5 Tips to Get Your Business Off to a Strong Start

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Starting a business is quite an undertaking. You need an idea and gumption enough to bring it to life. Of course, it takes more than an idea and gumption. Time, energy, and funding all factor in as well. Let’s say you’ve got the idea, the gumption, the time, the energy, and enough funding to kick things off. Here are five things that are going to make all the difference as you get started: 1. Do the things that are free Read More

5 Signs Your Business Is Ready for a Credit Card

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Your business is your baby, and everyone loves charting their baby’s progress and milestones. Experiencing your first sale, your first employee and your first website can feel just like seeing your child roll over, walk or say their first words. So when is the right time to get your business its own credit card? If these five indicators sound familiar, now may be time to apply for one. 1. You want a business loan down the road. Of all the ways to Read More

4 Credit Cards Perfect for Side Hustlers

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Remember that lemonade stand you had as a kid? These days, it seems everyone has a side hustle, and they can take the shape of pretty much anything — including that fabled sidewalk rest stop. If you have a business that you’re running alongside your daily 9-to-5 workday, then you definitely qualify as a side hustler. Which means that you should be getting rewarded for the time and money you pour into your venture. So what makes a credit card Read More

Grin and Share It: 5 Tips for Business Owners Who Hate Social Media

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Ten years ago, few people would have predicted the role that social media plays in our lives today. We get our food recommendations from Yelp, we tell Twitter about our good (and bad) days, and we find new job opportunities on LinkedIn. But what if you’re still one of the holdouts that just doesn’t like to be constantly plugged into the data stream? Could it be bad for your business? The short answer is, unfortunately, yes! The simple truth is that Read More

The Retiree’s Guide to Credit Management

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Advertiser’s Disclosure Here’s one question that’s frequently asked: “is managing my credit in retirement different, really?” The quick answer is no—the same rules that apply for managing your credit still hold true. However, there are things you should be aware of throughout your golden years to keep your credit in good standing. Before we jump into some easy credit management tips, let’s look at why it’s important. You know that a great credit score is typically associated with better rates for Read More

How to Open Your Own Etsy Shop in an Afternoon

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Advertiser Disclosure Etsy.com is awesome. Unfamiliar? Think of it this way: if eBay is the online version of a mega-mart, Etsy is the online version of your local craft show. With a community focused on handmade products, authentic vintage gifts, and pure random whimsy, selling on Etsy can be an easy way to expand your business. Setting up an Etsy shop can be done effectively in a single afternoon, and can help put cash in your pocket. Whether your goal Read More

The No-Sweat Guide to Managing Your Credit

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Advertiser Disclosure Taking care of your credit score can feel like tending a garden. Lucky for you, most of the time maintaining a healthy credit score is actually pretty simple. In most cases, you can think of your credit score as one of those succulents that only requires some decent soil, a little time with the sun and a regular encounter with water. Though not everyone can raise their credit score 170 points in a year, taking care of your Read More

5 Things Everyone Hates About Your Meetings (and How to Fix Them)

Collaboration is a keystone in modern business; an indispensable component that helps an organization innovate, grow, and reach new heights. But under the rock of collaboration lies a seedy underbelly with a dirty name: the useless meeting. This often-overlooked bad word can slowly creep into a company’s culture, derailing the momentum with the precision of a gremlin. According to this handy infographic from Fuze, there are approximately 25 million meetings a day, eating up 15% of an organization’s collective time, Read More

How a YouTuber Turned 50 Million Views Into a Multi-Million-Dollar Beauty Line

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It all started with acne. Daisy Jing, a 28-year-old YouTube vlogger, had struggled with skin problems and decided in 2011 to start reviewing the hundreds of different beauty products she had tried to solve her skin issues. She soon gained a following of more than 200,000 YouTube followers and 50 million views, launching a now multi-million-dollar beauty product line named Banish from her laptop. “I’ve tried hundreds of different beauty products then I review them and share with my followers who are also Read More

6 Apps to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance means something different for each person, but entrepreneurs typically experience a much more complicated hybrid. For many small business owners, work is life, and the two are so tightly entwined that completely compartmentalizing them will never be possible. In addition to our recent list of apps that will help with your productivity, we rounded up six apps that are designed to enrich your life — either by saving time, by reminding you to take a break or by adding a Read More