Will Opening a Business Bank Account Ding My Credit?

If you’re formalizing your business, there are a few tasks you’ll need to check off your list, and one of them is opening a bank account in the name of that business. In addition to increasing legitimacy, it will also enable you to separate your personal finances from those associated with your business – a smart idea for business owners. As you consider opening a business account, you may be wondering what assets you’ll need or requirements you’ll have to Read More

9 Side Hustles for Teachers

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 8% of the money teachers earned in 2016 came from outside employment. Whether they needed the money to support themselves, fund retirement, or save for a goal, the rise of the gig economy has certainly given teachers more options for working extra hours. Teachers have unique skills (both academically and socially) that have prepared them to take on any variety of part-time jobs in the gig economy, but some are better suited Read More

Business Line of Credit vs. Business Credit Card: Pros & Cons

Between cash flow issues and unpaid invoices, or simply a lull in business, it’s not uncommon for small businesses to find themselves in need of some cash. This isn’t an unsolvable problem, however. Many businesses have turned to outside financing to solve their cash flow issues. While a business loan may not be the exact fit for the situation, business credit cards and business lines of credit can be excellent solutions to solve the problem at hand. Credit cards and Read More

When Should You Incorporate Your Business?

Starting a business involves a lot of decisions, one of which is when to incorporate and form a legal entity. Do you wait until you start making real money? When should a small business incorporate? “Right away,” encourages small business attorney Garrett Sutton. He’s seen firsthand the problems that can arise when small business owners don’t take that crucial step. Nav Founder and Chief Legal Officer Caton Hanson agrees. He’s started several businesses, he says,  Once a business gets past Read More

11 Steps to Launch Your Own Medical Practice

As a medical professional, you’ve more than likely had motivations or desires to help others. Some have experienced disdain with established health care corporations and want a situation that allows them to do more good in the community. This drives some to venture out and start their own medical practice. As with starting any business, doing so is a tall task with plenty of regulations to follow and steps to take. Here, then, are 11 steps to launch your own Read More

4 Tools That Will Help Give Back 3 Hours of Your Life

Time is money. Time is precious. Time is everything. Most importantly, it’s at a premium now more than ever. While our modern society has made life simpler in some regards, we’re also flooded with information and more things to do than perhaps ever before. Fortunately, there’s always somebody thinking about how to make things better, and new tools are always coming out. Here are four tools that will help you get your to-do list taken care of and save you Read More

4 Business Credit Cards to Use This Summer

Small business owners don’t take summers off, and their spending doesn’t either. Whether it’s summer travel for the family or business trips and conferences that have you jetsetting, the right credit card in your wallet can help you reap rewards from all those costs. Fortunately, as a business owner, you have a wide variety of business credit cards available to you that can incentivize your summer travels and make your trips work harder for your business. Here are four of Read More

To My Hard-Working Dad: A Note of Appreciation

I remember it like it was yesterday. I’m around 5 years old and I’m playing on the front lawn of our house in rural Idaho. I’m wearing nothing but tighty-whities, probably imagining I’m Tarzan or some other muscle-bound hero. Suddenly, my mom bursts out of the front door in a state of high excitement and tells me to get in the car. I assume we’re going to town, so I beg her to let me put some clothes on first. Read More

Do Schools Kill Entrepreneurship?

“Do Schools Kill Creativity?” is one of the most popular TED Talks of all time. In his entertaining and provocative presentation, Sir Ken Robinson says (referring largely to the state of education today) that “..if you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original. And by the time they get to be adults, most kids have lost that capacity. They have become frightened of being wrong.” Robinson doesn’t address entrepreneurship directly in his talk, but plenty Read More

What Is a Form SS-4 & How Do I Get a Copy of Mine?

Running a business involves a lot of information and new documents. You’re probably learning that you have a business credit score for example, and that you can check it for free with places like Nav. If you’re filing your business taxes or thinking of applying for business financing for the first time, you might be scrambling to find a few things for the application. One thing that likely stands out is your Employer Identification Number (EIN), a unique nine-digit number Read More