Capital One Spark Miles vs Gold Delta SkyMiles from American Express

If you’re looking for a travel credit card for your business, you may have come across the  and the . These two credit cards allow you to earn miles with every purchase you make, and also offer some incredible benefits to save you money when you travel. Neither card is inherently better than the other, however. So it’s important to know what each one offers and which one is better for your unique needs and preferences. vs. While both of Read More

How to Find the Right Accountant for Your Small Business

With a variety of accounting apps and tax resources available at your fingertips, it’s easy to overlook the importance of an accountant when it comes to your business. Why pay for someone’s services when you can secure them for yourself for a fraction of a fee? But new and seasoned small business owners will admit that the right accountant can save your business thousands of dollars, help you avoid costly legal and tax mistakes, and offer strategic advice that can Read More

Rocket Lawyer Review: Worth the Cost for Your Small Business?

Business owners are busy. They don’t have time to learn every aspect of the modern business world, and that includes contract law, articles of incorporation, and property leasing. Unfortunately, hiring a lawyer isn’t always in a small business’ budget, especially during the first few years of business, where you might not have the cash flow to justify the expense. Then, there’s the matter of the independent contractor, who rarely needs more than a few one-off documents and certainly won’t be Read More

How This Entrepreneur Created the Ultimate Job-Search Site

Beeya is a metasearch engine for jobs founded by CEO Ladan Davia. The company aggregates job listings from all the major job search sites in one place. It helps job-seekers save time and resources by using an algorithm that matches them with jobs based on their resume and job postings. Davia said, “I got an email from a girl who said she had been looking for a job for 10 months. Once she found our website, it took her two Read More

Best States in Which to Open a Franchise

If you’re considering opening up a franchise this year, or even next, there are likely a lot of consideration that you’ve had to contend with. Though many aspiring entrepreneurs spend the bulk of their time consider which franchise to invest in, there’s another looming question that should be carefully considered, one that can dictate your overall success, expenses, and even the type of franchise opportunities to be consider — location. If you’re willing to up and move to pursue your Read More

Best Business Credit Cards for Accountants

If you run an accounting business, having the right credit card can make your life a whole lot easier. Whether you need a good card that will link well with your own account software, one that works well for your business expenses, or one that can help you cover some of your costs, it’s important to consider several options before choosing one. To help, we’ve put together a list of our top four business credit cards for accountants, based on Read More

6 Ways to Level Up Your Business in 2019

Business and leadership mastermind groups are full of people promising to help you “level up” your company with the newest inspirational trends, products, and tools. The fact is, however, that many of the best-proven tips to kick your business up a notch have been around for years – even decades! Before you spend one penny on programs or courses, check out this list of expert hacks for growth that you can start putting into practice right away. We bet you’ll Read More

Bank Loan vs Online Loan: What’s Right For My Business?

Start shopping for a small business loan and you may soon find yourself overwhelmed. Thousands of banks and credit unions offer business financing, as do hundreds of online lenders. Where do you start? One decision you’ll need to make is whether to apply at a bank versus an online lender. There are some very clear distinctions between the two, and those differences may help you hone in on which option is more feasible for your business. Bank Loan vs. Online Read More

The Difference Between Personal and Business Credit Reports

You probably already know that when you want to borrow money, your credit is one of the first keys to qualifying. The better the condition of your credit, the more likely you are to receive favorable rates and terms as well. Of course, as a business owner you don’t have just your personal credit reports to manage. You need to pay attention to your business credit reports as well. Understanding the differences and the similarities between your personal and business Read More

8 Reasons to Start Your Business in 2019

Are you dreaming of starting your own business but hesitant to get things moving? If so, you’re not alone. Many future entrepreneurs face the same concern, never quite sure if now is the right time. However, when it comes to small business, 2019 shows some signs of promise, and if you’re considering taking the plunge, this year may prove to be one worth the leap of faith. This is particularly true when you consider the following reasons you should start a Read More