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Fast Business Loans: The Best Lenders for Quick Loans

Nowhere is the saying “you need money to make money” more true than in the crowded, competitive, fast-moving world of small business. As you seek to establish and grow your enterprise, access to capital (or the lack thereof) can be one of your biggest hurdles. How Can I Get Money for My Business Fast? For small business owners facing expenses that just can’t wait, traditional approaches — loans from banks, for example — can be difficult and ultimately disappointing. Alternative… Read More

Are EIDL or Paycheck Protection Program Loans Taxable Income?

If you’re like most small business owners wading your way through the EIDL and PPP loans and the regulations and requirements that go with them, welcome to the club. As we see more entrepreneurs receiving funds from these two SBA programs, we’re also seeing more questions about what comes next. One big question? Whether or not the funds from these two loan programs will be taxed on a business’ annual income tax return. Whether you’ve got just one business or… Read More

Best Business Credit Cards for Travel

Best Business Credit Cards for Travel If you’re a business road warrior, you’ve racked up plenty of miles on your roller suitcase, not to mention frequent flyer miles. Wouldn’t it be nice to also earn rewards for your travel expenses? That’s where business credit cards that offer rewards points come in. You might have personal credit cards with membership rewards points that you can use for flights or hotel stays. But small business credit cards for travel sometimes offer even… Read More

Secured Business Credit Cards Can Build Credit Fast

Running a business can be frustrating, especially when you need financing and discover that your credit scores don’t qualify you for many options. If you’re trying to build or rebuild credit, then you may have heard that a secured credit card can be a good option. As a business owner, you may need something slightly different: a secured credit card for small business owners. Here, we’ll introduce you to what a secured business credit card is, examine when you would… Read More

How to Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for Free

If you’re a small business owner, or are otherwise self-employed, chances are you’ve heard of an EIN (or employer identification number). You may not be clear, however, on exactly what an EIN is, whether you need one, or how to go about getting a free EIN if you do. There are four ways to apply for an employer identification number (EIN) for free: Complete the online application for an EIN, or Fill out form SS-4 and mail it to the… Read More

How to Build Your Business Credit Fast

Building business credit can benefit your small business in many ways. Strong business credit can make it easier or less expensive to get certain types of financing, business insurance, or better terms with suppliers. It can even help your business land lucrative business contracts.  Here we’ll share simple steps to establish and build business credit to help your small business grow.  Advertiser & Editorial Disclosure Why Is It Important to Establish Business Credit? Your business can have its own credit… Read More