How to Remove Hard Inquiries from Credit Reports

Your credit reports are filled with data about your credit obligations and how you manage them. What you might not realize is that your reports contain other important details as well, like records of when others access your credit information. These records are known in the credit world as inquiries and here’s how to remove hard inquiries from credit reports. Some inquiries, called hard inquiries, have the potential to trigger a drop in your credit score. Read on for a Read More

Chargebacks and their Effect on Credit Score

At first glance, credit card chargebacks appear to be just like refunds. However, there is one very distinct difference between a chargeback and a refund. With a chargeback, the customer contacts the credit card company or bank for a refund, rather than the business they made the purchase from. While chargebacks are designed to protect consumers from unauthorized transactions, it’s important to understand  chargebacks and their effect on  credit score so you can avoid any detrimental impact to your business.   Read More

Meet Three Tree Coffee: The Newest $10,000 Nav Small Business Grant Winner

As PR Manager at Nav, I regularly get asked what exactly it is that I do for the company. Depending on who I’m talking to, the answer slightly varies, but there’s one part of my job that I never fail to mention – overseeing Nav’s Small Business Grant. Since it launched in 2018, I’ve had the honor of reviewing hundreds of applications and surprising nearly 20 passionate business owners with news that they’ve been selected as a winner. Earlier this Read More

How to Consolidate Business Debt

Running a small business is tough — between scheduling employee shifts, keeping inventory stocked, and taking care of your customers, your hands are full. Luckily, when it comes to managing multiple loan payments with various due dates, there’s a solution to make your life a bit easier: you can consolidate business debt.  With business debt consolidation, you take two (or more) existing loans and consolidate them under one new loan with a single monthly payment. Business debt consolidation makes repaying Read More

Meet Animal Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care: The 1st Runner-Up of Nav’s Business Grant

Susan Fife is a veterinarian and the owner and operator of Animal Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care in Brookville, Ohio. She started the business in 2011 with the desire to bring preventative care to clients and their pets, integrating holistic medicine with conventional practices. Animal Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care is the second-place winner in Nav’s latest Business Grant round, here’s a bit more about the business and what makes them tick.  About the Business What makes your business unique? I don’t Read More

Meet Sawtooth Services: 2nd Runner-Up of Nav’s Business Grant

Bryce DeLay began Sawtooth Services, a tree trimming and removal service in Nampa, Idaho, in June 2018. The small team at Sawtooth serves the Boise area, specializing in hazardous tree removal. To save on costs and make the work more efficient, they fabricate their own equipment while they pick up state and federal contracts throughout the State of Idaho. Bryce and his team have been heralded by their customers for their kind attitude and thorough work whenever they’re called in Read More

Collateral Business Loans: What You Need to Know

It’s a fact: to succeed in business, sometimes you need to borrow money to keep cash flow steady. But what do you do if you have bad credit? What business financing options do you have? Not to worry. Even if your business and personal credit scores are too low to qualify you for traditional business financing, you still may qualify for a secured business loan with the right lender, also called a collateral business loan. What is a Collateral Business Read More

Loan vs. Line of Credit: What’s The Difference?

The primary difference between is that a loan is an installment account, while a line of credit is a revolving account. With a loan, you receive the money immediately and repay it over a predetermined period. A line of credit works like a credit card, allowing you to repeatable borrow and repay against your credit limit.  Small business owners often turn to loans and lines of credit to finance different types of business operations. Both options can give you access Read More

8 Ways to Finance a New Business: How to Finance a Business

Starting a business is exciting but there’s one big question you have to answer right off the bat: How will you fund it? The good news is, there are plenty of business financing avenues to choose from for entrepreneurs who need cash to get operations up and running. Read through this in-depth guide to learn how to finance a new business, then explore your business financing options.  Common Methods for Financing a New Business There are multiple ways to finance Read More