How to Find Working Capital

Being a small business owner is a lot like being a juggler — if that juggler is handling a dozen spinning, double-ended torches that have been lit on fire. In all seriousness, being an entrepreneur can be an exhilarating rush. Still, there are a lot of moving parts that you or your team will need to manage well if you want to be successful.  One important area that you have to stay on top of as a business owner is Read More

What Is My SBA Loan Payment?

Getting an SBA loan can be an exciting opportunity for financing your next big business milestone. Seen as an alternative to credit unions or other online loan options, they are a business financing path available to many U.S. businesses. Whether you’ve chosen an SBA 7(a) loan, an SBA 504 loan, or one of the smaller microloans, each program will have a different method for determining rates and repayment schedules. Here’s how you can figure out what your payment will be Read More

What Are the Best Government Small Business Loans?

Business financing comes in many forms, but for some small business owners, government small business loans offer the most benefits. These loans are backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and issued by approved lenders, like banks and credit unions.  There are several SBA loan programs available to qualified business owners, each with their own set of rates, limits, and requirements. However, the three most common programs are SBA 7(a) loans, the 504 loans,  and SBA Microloans.  SBA 7(a) Loan  Read More

Buying Business Insurance in Your Pajamas

Would you ever picture yourself buying business insurance in your pajamas? No, it’s not like one of those weird dreams where you show up for a test at school and aren’t wearing any pants. We’re talking about technology and the ability it affords small business owners to shop for insurance at any time of the day, from any place, and wearing whatever they need to wear.  Technology doesn’t judge you. Let’s be honest, with as much as you have to Read More

Cash Flow vs. Profit: What’s the Difference?

According to a Quickbooks report from earlier this year, “61% of small businesses regularly struggle with cash flow”.  Even if your business is profitable, you can be at risk of falling into financial demise. How? Because if you don’t have enough liquid cash on hand to meet the myriad of current and near-term expenses that come with owning a small business, it can nearly impossible to keep your operation afloat.  What is cash flow? Cash flow is essentially the cycle Read More

8 Business Travel Tips from Frequent Fliers

Traveling on the job might sound like a fun way to see the world, but too much of it can take a serious toll on your health and well-being. In fact, a recent study suggests links between frequent business travel (those with more than 14 nights away from home per month) and health risks such as a higher body mass index (BMI), anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.1   Whether you work in the travel and hospitality industry or are just going Read More

How This Former Attorney Used Savings to Fund Her New Business

It’s that time of year when special events abound – weddings, graduations, baby showers, and bar mitzvahs. With those events comes a tedious but necessary obligation: thank you notes! Taryn Singer has created WithThanks, a business that lets busy people outsource the task of thank you notes following special events. Singer says WithThanks is a one-stop shop for thank you notes; the business handles creating the note content, handwriting it, addressing envelopes, stamping them, and mailing them out.  Why did Read More

How to Get a Loan to Start a Business

Starting a new business is an exciting time, but getting the funding to get your startup off the ground can be stressful. Learning how to get a loan to start a business can help you understand what commercial lenders are looking for, what you can qualify for and some alternative approaches you can take.  Before we dig into the details, here’s a summary of how to get a loan to start a business. How to Get a Loan to Start Read More

How Accounts Receivable Financing Works

Whether you’re trying to expand your business or simply make ends meet, cash flow constraints are one of the biggest challenges that many small businesses face. They can be stressful. They can be discouraging. They can even drive some companies right out of business.   But here’s the good news. Cash flow problems can typically be dealt with if you have the right plan. This is true whether spending mistakes led to your cash flow shortage or other circumstances entirely.  For Read More

The Best Chase Ink Alternatives

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The Chase Ink credit card family is a popular choice for small businesses who want to easily earn with every purchase and pay a low (or no) annual fee for the benefit. From cash to travel rewards, there is a little bit of something for everyone. What if you’ve been denied for a Chase card, or you want to expand your options outside of the Chase Bank universe? There are more than a couple solutions that can give you comparable Read More