Last Revised: December 21, 2021


Your California Privacy Rights

The CCPA provides California residents with specific rights regarding their personal information. This notice describes your CCPA rights and explains how to exercise those rights. This notice also includes information regarding the collection, use, disclosure, and sale of personal information and the rights of consumers regarding their own personal information. 

Nav does not sell your personal information to anyone, including to third-parties as defined under the CCPA.  

Information you provide to Nav is used for business purposes. The CCPA outlines several categories for which personal information may be used under business purposes, including: auditing, security, debugging/repair, certain short-term uses, performing services, internal research for technology development, as well as for quality and safety maintenance and verification. Nav uses the following categories of personal information for business purposes collected about consumers. The following have been disclosed under a business purpose within the last twelve (12) months:

  • Identifiers. A real name, postal address, email address, account information, online identifier, IP address, Social Security number, personal preferences and attributes via cookies, or other similar identifiers. 
  • Information from third-party data providers. Including consumer credit information, when fulfilling information requests made by you when ordering credit-related products through the site.
  • Other information you provide to us. Other information we collect, such as the city of birth and mother’s maiden name, is used to verify your identity in the event you forget your login information required for our online products. This category also includes information you provide us through customer service correspondence and general feedback.

For information on how Nav uses your personal information, visit “HOW DO WE USE THE INFORMATION COLLECTED?” section in Nav’s Privacy Policy. 

Right to Request and Right to Deletion

To exercise your rights under the CCPA, please submit a verifiable request to us by completing the Request Form, located here.

You may also contact us regarding your rights at or by calling (855) 226-8388.

While you have the right to deletion, there are certain legal exceptions, including when the personal information is necessary to complete a transaction for which we collected it or to comply with a legal obligation. When submitting a request, please note that Nav may claim legal exemptions for certain requests pursuant to various CCPA exemptions. 

Right to Non-Discrimination

Nav will not discriminate against you for exercising your rights under the CCPA. If you have exercised your rights under the CCPA, some services may not be available to you when directly related to the collection of your information, as permitted by the CCPA.