This Company Overcame Terrible Timing & Continues to Thrive

Charles Dugan is the president and owner of American Image Displays. “From floor to ceiling, everything you’d see at a trade show is what we provide,” said Dugan. The company distributes things like personalized floor covers, displays, and banners for corporate clients attending trade shows and events. Starting Out Why did you start the business? The business was started over 30 years ago by a husband and wife. I was a customer of theirs. I had a sales rep business Read More

How to Consolidate Your Business Loans

If you’re like many small business owners, you’ve taken on some debt in order to cover the costs of starting or growing your business. According to the Federal Reserve’s latest figures in the 2016 Small Business Credit Survey, 64% of loan applicants sought funds for a new business opportunity or to expand an existing one. Whether you applied for a small business loan, used business credit cards or even sought out investors, you needed that initial cash infusion to get Read More

The Inspirational Story of the Brothers Who Created Arby’s

During the 1960s and ’70s, there was massive hype over the expansion of quick serve restaurants McDonalds (due to Ray Kroc) and KFC (due to Colonel Sanders). However, there was another massively growing fast-food chain that was taking significant market share and that chain was “Arby’s.” Today, the Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc. is the second-largest fast-food sandwich chain in America, second only to Subway, with Panera Bread and Jimmy Johns coming in at a very close third and fourth. But how Read More

How to Get a Handle On Your Credit Cards in 2018

Were your credit cards a little out of control in 2017? With the new year comes a new opportunity to manage both your personal and small business credit cards a bit better. Doing so can save you both time and money, while offering you a chance to earn more rewards and enjoy more benefits. Here are five ways to get a handle on your credit cards in 2018: 1. Take an Inventory A lot of people have numerous personal and Read More

12 Ways to Build Your Business Credit in Less Than 2 Weeks

Ready for a challenge? Of course you are— you’re a business owner after all. How about a challenge to establish and build business credit in less than two weeks? If you’re like many of the entrepreneurs we work with at Nav, building business credit is a task that’s been on your “to do” list for a while, but you’ve relegated it to the back burner more than once, and it’s simply not getting done. We’re going to make it easy Read More

How to Keep Your Holiday Customers

The holidays are over, and for most businesses, that often signifies a big sigh of relief. October through to the new year represents a major marketing effort, the likes of which often feel like a never-ending marathon. But if the goal of that marathon is to hit the finish line with an increased customer bases, and subsequently higher revenue, then what can you do to retain that prize? How do you keep all those customers and continue to reap the rewards of Read More

Is it Time to Close the Doors on Your Business?

No one opens a business expecting to fail, but sometimes, despite your best efforts, business isn’t heading in the right direction. Whether you are watching your sales drop, expenses soar, or a combination of the two, you might be wondering if you can turn things around or if you are better off throwing in the towel. Before you decide to pull the plug, review your business and set a list of criteria. Here are tips on deciding if your business Read More

The ‘Hidden’ Credit Score All Business Owners Should Know About

When you login into your free account at Nav, you get instant access to your personal and business credit scores from Experian. These are important indicators of your personal and business financial health, but it doesn’t give you a complete picture. If you want a loan backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA), you’ll need a good SBSS score. Read on to learn more about this hidden credit score, and how you can improve your SBSS score. What is the Read More

17 Free Resources That Will Help You Grow Your Business This Year

Is 2018 the year you plan to launch your business or take it to the next level? If so, we’ve got a round up of 17 awesome free resources that can help you achieve your goals for growth. Some of these services may offer a paid subscription but the free version can provide significant value. 1. Free Business Consulting Small Business Development Centers, SCORE Offices, Veteran-Owned Business Centers and Women-Owned Business Centers provide training and consulting to entrepreneurs. Get expert Read More

Helping Families Is This Entrepreneur’s Top Priority

Jonathan Marsh is the owner of Home Helpers of Bradenton, a non-medical, in-home care agency based in Bradenton, Florida. Home Helpers offers homemaker and personal care services to seniors, disabled individuals, and others who need temporary or long-term assistance at home. This includes providing companionship, light housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, and assistance with daily living activities like bathing, feeding, and toiletting. Getting Started Why did you start your business? I have a Bachelor of Science in management information systems. I Read More