Build your own Business Marketplace with Nav's Embedded Financing Solution

Earn revenue with personalized curated offers to help your small business customers achieve their financial goals

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Drive traffic to Nav, we'll take care of the rest. Create your own marketplace.

  • Serve a broad customer base with a wide range of credit quality through our network of 160+ partners.
  • We use proprietary data and AI to fully personalize the customer journey, optimize conversion rate, and share analytics back with you.
  • You earn revenue through 4-10x better conversion rate than single offer referrals.

The Nav Solution

Nav aligns financing qualifications, predicts needs, and facilitates transactions between data providers, lenders, partners, and small businesses. Partners we work with today include:

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Clover & Nav

Clover's point-of-sale device and SMB services are connected to hundreds of thousands of merchants across the U.S.

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Clover's Goal

Create more engagement & increase revenue from Clover customers by partnering with complementary business services and tools.

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“We strive to empower our merchants with best-in-class business solutions. That's why it was the natural choice to partner with Nav where our merchants can get their credit data as an easily digestible datapoint to help them make better business decisions, access extensive options to find financing and credit card options, learn from Nav's financial education tools, and subscribe to premium solutions to support them in running their business better.”


Travis Balinas
Director of Product Strategy, Clover

Nav's Embedded Financing Features

60% of business owners check their bank account daily

Financial Data

Using OAuth technology and connections with more than 50,000 financial institutions across the U.S., Nav is powering cash flow and revenue insights for small business owners. Use this feature to:

  • credit card
    Target SMBs who need a financing solution
  • money bags
    Verify revenues for SMBs
  • bar chart
    Understand customer revenue trends
  • performance increase
    Increase engagement on your platform
Nav has 100+ business financing options to choose from

Business Financing Options

A custom financing solution unique to your needs. Nav's one-stop-shop financing options can be configured so you:

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    Improve customer engagement and retention
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    Serve underfinanced SMB customers with no additional risk for SMBs
  • cash network
    Power new or additional revenue streams