Critical Steps to Run and
Grow Your Retail Business

Step 1

See what’s in your business credit reports

Step 2

Build your business credit profile

Step 3

Get the best financing, lower your costs

Step 4

Protect your business assets

Know Where Your Business Credit Stands

What’s in your file? Nav gives instant access to easy-to-read personal and business credit reports and scores, and present the information so it’s easy to understand–no accounting degree required. These are the same reports lenders and suppliers use to judge your retail business. We tell you exactly what to work on to help improve business your scores, so you can qualify for better financing (like SBA loans) and get Net-30, Net-60 or Net-90 repayment terms from your suppliers.

Follow Easy Steps to Build Your Business Credit

Our step-by-step, self service tools help you build your business credit fast. Whether you’ve just started your business or have been in the game for years, establishing a strong credit profile is essential for long-term success. Nav can create your business’s D-U-N-S number for free, help you dispute report errors, and much more. Our checklist makes it simple to track your progress. Building better credit lowers the amount you pay for insurance and merchant processing discount rates. Most service providers check your credit before working with your retail business.

Get the Right Business Financing and Services

Know you’re getting the best! Nav takes an active role in helping you get financing and services. We’ve partnered with leading lenders to bring you a variety of financing offers on our site. Even better, you can filter the products (credit cards, loans and more) based on your needs and credit profile. We also show you transparent interest rate information and provide our objective opinion on each product. And you can apply right from the site! If you have questions, we have Lending Specialists available to walk you through your options.

Protect Your Business Credit and Reputation

It’s no secret that identity theft and cybercrime are on the rise. It’s important to protect your business credit like the asset it is. Nav continuously monitors all of your credit reports and immediately alerts you to changes. You can elect to receive email or SMS notifications when you receive alerts. Plus, our identity theft recovery services help you get back on your feet if you’re ever a victim. Nav also lets you monitor the credit of other companies you work with, so you can spot a troubled business and manage risk.

We’re here to help with your business credit and financing questions

Plans built for small businesses.



per month

You need this plan:

If you are thinking about financing in the next 6 months.

Perfect for:

Business owners looking to lower costs and get approved for financing at better terms.

  • Personal and business credit scores from 4 bureaus
  • Detailed full credit reports
  • Insight on the underlying factors impacting your credit score
  • $1M identity theft protection
  • Identity recovery services



per month

You need this plan:

If you are just starting and need a summary of your credit information.

Perfect for:

Business owners interested in learning more about how credit impacts their business.

  • Letter grades for your Personal and Business Credit from 2 bureaus
  • Summary Credit Reports

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