Ty Kiisel

Ty Kiisel is a Main Street business advocate, author, and marketing veteran with over 30 years in the trenches writing about small business and small business financing. His mission at Nav is to make the maze of small business financing accessible by weaving personal experiences and other relevant anecdotes into a regular discussion of one of the biggest challenges facing small business owners today.

Articles by Ty Kiisel


Avoiding Crisis Loans and Panic Borrowing

As smart as the average small business owner is, it’s impossible to anticipate and prepare for every need. What’s more, …


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Industrial Equipment Financing

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Upcycle Hawaii: Nav’s $10,000 Grant Winner

“As the ‘Lead Trashionista’, I love that I get to make a positive impact on my community through my small …


It’s Time for Chow: Nav’s $5,000 Grant Winner

Jordan Foley and Charlie Magovern started Chow because they wanted to change the way nonprofits approached vocational training for veterans …


Loans and Financing for Business Consulting Companies

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