We’re a fun team that is serious about helping business owners thrive.

Greg Ott

Levi King
Executive Chairman & Co-Founder

Catalina Astengo
Senior Software Engineer

Stefanie Holbrook
Sr. Software Engineer

Gerri Detweiler
Education Director

Mallory Walker
Customer Service Rep

Walt Levengood
VP Sales & Business Development

Logan Jones
VP GM Revenue & Marketing

JJ Robinson
Sr. Director of Strategy and Operations

Doug Sharp
Sr. Director of Data and Business Intelligence

Calvin Shell
Sr. Software Engineer

Jeff Thorup
Sr. Software Engineer

Zach Abrahams
Staff Software Engineer

Shaine Hatch
Manager of Software Engineering

Brent Tubbs
Sr. Manager of Software Engineering

Carlos Garcia-Perez
Manager of Software Engineering

Matthew Thorley
Manager of Software Engineering

Matt Poulson
Sr. Software Engineer

Tyson Costello
Sr. Software Engineer

Brian Wunderlich
Sr. Software Engineer (DevOps)

Mike Zarbock
QA Automation Engineer

Lew Christensen
QA Automation Engineer

Lee Youngblood
Systems Administrator

Joshua Richardson
Senior Software Engineer

Cory Brown
Manager of Software Engineering

Lance Walker
Sr. Software Engineer

Cody Stringham
Manager of Software Engineering

Derek Carter
Principal Software Engineer (DevOps)

Melinda Sipes
Customer Service Rep.

Pam Wilcox
Credit & Lending Specialist

Benjamin Westerman
Manager of Credit & Lending

Tiffani Johnson
Supervisor of Customer Service

Michelle Sanderson
Credit & Lending Specialist

Dave Lundberg
Credit & Lending Specialist

Whit Morgan
Sr. Financial Analyst

Carly Egby
Assistant Controller

Kali Geldis
Director of Marketing

Joel Jensen
Sr. Director of Marketing

Brent Singleton
Director of Marketing

Madison Carsey
Sr. Marketing Manager

Scott Wagstaff
Director of Partner Management

Brittany Brackenbury
Sr. Marketplace Manager

Amanda Sanderville
Executive Admin

RJ Workman
Office Manager

Becky Higgins
Product Management Director

Hadley Soffe
Sr. Technical Product Manager

Riley Carrasquillo
Sr. Product Manager

Jim Apodaca
Enterprise Program Manager

Sam Hoffman
Compliance Director

Nicolina Brown
Manager of UX Design

Michael Cañar
Sr. UX Designer

Inspiring Values


Hard charging, failing fast, data driven, always learning and


Ruthlessly creative in challenging the status quo while never
accepting roadblocks.


Delivering a customer informed, remarkable start-to-forever
experience only described by business owners as – kick ass.


Always assuming the best, working hard together with
intellectual honesty, wisdom and real time communication, all
while having each other’s backs.


Knowledgeable, results-driven, accountable, and owning the

Feel like you might be a fit?