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Fintech Startup Brex Ends Small Business Cash Management: What’s Next for Account Holders?

Brex, popular corporate management spend startup, announced that it would shift its focus away from the small business market — the …


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How Should Business Owners Accommodate for Breastfeeding Employees

Guest post by Monica Beyer Since the 1960s, more and more women have been choosing to breastfeed their babies. Many …


6 Important Resources for Veteran Small Business Owners

As Veterans Day approaches, Nav wants to remind veteran entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners that there are a ton of …


5 Ways to Revive a Dying Business

Is your business showing signs of distress? Or is it straight-up tanking? There are simple measures you can take to …


Why Taxes Are So Challenging for Small Business Owners

Small businesses provide 55% of all jobs in the United States and account for over half of all U.S. sales. …


What Is Factoring and Is it Right for My Business?

When business owners are trying to get working capital to finance their business operations, the first choice is often a …