5 Things Your New Office Needs to Make You Look Legit

Whether you’re just opening up shop or moving your command center from the kitchen to a more suitable location that can accommodate clients, the appearance of your office is likely the last thing on your mind. The idea that we should “dress for success” may specifically refer to the clothes we wear, but the sentiment is equally important when it comes to the place we work. An organized and well-furnished office conveys an air of professionalism, making it one of Read More

7 Ways to Shake Up Your Weekly Meeting

The weekly staff meeting is a staple in offices around the world, but in many cases staff meetings are dull and boring sessions that workers begrudgingly drag themselves to because they have to, not because they want to or find them stimulating. Follow these seven steps to breathe a little life into your stale stand up staff meeting. Whether they are in-person or remote, adding a few rules to keep the meeting moving will leave everyone happier at the end Read More

Global Entry vs. TSA PreCheck vs. CLEAR: Which Is Right for You?

Modern aviation is quite miraculous in many ways. It wasn’t that long ago that the thought of routinely flying at 500 miles per hour at 40,000 feet would have been the stuff of science fiction. At that altitude, the air outside is too thin to breathe and it could be 60 degrees below freezing, but we’d think nothing wearing everyday street clothes during our journey through the stratosphere to our next business meeting. Yet if there’s one aspect of air Read More

My Earnings Jumped When I Left My Home Office for a Co-Working Space

I began working for myself about a year ago. I loved it. I would wake up, get dressed eat breakfast and get to work. In the beginning, working from home was great. No one bugged me, my home was pretty quiet, and I seemed to get a lot of work done. Until I didn’t. I found my productivity dipping. I would get distracted by laundry, the neighbor’s dog barking, and the small paper pile that I needed to sort through. Read More

The New Tech Helping Business Owners Stop Shoplifters

Amazon is known as the biggest retailer online, but most people don’t know that Amazon has taken two big steps into physical retail. The better known is Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods, but last December the tech giant quietly opened a small grocery and convenience store, Amazon Go, that works differently than any other. At Amazon Go, shoppers are tracked with a series of cameras and sensors the entire time they shop. You can just walk out the door Read More

5 Costs That Will Eat Into Your Uber Business

If you’re thinking about driving for a ridesharing service, your first question is probably, “How much can I make as an Uber or Lyft driver?” That’s an important question. After all, you want to know whether it’s worth your time and energy. But income is only one side of the equation. But like any type of self employment, there are expenses that reduce the amount of income you’ll earn. Unless you’re earning money under the table, with no expenses, the Read More

How to Use Alternative Financing to Your Advantage

As a small business owner, I think if anyone in the country has figured out by now that “life isn’t fair,” it’s you. In our game of capitalism, no matter the attempts by regulators, officials and legal professionals to create a “fair business environment,” the system is not fair and never will be fair. All one can do is learn the game and play the game to their advantage. In the business of alternative commercial financing, the game is certainly Read More

4 Signs It’s Time to Pivot Your Small Business

No matter what you do, things just aren’t working and you just aren’t sure where to go from here. Being a business owner is often stressful enough, but when things start to go sour (or they never really were all that sweet), the stress can be insurmountable. So what do you do when your business is stagnant and you’re about to throw in the towel?  Some business owners may simply close up show, but that’s not the only options.  Pivoting Read More

How This Entrepreneur Went from the White House to the Runway

Ron Carson is a former presidential aide and current founder of Cool Action Suit, a company that makes business suits from moisture-wicking material. The Cool Action Suit helps wearers cut down on perspiration and overheating. It’s also wrinkle-free, so perfect for travel. “Being an entrepreneur goes hand in hand with my experience as a political logistical professional because you have to think quickly on your feet, you have to be prepared for the unknown, and you have to anticipate things Read More

Why Do Credit Card Companies Want to Know My Income?

Filling out a small business credit card application usually isn’t all that hard. It starts by asking you to supply your name, address and other contact information, and then there are usually a few questions about the type of company you have, and its size. But within all of these boilerplate questions is one that often throws you for a loop: What is your annual income? There’s a good reason why a bank or credit union needs to know your Read More