Meet The American Edge: Nav’s Business Grant Runner-Up

Matthew Rowell owns The American Edge, a B2B knife-sharpening business run out of Lee, New Hampshire. His goal is to help end consumerism and encourage people to maintain high-quality equipment. While he sets up shop at farmers markets and other gatherings, he’s looking to add a mobile sharpening station to his business to roll right up to any business that could use his services. The American Edge is the first runner-up for the Nav Business Grant, and Matthew took some Read More

Meet SoCal Succulents: Nav’s Business Grant Runner-Up

Sole proprietor Symphony Astoria founded SoCal Succulents with the intent to bring her community together while maintaining the flexibility to be active in her daughter’s life. After just one year in business, SoCal Succulents is thriving and doing just what Symphony intended: bringing the community together. With dreams of opening a storefront location one day, she shows no signs of slowing down. SoCal Succulents is one of the runners-up in this latest Nav Business Grant Round, and were kind enough Read More

Discover it® Business Card Review

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With little to no fees, a steady rewards rate and no-hassle redemption program, the is worth consideration for the young business owner. As of April 1, 2019, Nav is the first and currently only credit card marketplace offering the . “The Discover it Business Credit Card is a smart, simple and rewarding credit card that provides all the features that Discover cardmembers love and rely on in the hands of business owners,” said Meera Sridharan, Director of Acquisition Marketing with Discover. “Working Read More

Nav’s Business Grant 2nd Place Winner: Body Water LLC

Founded in 2009 in St. Johns, Florida, Body Water LLC is the brainchild of veteran Sherman Williams. After seeing fellow service members struggle with hydration while deployed, Williams took the steps to create a product to help others stay hydrated. Body Water is the second place winner in this round of Nav’s Small Business Grant, and took the time to answer some questions about their business. The Business What makes your business unique/different? I have created the healthiest functional beverage Read More

Nav’s Business Grant 3rd Place Winner: Island Vibez Grill

Established in Fort Lauderdale, Florida since 2015, Island Vibez Grill is a food truck owned and operated by Joyce and Yves Francois. With persistence and with their delicious recipes, they’re establishing a strong business and fulfilling their dream. They are also the third-place winner in this round of Nav’s Small Business Grant. They took the time to answer some questions about their business for Nav. The Business Why did you start the company? We started our company because we wanted Read More

Announcing Nav’s Third Business Grant Winner: Private Detox of Utah

After another overwhelming number of applications in the third round, we are pleased to announce Private Detox of Utah as the grand prize winner. We were fortunate to be able to sit down with Anne Boulter, ACNP, founder and owner of Private Detox of Utah, for more insight on her journey as a business owner and the amazing mission for her business.   Starting Out Why did you start your business? I started my business in reaction to the opiate Read More

Small Business Owners Fear Recession May Hit Soon

Despite some economic wins over the last year or so, Americans may not have the strongest confidence the government. A recent shutdown and rising interest rates have taken their toll on American pocketbooks and confidence. The government shutdown resulted in about 800,000 government employees being furloughed, agencies such as the IRS and SBA mostly shutting down, and important services such as eVerify going out of business. This showed small business owners just how much the government can affect their bottom Read More

What to Do With Your SBA Loan During the Shutdown

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The government shutdown has taken a severe toll not only on government employees but a wide variety of Americans, including business owners. The Small Business Administration (SBA), a government entity, supports some of the most popular loan programs for small business owners. They also offer disaster relief loans for those in areas impacted by natural disasters, including hurricanes in recent years and the wildfires in California in 2018. While the government is shutdown, many SBA employees have been furloughed or Read More

This Veteran-Owned Business Brings the Spa to You

Founded in March 2010 by U.S. Army veteran Jessica Dragan, Spa Massage on the Go brings spa-quality massage treatments directly to their clients. Dragan started the company to help veterans that are sick, disabled, elderly, disabled or hospice. Being a veteran herself, she feels a calling and a love for her peers. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they now have operations in Illinois, Maryland, and Washington. A veteran and certified woman-owned business with twelve employees, Spa Massage on the Go is growing Read More

SBA Disaster Loan Information For Anchorage, Alaska Area

After a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Anchorage, Alaska area, many now face the overwhelming task of cleaning up and recovering what they can of the damage. For small business owners, the challenge of repairing their homes is compounded by the additional task of getting their business back up and running. While larger national corporations may have more resources to assist franchisees, small business owners likely won’t have such luxuries. Fortunately, as has been done most recently in the aftermath Read More