8 Business Travel Tips from Frequent Fliers

Traveling on the job might sound like a fun way to see the world, but too much of it can take a serious toll on your health and well-being. In fact, a recent study suggests links between frequent business travel (those with more than 14 nights away from home per month) and health risks such as a higher body mass index (BMI), anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.1   Whether you work in the travel and hospitality industry or are just going Read More

How to Upgrade Your Work Computer on the Cheap

You likely rely on your work computer to run your small business, so less-than-stellar performance can affect your bottom line. Upgrading with a whole new computer, monitor and accessories won’t be cheap, and the technology won’t stay fast or advanced forever. You can save a lot of money by educating yourself on how to upgrade your existing computer. A great place to start would be to identify your computer’s underlying issue. Is your computer slow, or does it just overheat? Read More