How to Keep Employees from Leaving

The stats behind workplace loyalty aren’t what they used to be. The latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that the median length of time a worker has been with their current employer (for both wage and salary careers) was 4.2 years in January 2018. This number varies wildly between generational groups, with the median tenure of workers ages 55 to 64 at 10.1 years, while those aged 25 to 34 had a median tenure of just 2.8 Read More

How Reviews (Yelp, Google, Etc.) Can Impact Your Business Credit Score

You probably already know that it’s in your best interest to earn and maintain the best credit scores possible – both personally and for your business. There’s no question that a good business credit score can open doors to opportunities and save you money at the same time. As a small business owner, customer reviews can also play an important role in the health of your company. According to a recent survey, 86% of consumers check online reviews before deciding Read More

How This Law Firm Bootstrapped Its Way to Success

John Pascoe is the founder of the Pascoe Law Firm, a dual-practice law firm in the Houston area that specializes in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. Instead of keeping up with the “Joneses” of other large local law firms, Pascoe focuses on providing excellent customer service rather than outspending competitors. Starting Out Why did you start the company? I graduated from college in one of the worst time periods, during the economic collapse of 2008. I had a good job Read More

Handling Employee Vacation Requests for Summer

Summer is well within view, and for millions of Americans, that means securing vacation time will become a top priority if it hasn’t already. While time off can be a welcome break from workplace stressors, that’s not always the case for business owners that need to manage operational needs. Things become even more challenging when employees are vying for the same dates. It may not always be easy, but there are some things you can do to manage employee vacation Read More

How to Use Balance Transfers to Help Your Business

Business credit cards can be a great way to manage your company’s expenses, and take advantage of benefits and rewards along the way. But if your business racks up a lot of debt, it could be in trouble. Some business credit cards can charge an APR upwards of 20%, which can ultimately cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in interest over the course of a year. Having a plan to pay it off quickly is essential, and a Read More

6 Business Loans for Women

The impact that women have on the U.S. market is growing every year. Consider these statistics from the National Association of Women Business Owners: Over 11.6 million firms are owned by women Woman-owned businesses employ almost 9 million workers In 2017, these same businesses generated $1.7 trillion in revenue 39% of all privately-held firms in the U.S. are women-owned Despite the gains women are making in the economy, there’s room for improvement. That’s why many loan programs have made a Read More

When Should I Apply for a Business Credit Card?

A business credit card can be an incredible asset for your business. Not only do they offer rewards and business-specific perks, but they can also help you build a business credit history. Some even offer introductory 0% APR promotions, which can help you save on interest. But you might be wondering when it’s the right time to get one, especially if you’re just starting out. Here are some signs that you might want to consider applying for one. You have Read More

How to Keep Your Business Relevant in a Competitive Hiring Market

Looking for top talent? Join the club. Hiring has become an ultra-competitive sport, with a talent shortage emerging as a number one risk for organizations, according to Gartner’s latest Emerging Risks Survey. With so many companies searching for highly qualified candidates, it can be difficult to remain seen in what has become a flooded marketplace. However, there are a few ways you can increase your presence and remain relevant and visible to skilled job seekers. Develop a strong company culture Read More

How Changes to PayPal Terms Could Impact Your Business

PayPal is a big name in small business payment processing, handling most of the payments for sites like eBay and Etsy – as well as many freelancers and those with online side hustles. Users of the platform were alerted to another set of changes to the PayPal Terms of Service on April 14th, leaving some sellers upset at the updates. Here’s what you should know about this newest round of revisions to their policies. Refunds Will Cost More Prior to Read More

How a Slowdown In Global Trade Can Help Your Small Business

“Tariffs.” It’s kind of a dirty word to some small business owners, and we’ve discussed the negatives that paying more for foreign products and commodities can bring. Higher-priced raw materials, such as aluminum and steel, can push up the cost of domestically-produced goods; on its face, that’s not a welcome change. Add in the fact that complicated trade relations are causing some countries to stop buying American altogether, and U.S. businesses are right to worry. There’s another side to the Read More