7 Things You Need to Know About Cash Advances

Small business credit cards are primarily used for making purchases, but most will also allow you to perform a cash advance. And while some may think of a credit card cash advance as being similar to withdrawing money with an ATM card, there are many important, and potentially costly differences. Here are eight things that you really need to know about credit card cash advances before you ever consider doing one: 1. Credit card cash advances usually have higher interest Read More

Why You Should Wait 30 Days to Apply for a Loan

You ran through an analysis and decided it’s time to borrow to boost your business. You paid off your old credit card balances and took steps to shore up your credit score. You scrubbed through your financial statements to make sure they are accurate and professional. Is it time to apply for the loan? Probably not just yet. Follow along to learn why you should wait 30 days to apply for a loan. What happens when you apply for a Read More

What You Need to Know About Filing for Bankruptcy

Sometimes filing bankruptcy may be your best option due to inefficient debt management or other legal bills that could have amassed. Sometimes, business owners, in particular, can do these things to avoid bankruptcy. There are five major types of bankruptcy in the United States, and for this article I will provide details of these filing options, along with the consequences of filing bankruptcy and other information to use at your disposal should you need to utilize the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Read More

4 Giant Time Sucks That Are Ruining Your Business

When it comes to a productive work day, there are plenty of things that get in the way. The casual, “drop-by” conversations; checking and responding to mountains of email; and, of course, the endless possibilities brought to you by the internet. But those are also all within the eyes, and the control, of the beholder, and often it just takes some simple motivation and self-control to get back on track. But what about those hidden or less obvious time sucking realities that Read More

10 Ways to Get Money for Your Business

Business ideas come easy to some, but what happens when you have a good idea but no money to get started? Countless entrepreneurs have run into funding challenges when looking to found and build a new business. Here are ten ideas to get you started when looking to get money for your business. 1. Personal Savings The first place to look for capital when starting a new business is your own bank account. If you are smart with your personal Read More

What You Need to Know About Merchant Processing Discount & Surcharge Programs

With the rise of the internet, many merchants have gained more insights into the workings of the merchant processing industry today than ever before. This includes the following facts: The processing terminals that were pitched on multi-year leases for $50 to $120 per month, wholesale for only $200 – $400. The interchange base rates are highly visible, with V/MC for example, posting new variations twice per year in April and November. There are multiple players in the processing ecosystem. The Read More

This Company Overcame Terrible Timing & Continues to Thrive

Charles Dugan is the president and owner of American Image Displays. “From floor to ceiling, everything you’d see at a trade show is what we provide,” said Dugan. The company distributes things like personalized floor covers, displays, and banners for corporate clients attending trade shows and events. Starting Out Why did you start the business? The business was started over 30 years ago by a husband and wife. I was a customer of theirs. I had a sales rep business Read More

How to Consolidate Your Business Loans

If you’re like many small business owners, you’ve taken on some debt in order to cover the costs of starting or growing your business. According to the Federal Reserve’s latest figures in the 2016 Small Business Credit Survey, 64% of loan applicants sought funds for a new business opportunity or to expand an existing one. Whether you applied for a small business loan, used business credit cards or even sought out investors, you needed that initial cash infusion to get Read More

The Inspirational Story of the Brothers Who Created Arby’s

During the 1960s and ’70s, there was massive hype over the expansion of quick serve restaurants McDonalds (due to Ray Kroc) and KFC (due to Colonel Sanders). However, there was another massively growing fast-food chain that was taking significant market share and that chain was “Arby’s.” Today, the Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc. is the second-largest fast-food sandwich chain in America, second only to Subway, with Panera Bread and Jimmy Johns coming in at a very close third and fourth. But how Read More

How to Get a Handle On Your Credit Cards in 2018

Were your credit cards a little out of control in 2017? With the new year comes a new opportunity to manage both your personal and small business credit cards a bit better. Doing so can save you both time and money, while offering you a chance to earn more rewards and enjoy more benefits. Here are five ways to get a handle on your credit cards in 2018: 1. Take an Inventory A lot of people have numerous personal and Read More