How to Earn More Money as an Airbnb Host

Whether you’re a student with a room to rent and looking to make a few extra bucks, or a business owner with multiple properties and six-figure ambitions, Airbnb is a proven resource with 2 million listings and 640,000 hosts. Let’s look at three ways to earn more money as an Airbnb host. 1. Become a Superhost Airbnb rewards superior Airbnb hosts with a Superhost badge. Superhost badges set you apart as a host who offers an unusually great experience, and are Read More

How a Mom of 3 Grew a Successful Cake Business on Instagram

Rachel Dunston of Rachel Makes It is having a good year. In just under 12 short months, this full-time mother of three has built a thriving cake business solely through Instagram, where she’s followed by nearly 6,000 loyal fans and frequently shuts down orders a month in advance. She told us how she did it. Let Them Eat Cake “When I started building Instagram a year ago, I didn’t exactly know what I was going to use it for,” Dunston Read More

Why Taxes Are So Challenging for Small Business Owners

Small businesses provide 55% of all jobs in the United States and account for over half of all U.S. sales. They’re the heart of local and state economies. At their best, they are adaptable, flexible, and customer oriented; as a result, they often foster fierce customer loyalty. Yet there are advantages to scale. Big businesses, those with more than 500 employees, are often more established and have deeper pockets and reserves. They tend to have strong name recognition, and benefit Read More

How an Artist-Entrepreneur Doubled Her Business in a Recession

Valeen Bhat recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of her company, Private Picassos, a mobile art studio that offers custom art classes, museum tours, and art birthday parties to clients across the tri-state area. A year ago, Bhat grew her business further by opening a brick-and-mortar studio and shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She attributes her success and ability to survive (and thrive in) the recent recession on starting small and expanding slowly. Starting Out Why did you start your business? Read More

We Love You, and So Does Experian

A note from Nav’s co-founders: Four years ago, we founded Nav to have a meaningful impact on the lives of millions of small business owners by making it easier for them to understand their credit profiles. Today, we’re excited to announce that Experian is investing in our mission, the service we’re providing, and the team we’ve built. • The investment is fuel for us to build out our platform for small businesses. • The partnership provides more small businesses the Read More

Experian® and Nav Partner to Provide Transparency and Financial Access to Millions of Small Businesses

New Approach Will Save Small Businesses Valuable Time and Money. Costa Mesa and San Mateo, Calif. Sept 21, 2016 – Experian®, the leading global information services company, and Nav, the only free source for both personal and business credit scores, today announced a strategic partnership to provide small businesses greater transparency into their business and personal credit data, along with instant access to their most-qualified financing options based on their credit profile. This new and free approach saves small businesses Read More

One in Five Business Owners Make This Big Money Mistake. Do You?

It’s a common mistake many owners make when they establish their businesses. Then they get busy, overwhelmed, or both, and they don’t fix it. What is that mistake? Failing to establish separate business and personal bank accounts. According to a new survey and white paper by Manta and Nav, nearly one in five business owners (17.71%) surveyed do not have separate personal and business bank accounts. More women than men reported not separating the two: 21.88% of women surveyed said they had Read More

Would Credit Freezes Have Protected Wells Fargo Customers?

“Should I freeze my credit to protect myself from fraudulent accounts?” Consumers worried about scammers and identity thieves (or sometimes vindictive ex-spouses) often ask that question. But recent news that Wells Fargo fired thousands of employees for opening unauthorized accounts—including debit and credit cards—in customers’ names in order to meet performance goals, has some people wondering if they need to freeze their credit to protect themselves from their banks. Would a freeze do the trick? A recent thread on Reddit warns Read More

Smart Credit Strategies For Entrepreneurs Webinar

When you’re a business owner, strong personal and business credit scores can be an asset by helping you qualify for a business credit card, better terms with suppliers, an SBA loan or other types of funding that can help your business grow. But, too often business owners put their personal credit at risk because they don’t understand how to properly separate their business and personal finances. Kiva and Nav recently teamed up to educate small business owners about smart ways Read More

This Week’s Happenings: the Perfect Productive Day, the Accidental Startup, and Fast-Growing Industries

4 Industries That Are Undergoing Revolutions Without a doubt, technology is changing the landscape for many industries—but here’s a look at four in particular that are being totally transformed at near-warp speed. Demands for safer, more secure, and eco-friendlier homes are creating huge growth opportunity in the home automation industry—with a 12.46% compound annual growth rate from now through 2022. Retail, travel, and the sleep industry (think mattresses, sleep aids, sleep tracking apps) are also on track for major transformation Read More