How This Sailing Business Used an Equipment Loan and Credit Cards to Make a Dream Come True

Mandy Rosello and her husband Joe are truly living their dreams. The two enjoyed sailing and international travel, so they found a way to make a career of it. Together, they run Sailing Kuma Too, a sailing charter company operating a 47-foot catamaran out of Dunedin, Florida, just west of Tampa Bay. The business offers single- and multi-day charters, sunset cruises, and half-day excursions in the Tampa area. The Rosellos are excited to expand their business to the U.S. and Read More

8 Business Credit Card Perks You Didn’t Know You Had

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Business credit cards can be great for their rewards and introductory 0% APR promotions, but some of their most valuable features often go unnoticed. Depending on the card, though, you could have the potential for significant value at your fingertips. Here are seven business credit card perks that you may have on your card and can help you get more value than you’re already gaining by using it regularly. 1. Rental car insurance Most credit cards offer rental car insurance. Read More

Is There Such a Thing as Guaranteed Approval for Bad Business Credit?

Loan applications and bad credit are like oil and vinegar – they don’t mix together well. Whether you’re searching for a business loan or financing on the personal side, trying to find a lender who will let you borrow money with bad credit can be a frustrating process. If you have bad credit and you’re searching for financing, statements like “guaranteed approval” and “no credit check loans” can be very appealing. Could a guaranteed business loan be the answer to Read More

How Credit Card Perks Can Help Grow Your Business This Summer

The best business credit cards offer great rewards every time you use them, but sometimes a card’s rewards program overshadows its perks, which can also provide significant value. Not all credit card perks are created equal, though, so it’s important to know what’s available if you’re looking for a new card. Here are some of the top business credit card perks available and how they can help you take your business to the next level. Introductory 0% APR promotion A Read More

Meet The American Edge: Nav’s Business Grant Runner-Up

Matthew Rowell owns The American Edge, a B2B knife-sharpening business run out of Lee, New Hampshire. His goal is to help end consumerism and encourage people to maintain high-quality equipment. While he sets up shop at farmers markets and other gatherings, he’s looking to add a mobile sharpening station to his business to roll right up to any business that could use his services. The American Edge is the first runner-up for the Nav Business Grant, and Matthew took some Read More

What Can My Business Credit Score Get Me?

As a small business owner, you’re constantly on the lookout for opportunities to give your business an edge. Finding ways to earn more money or reduce costs can not only bolster your business profits, it can also help you to stay ahead of the competition. You might not realize it, but good business credit can be a powerful tool to help your company succeed and grow. Here’s a breakdown of five of the best benefits you can enjoy when you Read More

Meet SoCal Succulents: Nav’s Business Grant Runner-Up

Sole proprietor Symphony Astoria founded SoCal Succulents with the intent to bring her community together while maintaining the flexibility to be active in her daughter’s life. After just one year in business, SoCal Succulents is thriving and doing just what Symphony intended: bringing the community together. With dreams of opening a storefront location one day, she shows no signs of slowing down. SoCal Succulents is one of the runners-up in this latest Nav Business Grant Round, and were kind enough Read More

Meet Running Dogs Brewery: Nav’s $10,000 Small Business Grant Winner

Why did you start Running Dogs Brewery? As the Public Relations Manager at Nav, I have the privilege of reviewing each of the applications that are submitted for our company’s Small Business Grant. In all honesty, it’s the best and worst part of my job all rolled into one. The week of reviewing applications is truly an emotional rollercoaster for me as I work with the team to narrow down the applicant pool to only a handful of finalists. The Read More

Why Now is the Time To Apply for a Business Loan

Getting a small business loan is one of the best things you can do to expand your business, but it’s not always clear when it’s the right time to get one. To help you, we’ve put together a list of situations that can help you tell whether now is the time to apply for your next small business loan. 5 ways to tell that now is the time to get a business loan There are several times in the life Read More

Unsecured Business Loans: Right For Your Business?

Most business loan and credit card applications ask questions about your assets. The fact is that secured business loans – those where you offer up your business property as collateral – are the most common loans talked about in conversations regarding business credit. There is another option, however. The unsecured loan does exist. It’s aimed at those who don’t have (or don’t want to risk) their personal or business property, should they fall behind on payments and default on the Read More