How a Desire for a New Hairstyle Sparked a Business Idea

Nicole Ben is the founder and CEO of NeoTress, a beauty box subscription service for women with curls who want to wear their hair naturally. NeoTress gives customers four to six new hair products a month with a video tutorial on how to use them for hair care and self-styling. The idea for the company was born from Ben’s own need to find the products and styling tricks that work best for her hair. Identifying a Gap in the Market Read More

If Your Website Doesn’t Have These 5 Things, You’re Losing Customers

Having a website to support your small business should be a fundamental piece of your marketing plan in 2017.  Even bricks-and-mortar stores benefit, as 91% of shoppers have visited the store because of an online experience. While websites are important to the overall success of small businesses, many business owners are challenged by design and content decisions and frustrated by less-than-desirable site metrics. Stagnant traffic trends, low conversions rates and sky-rocketing bounce rates may seem tough to overcome, but there Read More

The Top 4 Reasons People Hate Their Credit Cards

Credit cards may be in the wallets of most Americans, but not everyone is happy with their travel companion. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released its monthly snapshot of consumer complaints in the financial services industry this week. The report, which regularly focuses on a different financial product to highlight consumer complaint trends, focused on credit cards and what irks consumers about their plastic friends (or foes, depending on how you view it). Credit cards represent only about 10% of Read More

5 Ways to Plan a Vacation as a Small Business Owner

Summer’s a short hop and skip away! But that doesn’t mean the same thing when you’re running your small business as it did when you were in school, does it? As a small business owner, you don’t have the luxury of working part-time, spending 90% of your paycheck on parties, and taking spur-of-the-moment vacations. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should give up altogether on taking a break from work and going on a vacation. We reached out to small Read More

The 5 People You Should Talk to Before You Launch Your Business

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn says that you are an average of the five people that you spend the most time with. Now, while Jim was referring to personal relations, I believe the same holds true for business relations as well. Which is why I want to highlight the five key people that I believe you should be spending the most time with (outside of your customers, partners and employees), as you launch, grow, develop and sustain your new business enterprise. Your 5 Essential Read More

5 Ways to Manage Your Business Credit Card Like a Pro

Advertiser Disclosure Your business credit card can be one of your company’s most powerful tools. But if it isn’t managed correctly, it could be more trouble than it’s worth. When you don’t have a handle on your business credit card, the result can be expensive late fees, higher interest charges and damaged credit. Furthermore, a poorly managed business card account is an invitation for employee abuse. To avoid facing these and other problems, here are five ways that you can Read More

What’s the Worst Business Credit Score I Can Get?

You get a lot of scores throughout your life. Test scores, SAT and ACT scores, those ridiculously clicky personality test scores and, of course, credit scores. And rarely do you get a big old zero on one of those tests. Your business credit scores are a different story. Unlike personal credit scores, where the scales on most credit scoring models bottom out in the 300s, it is possible to get a zero for some business credit scoring models. But you’d Read More

6 Business Credit Card Perks You Never Knew Existed

Advertiser Disclosure There are a lot of great reasons to have a business credit card. First, you can earn valuable rewards for your spending in the form of points, miles, and cash back. In addition, it can be much easier for you and your employees to make purchases with a business card than it is to use other forms of payment. And of course, business credit cards can serve as a short term financing option to smooth out your cash Read More

Size Matters: Are You Really a ‘Small’ Business?

Many small businesses depend on federal government programs to create a thriving business. But many programs are only for “small” businesses, which may seem like a vague requirement. However, there’s a clear-cut way to determine whether or not your business is small. Size standards determine whether or not your business qualifies for certain federal programs, such as federal contracts, financial assistance and innovation projects. The size standards are set by the Small Business Administration (SBA), which also has the authority to Read More

The Free Resource Your Business Is Overlooking

Amy Cantin and Larinda Rainwater had been travel agents for over 20 years. They loved helping their clients and were successful, but were finding themselves increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs at the travel agency where they were both employed. They knew the logical next step would be to open their own travel agency, but that prospect was intimidating. “We knew how to sell travel but we didn’t know how to run a business,” says Cantin, echoing a common dilemma many Read More