Should You Work With A Broker Or Direct Lender For Alternative Financing?

It’s common knowledge that you are likely to achieve a lower cost for a product or service, by cutting out as many “players” within the ecosystem as possible and eliminating all of the middlemen who markup said products and services for profit. However, in certain cases, the middleman might actually be your source for cost savings and higher levels of efficiency than if you were to go “direct.” This is certainly the case many times in the alternative business financing Read More

5 Mistakes That Hurt Your Business Credit

Mistakes comes in different varieties. Some mistakes you make when you do something wrong. Some are made when you don’t do something you should have or could have. And some are mistakes other people make which, in turn, affect you. When it comes to your business credit, each of these types of mistakes can affect your credit reports and scores, which in turn can impact whether you can get financing and how much you’ll pay for it. Ultimately, your business Read More

The New Company That Can Tell You Where to Open Your Next Store

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew EXACTLY where to open your new business or that second location you always dreamed about? As the old, often overused adage says, it’s all about “location, location, location.” Finding the right location for your small business means weighing all the pros and cons, collecting, gathering, and weeding through data. To do that, you’ll need to know the right data to mine, where to mine it, and then, when all is said and done, Read More

Business Owner Profile: Fabiola Hesslein, CEO of Tryon Entertainment

Fabiola Hesslein began her career as an entertainer, sharing the stage with artists like Michael Jackson, P!nk, and Usher. She’s appeared on stage at live events, in commercials, and on television programs like Saturday Night Live and The MTV Video Music Awards. These days, she works behind the scenes as president and CEO of Tryon Entertainment, a company she owns with her husband, Simon Hesslein. Tryon Entertainment is a full-service entertainment production company that provides high-end experiences for a wide Read More

How to Get On The Shelf of Walmart Stores

When measured by revenue, Walmart is the largest company in the world. With over $485 billion in revenue in 2016, Walmart is also the world’s largest retailer, and the largest overall company for the fifth year in a row. According to Fortune, the company stocks more than 50 million products. With a global reach and massive sales opportunities, there is no surprise that both big and small businesses want their products on the shelf at Walmart stores. If you think Read More

3 Business Credit Cards With Great Costco Rewards

Advertiser & Editorial Disclosure Many small business owners know that their local Costco store can offer better prices than some of their other suppliers, especially when factoring in the 2% rewards offered to Costco’s Business Executive members. Better yet, you can combine these low prices with the best rewards that you can earn from your small business credit cards. What you need to know about using credit cards at Costco Most major retailers accept any credit card that’s part of Read More

5 Rookie PayPal Mistakes

Providing customers with multiple, easy payment solutions can help increase conversion, and with 210 million active account holders, PayPal can be a solid addition to your checkout solutions. Signing up and setting up your account is fairly easy, but for small business owners who are testing the PayPal waters, lessons from those who have come before can make a huge difference in your future success. Here are five rookie mistakes that you should avoid: 1. Assuming PayPal Is Only for Online Read More

Delta Business Cards: Which is Best for You?

Advertiser & Editorial DisclosureIf you’re loyal to one airline and need a card that rewards you for all your purchases, an airline-branded business credit card can be a smart choice. One partnership that has become very popular among small business owners is the American Express and Delta suite of business credit cards. Like their consumer-geared cards, there are various levels of card fees and associated benefits. Which of the three is right for you? We break down the perks and Read More

The $2 Charge That Dropped My Credit Score 169 Points

A note from Nav’s CEO, Levi King: So, my personal credit score dropped a whopping 169 points the other day. I’m almost embarrassed to admit it. After all, I co-founded a company passionately devoted to teaching entrepreneurs how to avoid that kind of headache. How did it happen? I’m glad you asked. A credit card of mine—which I hadn’t used in three years—was charged a $2 dollar late fee. Yes, you heard me correctly. $2 dollars. The fee resulted from Read More

Moo Review: How to Print Killer Business Cards

It’s a digital age, but your business card still matters. Not only does it make your networking efforts more personal, it gives you a chance to make a lasting impression with everyone who sees it. If you’re on the hunt for business cards that’ll set you apart, Moo is an online printing and design shop you should consider. There are more than seven different types of business cards offered through Moo. The standard cards offered feature thick, premium paper, and Read More