These Entrepreneurs Wanted a Place to Buy Ethical, Sustainable Fashion, So They Created It

Victoria Nelson and Olga Gomonova are the founders of Chic Cartel, an ethical and sustainable clothing company that sells high-quality items like jewelry, sweaters, and dresses at affordable prices. On running the business, Gomonova said, “There are a lot of lows in entrepreneurship, but there are also a lot of highs. When you have the highs, they are really quite amazing.” Starting Out Why did you start the company? Nelson: I’m a fashion photographer. I worked in advertising my whole Read More

Selling LulaRoe: How Much Money Can You Really Make?

The buttery-soft leggings and the multi-color, casual-yet-sassy dresses, skirts, and tops have become all the rage among America’s moms – so much so that it’s hard not to spot a trademark LulaRoe piece on a trip to the grocery store. And though those coveted black leggings are seemingly impossible to get your hands on (trust me, I’ve tried), finding a LulaRoe consultant isn’t nearly as hard. Since 2016, the fairly young company has seen a big bump in consultant numbers, Read More

How to Handle Employee Vacation Requests

Vacations are an important piece of the workplace puzzle. They revitalize employees, making them happier and more productive. In fact, studies show that 77% of human resource managers believe that employees who take most or all of their vacation time are more productive in their jobs than those who do not (that includes you, boss person). That said, scheduling employee time off, especially during peak vacation times, can be a headache for even the most organized employers. However, there are ways you can Read More

5 Business Credit Cards for Excellent Credit

When your credit is less than perfect, you have to choose a credit card based on what you can be approved for. But when you have excellent credit, then you can enjoy your choice of small business cards that offer the most competitive terms, rewards and benefits. With excellent credit, choosing the right small business credit card for you will depend on how you plan on using it. If you are a frequent traveler, then you can apply for a Read More

How to Start a Business With a Criminal Record

Did you make a big mistake in your past that haunts you to this day? Getting a job with a criminal record can be a serious challenge, which is why more and more ex-cons are looking to the world of self-employment as an opportunity to build an income, or build a lifestyle with more freedom than a traditional day job. If you have a criminal record and want to start a business, follow along with this guide to get the Read More

New High-Tech Libraries Are Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed

There’s a library in Omaha, Nebraska,  that may just be an entrepreneur’s dream workspace. It’s not filled with books, but instead offers cutting-edge technology, including 3-D printing and computer workstations loaded with Adobe Creative Suite so business owners can design marketing materials and more. “Do Space is a first-of-its-kind technology library,” says Executive Director Rebecca Stavick. “It provides the community with free access to the latest software, devices and ultra-fast internet. It’s an interesting example of the evolution of libraries to Read More

The Free Co-Working Space That’s Hiding Right Under Your Nose

Entrepreneurship can be lonely, especially in the early days before a business is large enough to hire a team. Many entrepreneurs are turning to co-working spaces to get out of their home (or coffee shop) and to meet other entrepreneurs. But these spaces aren’t available in every city — or in rural areas, in particular — and they cost money, which is often in short supply. It can be especially hard to justify spending money on a membership if you Read More

How to Choose the Right Website Builder

If you own a business, you may need a website. Sure, you can have a social media account (or several), but a website is home base. It’s where you showcase your products and services, host your content, gather leads, and really establish credibility.   That said, one of the biggest problems that new business owners face is designing the website. If you don’t have a background in web design, or a kind friend willing to help out, you typically have one Read More

The Right Way to Close a Credit Card

Did you know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to close your small business credit card? If you do it the wrong way, you could miss out on rewards and benefits, and possibly even incur late fees and interest payments. Use these steps to make sure that you close your credit card account the right way. Consider Alternatives to Closing Your Account There are some good reasons why you may wish to close your small business credit Read More

11 Woman-Focused Business Grants

Women are a core pillar in business, but in far too many cases women face inordinate challenges and find themselves behind their male counterparts based on several measures when it comes to business ownership and incomes. While there are many incredibly success entrepreneurs that come to mind when discussing women in business, women remain underrepresented at the workplace and often earn less than their male counterparts for the same work. These 11 grants are doing something to solve that problem. Read More