. Their SimplyCash program offered flexible earning and spending perks along with the customer confidence that comes with carrying an Amex in your wallet.  As of July 18th, 2019, there have been significant changes to their card lineup, however, and some of the program features you’re used to are getting better. Learn what’s changing, along with what you can look forward to, with their latest Read More

Purchase Order Financing: Is It Right for Your Business?

Cash flow challenges are a common issue that many different businesses have to overcome. In fact, a study by the Federal Reserve found that the top two reasons business borrow money is to either to expand or to solve immediate cash flow problems.  Of course, there are a lot of different ways to borrow money for your business. In this guide we’ll cover a funding method known as purchase order financing. Depending upon your business and its specific borrowing needs, Read More

How to Find Working Capital

Being a small business owner is a lot like being a juggler — if that juggler is handling a dozen spinning, double-ended torches that have been lit on fire. In all seriousness, being an entrepreneur can be an exhilarating rush. Still, there are a lot of moving parts that you or your team will need to manage well if you want to be successful.  One important area that you have to stay on top of as a business owner is Read More

What Is My SBA Loan Payment?

Getting an SBA loan can be an exciting opportunity for financing your next big business milestone. Seen as an alternative to credit unions or other online loan options, they are a business financing path available to many U.S. businesses. Whether you’ve chosen an SBA 7(a) loan, an SBA 504 loan, or one of the smaller microloans, each program will have a different method for determining rates and repayment schedules. Here’s how you can figure out what your payment will be Read More

What Are the Best Government Small Business Loans?

Business financing comes in many forms, but for some small business owners, government small business loans offer the most benefits. These loans are backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and issued by approved lenders, like banks and credit unions.  There are several SBA loan programs available to qualified business owners, each with their own set of rates, limits, and requirements. However, the three most common programs are SBA 7(a) loans, the 504 loans,  and SBA Microloans.  SBA 7(a) Loan  Read More

Buying Business Insurance in Your Pajamas

Would you ever picture yourself buying business insurance in your pajamas? No, it’s not like one of those weird dreams where you show up for a test at school and aren’t wearing any pants. We’re talking about technology and the ability it affords small business owners to shop for insurance at any time of the day, from any place, and wearing whatever they need to wear.  Technology doesn’t judge you. Let’s be honest, with as much as you have to Read More