5 Ways Business Credit Cards Can Hurt Your Credit

Credit cards can be an indispensable tool for small businesses. These products offer companies a secure and convenient method of payment while providing a valuable means of financing and being more readily available than other options like a small business loan. But with a small business credit card, its balance and payment information will be recorded on the credit histories of the primary account holder, just like a consumer credit card. This isn’t a problem when your small business cards Read More

19 Email Newsletters That Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

It’s true that some of the best things in life are free– and it’s especially true of some of the excellent educational resources available to entrepreneurs. Case in point: there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of free email newsletters that can help you learn whatever it is you need to know to help grow your business. Here, small business owners and marketing pros share their picks for the best email newsletters for entrepreneurs— the ones they open and read every time. Read More

How To Dump Your Accountant

You’re likely a subject matter expert in what your small business deals with specifically. You’re ready to work with customers to answer their questions and provide quality service to them. When it comes to taxes, however, chances are you’ve got more than a few questions and need the help of an accountant. With the complexities of filing taxes for a business, it’s not only common but recommended that you use the services of an accountant, and the best you can Read More

Small Business Owners Carry Twice As Many Credit Cards As Consumers

Business owners are leveraging their personal credit in a major way, according to new data from Nav. Nav analyzed anonymized personal credit card usage data from 143,004 of its small business customers and 128,281 of its consumer customers. Business credit cards were excluded from the data. While consumers carry an average of 2.32 credit cards, small business owners average at 4.78 cards. The average total limits on those cards among the two groups mirrors this as well, as average consumers Read More

Everything You Need to Know About the AmEx/SPG Partnership

For years, the American Express SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) portfolio has included some of the most coveted business travel credit cards on the market. Cardholders were able to use their points to book rooms at great hotels with excellent perks, including suite upgrades for SPG Platinum members. Earlier this year, Marriott International acquired SPG, creating the world’s largest hotel company. While this is clearly great news for Marriott, what does it mean for SPG cardholders? Some have worried that their Read More

Everything Small Business Owners Need to Know About GDPR

News of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been floating in our peripherals since it was passed by the European Parliament back in 2016, but as of May 25, 2018, the privacy-focused piece of legislation will finally go into effect. And, though it’s specifically designed for those in the EU, American business owners are not exempt from impact. As an American business owner with your own set of privacy rules and regulations to contend with, the GDPR may not Read More

The Single Best Productivity Tip I Ever Received

There’s no shortage of productivity tips that promise you you’ll get twice as much done in half the time, and for time-starved entrepreneurs, that’s alluring. Sometimes they really do work: one mom blogger, for example, built a million-dollar business in part by using a simple productivity hack. But finding the time to implement them may be another matter. Business owners often feel like time is their scarcest resource. Just look at a recent business banking survey from Nav that found Read More

How UCC Filings Can Affect Your Business Credit Scores

If you have reviewed your business credit reports or scores, you may have seen reference made to something called “UCC filings.” As someone who has been involved in the fintech industry since 2007, running my own one-man sales office providing merchant financing and merchant services to small business owners, I know they cause a lot of confusion. Failing to understand them can lead to issues down the road relating to securing approval for higher quality forms of business credit. (Editor’s Read More

Everything You Need to Know About the New Chase Business Credit Card

It’s rare when a major bank adds a new credit card to its suite of offerings, but today, Chase has done just that. Chase has provided great credit card options for small business owners for years, and have now added a new card to the Ink line — the Chase Ink Business Unlimited. While many of the features of the will carry over to the Business Unlimited, a key change may make it even more appealing to business owners. What’s New Read More

21 Business Grants for Startups

If you’re struggling to find the business funding you need, or if you’re just wary of taking on personal or business debt to get your dream off the ground, a business grant may be just what you’re looking for. Business grants are free money from the government and other sources to help you build a successful business. While some grants have strings attached, they generally allow you to use the money for a wide range of business growth tasks to Read More