How to Get a High-Limit Business Credit Card

When it comes to making purchases, a small business credit card can be one of your most important business tools. But too often, business users don’t receive a line of credit large enough to meet their needs. You may need a small business card with a large credit limit to enable short-term financing for key purchases, or you may need the spending power to realize the rewards or benefits of a credit card, instead of using another form of payment. Read More

5 Credit Card Perks That Side Hustlers Will Love

Are you working a side hustle? There’s no shortage of successful business owners who began by starting their business during the evenings, weekends or whenever they had a free moment outside of their job. And just because your side hustle isn’t your full-time gig yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t open a small business credit card and enjoy all of its rewards, perks and benefits (it can also help you establish business credit). But there are some perks that are Read More

You Can Finance Your Business With Your Home’s Equity, But Should You?

Cash-strapped entrepreneurs often find themselves turning to personal sources of funding for their businesses, whether that’s personal credit cards or a personal loan. Also on that list of financing sources: home equity loans or lines of credit (HELOC). These loans can be easier to get than some small business loans (especially for startups), interest rates are often lower than unsecured loans, and best of all, the interest may be tax deductible. The new tax law takes something of a swipe Read More

The Productivity Hack That Helped a Working Mom Build a Million-Dollar Business

Think you don’t have time to start a business? By all accounts, Rosemarie Groner didn’t. With two young children at home, and a home daycare that took 50 hours a week to run, she didn’t have a lot of extra time to spare. Yet she managed to build her business—the website—and replace her full-time income in just 10 months working an average of 10 hours a week. Even more impressively, she now brings in more than $100,000 a month Read More

This Entrepreneur’s App Is Bringing Technology to the Construction Industry

Yves Frinault is the founder and CEO of Fieldwire, a company that connects office and field staff in the construction industry via a collaboration platform that lets them share files, access information, and chat in real time. What started as a spark of an idea is now powering 200,000 construction projects worldwide across about 100 countries. Starting Out Why did you start the company? I had a dual background in construction and computer science. I came to do grad school Read More

Can You Qualify for a Business Credit Card?

A business credit card can be a convenient method of payment, a method of finance and even a way to earn valuable rewards and benefits. But many small business owners wonder if they will be able to qualify for a small business credit card. Actually, it may be easier than you think. What kind of businesses can qualify? Nearly any kind of business can qualify for a small business credit card. This includes corporations, partnerships, non-profit companies and limited liability Read More

Why Your DUNS Number Matters

Getting a business loan is a different process from getting a personal loan. While banks and other lenders look at your personal finances and credit history when reviewing an application for a personal credit card, mortgage, auto loan, or other borrowing, they want detailed business information when approving business loans. You may not even realize that your business has its own credit scores and tracking numbers, including the very important DUNS number. Follow this guide to learn more about the Read More

How to Apply for (& Get) Small Business Grants

Opening a new business, or making improvements and upgrades to an existing one, requires capital – a fact you’re probably all to familiar with. In many cases, small business owners must turn to lending opportunities through banks or investors, many of which come with added interest, fees, or credit requirements. However, small business grants offer a welcome departure from those financing options. Small business grants provide owners with much desired funds but without those pesky repayment terms, though that doesn’t mean Read More

These Entrepreneurs Wanted a Place to Buy Ethical, Sustainable Fashion, So They Created It

Victoria Nelson and Olga Gomonova are the founders of Chic Cartel, an ethical and sustainable clothing company that sells high-quality items like jewelry, sweaters, and dresses at affordable prices. On running the business, Gomonova said, “There are a lot of lows in entrepreneurship, but there are also a lot of highs. When you have the highs, they are really quite amazing.” Starting Out Why did you start the company? Nelson: I’m a fashion photographer. I worked in advertising my whole Read More

Selling LulaRoe: How Much Money Can You Really Make?

The buttery-soft leggings and the multi-color, casual-yet-sassy dresses, skirts, and tops have become all the rage among America’s moms – so much so that it’s hard not to spot a trademark LulaRoe piece on a trip to the grocery store. And though those coveted black leggings are seemingly impossible to get your hands on (trust me, I’ve tried), finding a LulaRoe consultant isn’t nearly as hard. Since 2016, the fairly young company has seen a big bump in consultant numbers, Read More