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Levi King

Levi King is the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Nav. Raised on a farm in rural Idaho, King is a self-taught, serial entrepreneur who has started seven different small businesses in the last 20 years. During this time, he had to work to overcome the same issues faced by most small business owners – access to capital, financing, and marketplace credibility. After getting a handle on how business credit works, Levi was able to get business loans and financing more than 30 times.

Prior to starting Nav, he co-founded Lendio, a business financing marketplace that links commercial lenders and small business owners. While at Lendio, Levi saw too many applicants get denied for financing or only get approved for financing they couldn’t afford. He realized someone needed to help business owners become better-qualified applicants, which led him to start Nav.

Levi’s has regular columns in Inc., Entrepreneur and Forbes, and is a frequent conference speaker and source for reporters covering small business, credit, lending and fintech.

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