How This Hollywood Makeup Artist is Giving Every Little Girl the Chance to be a Mermaid

Mark Viniello is the CEO of Overactive Imaginations, Inc., the company that makes Enchantails, a collection of sleeping bags that look like mermaid tails. Enchantails are sold with a storybook that tells the tale of each tail. A Hollywood makeup effects artist, Viniello has infused each product he sells with a little bit of movie magic. Starting Out Why did you start your business? I’ve been a professional makeup effects artist for 25 years. I make creatures, monsters, and that Read More

Plumfund Review: Free Crowdfunding Alternative to Business Loans

Running a business is a tough gig, but what can be even more tough is the process of accessing capital to get up and running. While many turn to friends and family for help with financing, others are wary of jeopardizing cherished relationships with a business transaction. Many are hesitant to seek out business loans or lines of credit, not wanting to take on an additional financial liability in the form of a monthly payment. Fortunately, there are other options. Read More

Business Loans You Can Get Without a Personal Guarantee

Most small business loans require a personal guarantee, especially if they’re unsecured loans without collateral. But if you’re not sure you want your personal assets on the line if your business fails, there aren’t a lot of options. Fortunately, there are a few business loans and lines of credit that you can get without a personal guarantee. And while they tend to charge higher interest rates than loans secured by collateral or your personal assets, it can be worth it Read More

4 Small Business Loans You Can Get in 24 Hours

Life doesn’t always allow us time to plan, and the same is certainly true when it comes to running a business. Equipment can break, revenue can unexpectedly slow, and other circumstances may arise that leave you in need of extra cash, and quick. For business owners that can afford to wait a few days for a loan or line of credit to come through, the options are plentiful. But what about when you can’t wait and need cash now? Fortunately, Read More

Common Pitfalls in Business Loans and How to Avoid Them

If you’re hoping to launch a new product, expand your workforce, or upgrade equipment, a small business loan can offer leverage and wiggle room for even the most cramped budget. For those who qualify, it can add liquidity in as little as 24 hours, as most business loans have online applications. Unfortunately, the application isn’t always the most difficult part of the process. See what struggles other business owners have experienced when getting funding and what you can do to Read More

This Entrepreneur Made a Business of Grandma’s Recipes

Theo Lee is the CEO and founder of KPOP Foods, a business he started with friend and classmate Mike Kim. KPOP is a Korean food brand inviting people to discover and enjoy Korean food and flavors through its products. Lee and Kim sell a variety of products online, including a Korean chili sauce and roasted seaweed snacks. They hope to offer their products in retail stores in the coming year. Starting Out Why did you start the company? I graduated Read More

10 Goals to Set for Your Business in 2019

There is something uniquely liberating about the new year. For many, business owners and employees alike, the first quarter is a time of renewed motivation and plans for improvement. It’s also the perfect time to set goals that can guide your business towards another successful trip around the sun. Though there are many ways you can improve your business in the new year, these goals can help you improve numerous aspects of your business, keeping employees happy and productive and Read More

What Address Should I Use for My Business?

When you’re starting your business, you have many decisions to make. Some will be straightforward, and others will seem straightforward— but turn out to be more complicated. Take your business address, for example. If you have secured an office or retail location, your business address is straightforward. It’s where your business is located. But what if you decide to work from home?  What if you are subleasing space or your current location is temporary? One business owner recently told us Read More

6 Ways to Help Your Business Fight Inflation

There are quite a few reasons why it costs more to do business this year. A record-low unemployment rate (just above 2% in the most competitive markets) and state and locally-mandated minimum wage hikes have forced employee wages to go up at an amazing pace. Add in some of the strains that businesses are feeling from tariff changes, and it’s likely that any of the sales increases the National Retail Federation predicted for this year may be eaten up by Read More

Overcoming Digital File Hoarding for Your Small Business

When it comes to digital files, almost everyone hoards. Digital storage limitations of even a few years ago may have forced some to purchase additional hard drives to store basic necessary files, but today’s laptops make it easy to store massive amounts of data with virtually zero financial cost. Unfortunately, the ease of downloading a file or scanning receipts or other important documents belies the fact that, without proper organization, many may still feel the anxiety and difficulty functioning that Read More