How UCC Filings Can Affect Your Business Credit Scores

If you have reviewed your business credit reports or scores, you may have seen reference made to something called “UCC filings.” As someone who has been involved in the fintech industry since 2007, running my own one-man sales office providing merchant financing and merchant services to small business owners, I know they cause a lot of confusion. Failing to understand them can lead to issues down the road relating to securing approval for higher quality forms of business credit. (Editor’s Read More

How to Start a Business With Student Loan Debt

The Pew Research Center reports that the Millennial generation is on track to become the most educated Generation in history based on degree acquisition. While this phenomenon is a result of a variety of circumstances, it’s a well-known fact that student loans have played a major part in this degree acquisition spike, allowing many to access a higher education that otherwise would have been too expensive to obtain. However, the other side of the coin is a reality that student loan Read More

What is FinTech and How Does it Impact My Small Business?

The FinTech Revolution is bringing in billions in investment capital into the commercial financial series space, with faster access to capital, faster payment processing technologies, risk transfer services, along with integrated technologies that combine multiple areas of a business into one centralized managed function. We are truly living in the new wave of innovation that going forward will change the way we all live, bank, collaborate, and operate our enterprises forever. This new wave is fundamentally changing the financial services Read More

What to Do if Your Small Business is Robbed

So you’ve managed to grow your business with consistent revenue, a good name in the community, and a trustworthy, friendly staff. All of this is helping to bring more customers in the door, and everything is going great. But then one day, some deadbeat looking for a fast track to cash decides they are going to rob your business, putting not just yourself, but potentially your employees and customers in harm’s way. Your Location Being A Potential Target A recent Read More

How to Handle Workplace Bullying in Your Small Business

The Bureau Of Labor Statistics estimates that there are about 125 million workers in the U.S. A recent survey from The Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) says that over 60 million, nearly half of all workers, are victims of workplace bullying. Many are under the false notion that bullying just affects grade school children and pre-teens, but the reality is that bullying doesn’t stop on the playground or in the high school cafeteria. Many Americans have to wake up every day Read More

As A Business Owner, Should You Have Kids?

As an entrepreneur, your business is sort of like your baby, in that you are 100% dedicated to seeing your concept grow into something worthwhile and productive for not just yourself, but also that of your local community. Your business demands time, attention, care, significant amounts of energy, planning and finances on top of a whole lot of grit, tenacity, and perseverance to hang on during down turns. As a result, due to having one “baby” to manage, many entrepreneurs Read More

Building for Success vs. Building for Luck for Your Small Business

Merriam-Webster defines “Luck” as an external force that brings circumstances into an individual’s life that either work for, or against, said individual in the form of good or bad fortune. Much is debated about how to succeed in business and the steps you should take to not become one of those startups that fail within the first one to five years. The role of luck and the degree of its impact on economic mobility is often discussed within this debate. Read More

Why You Should Buy a Personal Umbrella Policy

As a small business owner, you have to take calculated risks every day. Without risk, there’s no reward, and every day you have to power up your location, laptop, or other operational resources, in order to serve your market to the best of your ability. In taking on this venture, many business owners are aware that there are essential insurance policies needed for coverage, but some small business owners unfortunately tend to overlook the importance of particular insurance policies due Read More

Is LegalZoom Worth It For Your Small Business?

In the course of operating a small business, you’ll find yourself trying to keep seemingly hundreds of plates spinning to keep things running smoothly. There are services out there to help you do your taxes like QuickBooks or FreshBooks, apps to help you find business financing like Nav, but there are also legal services that could possibly be a boon to your company. From LegalZoom to Rocket Lawyer, you can sign up for anywhere from $10 to $40 per month Read More

The Inspirational Story Of Wendy’s Founder Dave Thomas

From High School Drop Out To Hero There’s a lot of talk about what it takes to succeed in America. Within that talk are discussions on being born on the right side of the tracks, getting a good education, and never dropping out of high school. Statistics show that those born into a stable family and finish high school on time have a much higher probability of success compared to their counterparts. But what if I showed you the story Read More