Correcting Incorrect Information on Your Business Credit Reports

Building credit for your business takes time. Sure, there are tools and helpful guides which can make the process easier. Yet the truth is that establishing good business credit scores requires a lot of effort and consistency on your end. If your business has earned good credit scores, kudos! There’s no doubt that you worked hard to make those good credit scores a reality. But what happens when all your hard work is suddenly derailed by something that isn’t your Read More

How to Accept Credit Card Payments for Your Small Business

For many consumers, paying with cash is so 20th-century. It’s essential that every small business offers non-greenback options at physical and virtual locations. Customer convenience, however, means an additional cost for companies that includes as much as 2.50% per transaction, plus other fees associated with card processing. This can be particularly hard on small businesses, especially those just that are just getting started. It’s essential, despite the cost, for businesses to meet customers where they are, especially since so many Read More

CapitalOne Business CreditWise vs. Nav: Free Business Credit Reports Compared

CapitalOne recently announced Business CreditWise, a service that offers business owners a free business credit report and ongoing monitoring. Nav has been offering business owners free business credit reports and monitoring for over five years. How do these two services compare? Here I describe the features of the two services so you can understand what each one offers.   Disclosure: I work for Nav. In addition, Nav offers credit cards issued by CapitalOne in its marketplace. CapitalOne Business CreditWise Business Read More

How to Build Business Credit from Scratch

Building credit for your company is a wise use of your time as a business owner. There’s a lot of value in establishing good credit for your business. Having solid business credit can help you to qualify for a business loan or credit card. It can make it easier to take out leases and commercial rentals. Good business credit might even help you save money on your monthly insurance premiums and contracts with suppliers. Perhaps most importantly, building credit in Read More

How to Keep Your Employees Engaged at Work

From big-picture organizational strategies to everyday operational tasks, the success of a business depends on the employees who make things happen. When employees are happy and have a vested interest in their jobs and the company, things run smoothly, but when workers become disenfranchised, the picture can become quite bleak. According to a study by the Conference Board’s Engagement Institute, employees who check out can cost companies a whopping $450 to $550 billion dollars a year. And while your company Read More

The Best Business Credit Cards for Non-Profits

The biggest difference between a non-profit organization and a business is that eligible non-profits have tax-exempt status with the government. So if you’re looking for a credit card for your organization, a business credit card may be a better option than a consumer credit card. Finding the right card for a non-profit can be tough, though, because it largely depends on where you spend your money and whether you have unique needs. As a result, you may need to spend Read More

How to Get a Business Phone Number Listed

You’ve set up your food truck or your doggie daycare, and you’re ready to win at this small-business game. But how do you go about finding customers? While there are a lot of notable ways, such as social media, a website, ads in local publications, innovative PR that gets you featured on local (or national) media, and, of course, good old-fashioned word of mouth, there’s one thing a reputable business can’t forget: The old-school method of having your business phone Read More

How This Entrepreneur Used Credit Cards to Grow Her Business

Lorena Tomasini, together with her mother, owns MALM Life and Health Insurance Agency, a business based in Miami. Tomasini works with families and small business owners, helping them navigate life and health insurance. She said, “We’re brokers that represent different insurance companies. Depending on what the clients are looking for, we find the best fit for them.” Starting Out Why did you start the business? I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. I majored in finance. At the time, Read More

3 Vendors That Will Help You Build Business Credit

One of the easiest ways to start off on the right foot when it comes to business credit is to get net-30 accounts with companies that report to commercial credit agencies. What is a Net-30 Account? A net-30 account is one that extends you 30 days to pay the bill in full after you have purchased products. It’s vendor credit that allows you to buy now and pay later. Vendors that report those payments to commercial credit agencies help your Read More

How UCC Filings Can Affect Your Business Credit Scores

If you have reviewed your business credit reports or scores, you may have seen reference made to something called “UCC filings.” As someone who has been involved in the fintech industry since 2007, running my own one-man sales office providing merchant financing and merchant services to small business owners, I know they cause a lot of confusion. Failing to understand them can lead to issues down the road relating to securing approval for higher quality forms of business credit. (Editor’s Read More