SBA Disaster Loan Information For Anchorage, Alaska Area

After a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Anchorage, Alaska area, many now face the overwhelming task of cleaning up and recovering what they can of the damage. For small business owners, the challenge of repairing their homes is compounded by the additional task of getting their business back up and running. While larger national corporations may have more resources to assist franchisees, small business owners likely won’t have such luxuries. Fortunately, as has been done most recently in the aftermath Read More

Best Business Credit Cards for Construction Companies

Companies in the construction industry have a very different spending profile than companies in a typical office setting. As a result, small business credit cards that offer bonus rewards on office supplies, internet, and phone services, and similar categories aren’t very helpful. Depending on your expenses, though, there are some business credit cards out there that can help you save on materials, get cash back on gas, and even finance large purchases at no interest. Here are our top picks Read More

8 Questions You’ll Need to Answer to Be Approved for a Business Credit Card

Running a small business means making strategic decisions about your finances. Frequently, this initially means opening a business checking account, but for many small business owners, a business credit card represents the next logical, if not necessary, step. A business credit card can help you further delineate your business and personal spending habits (a must), and it can also act as a safety net should you need to purchase equipment, buy supplies, or make other purchases that wouldn’t typically fit Read More

5 Questions You’ll Need to Answer to Be Approved for a Business Loan

If you’ve ever applied for a personal loan or credit card, you understand that you’ll have to come prepared with an idea of the questions you’ll be asked. For non-business lines of credit, these can be fairly simple, including basic estimations of your income, debt, and a few pieces of verification info to ensure you’re really who you say you are. Because personal credit is based on personal credit history, it’s easy for the bank or lending institution to run Read More

How a Packet of Taco Seasoning Birthed a Business Idea

Hoping to clean up your eating after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend? Eat Clean Meal Prep to the rescue! CEO and founder Bryn Butolph started the company to take the guesswork and the hard work out of eating healthy. Eat Clean Meal Prep provides fully prepared meal delivery in the San Diego area that’s focused on healthy, organic, and fresh foods. The company also offers 28 proprietary seasonings that have no salt, sugar, or GMOs, and that work for Paleo, Kosher, Read More

A Step-By-Step Guide to Catching Up On Your Bookkeeping

Tax season is coming—it’s inevitable. Getting your books tax-ready ensures you’re compliant with the IRS recordkeeping requirements, meaning no late fees, no surprises, and a successful tax return that won’t cost you extra time later on (we know you’re busy). Services like Bench can help you catch up on your bookkeeping, but for you do-it-yourselfers, this step-by-step guide will help get you through your bookkeeping backlog in no time. Step 1: Collect Receipts & Invoices Start by collecting all receipts Read More

6 Ways to Make Your 2019 Taxes Easier

Thanksgiving leftovers are dwindling, the holiday season is in full swing, and many people are looking ahead to the new year— a time traditionally saved for fresh starts. As a small business owner, it’s likely you’re balancing year-end activities with new year planning, making it the perfect time to identify areas of your business that could benefit from a resolution or two. Office organization, company culture, and spending habits always make their way to the resolution list, but what about Read More

What Does it Take to Qualify for a Business Credit Card?

Getting a business credit card for your small business can be a great way to pay for ongoing expenses while earning rewards and taking advantage of other perks. You may be wondering, though, what it takes to qualify for one, especially if your business is brand new or a side hustle. While the process can vary a little by credit card issuer, it’s generally straightforward. Here’s what you need to know. 10 things you’ll need to qualify for a business Read More

Interest Rate vs. APR: What’s the Difference?

Watch any car commercial, and you’ll hear a string of rapidly-spoken terms and conditions at the end of the alluring tight turns through mountains and deserts. These terms are meant to be a brief (but not at all exhaustive) overview of financing rules, and they can be the difference between thinking you’ll actually get that nice, new sedan for $0 down and 0% interest and not. Qualifications for cars are similar to some of the hurdles that small businesses need Read More

This Company is Spreading the Love of Avocado-Based Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Chi Ndika loves it, and is now spreading the joy of vegan, avocado-based ice cream through her company Luv Fats. Starting Out When did you start your company? I started Luv Fats Ice cream in November of 2017. I started booking gigs and vending at pop-up events in January of 2018. Where is your company based? Austin, Texas Why did you start the company? From a young age, I’ve always loved being around ice cream, Read More