We’re a fun team that is serious about helping business owners thrive.

  • Scott Schlegal
    Director of Product Management
  • Lee Youngblood
    IT Technician
  • Brandon Baker
    Customer Coach
  • Riley Carrasquillo
    Product Manager
  • Trey Ennis
    Project Manager
  • Brittany Brackenbury
    Marketplace Partner Manager
  • Michelle Sanderson
    Credit and Lending Specialist
  • Brandon Sheen
    Systems Engineer
  • Kali Geldis
    Head of Syndication
  • Joshua Johnstun
  • Chance Marrott
    Associate QA Engineer
  • Joshua Richardson
    Software Engineer
  • Logan McPhail
    Software Engineer
  • Catalina Astengo
    Associate Engineer
  • Lindsey Everill
    Office Assistant
  • Jaque Petro
    VP of Finance
  • Jim Apodaca
    Sr. Project Manager
  • Anissa Zamudio
    IT Project Manager
  • Lyle Christensen
    BI Analyst
  • Trae Winterton
    Jr. UX Researcher
  • Jeff Reese
    Sr. Engineer
  • Jared Anderton
    Senior iPhone Developer
  • Jaxon Evans
    Associate Engineer
  • Ian Gillette
    Email marketing Manager
  • Lance Walker
    Associate Engineer
  • Patty Brewer
    Head of 3rd Party Revenue
  • Scott Wagstaff
    Partner Relationship Manager
  • Natasha Mays
    Associate Engineer
  • Ryan Donohue
    BI Analyst
  • Travis Jeppson
    Sr. Engineer
  • Sam Hoffman
    Marketplace Partner Manager
  • Shae-Lyn Wilkinson
    Credit & Lending Specialist
  • Garrett Anderson
    Product Manager
  • Serena Hong
    Customer Support Rep.
  • Adam Hauert
    Associate QA Engineer
  • Jessica Fitt
    Email Marketing Manager
  • Gavyn Caldwell
    Jr. UI Engineer
  • Brian Porter
    Credit & Lending Specialist
  • Michael Cañar
    UX Designer
  • Stefanie Holbrook
    Associate Engineer
  • Jamison Noorlander
    Content Writer
  • Braden Allred
    Senior UX Researcher
  • Kristina Cope
    UX Designer
  • JJ Robinson
    Head of Direct Revenue
  • Benjamin Kimball
    Software Engineer
  • Carly Skinner
    HR & Accounting
  • Caton Hanson
    Chief Legal Officer and Co-founder
  • Chris Yeong
    QA Manager
  • Logan Jones
    Head of Customer Engagement
  • Sydney Wuu
    Online Marketer
  • Grant Dexter
    Jr. BI Analyst
  • Amanda Sanderville
    Office Manager
  • Ariena Pauch
    Administrative Assistant
  • Calvin Shell
    UI Engineer
  • Doug Sharp
    Head of Business Intelligence
  • Gerri Detweiler
    Head of Market Education
  • Jared Proctor
    Head of Content
  • Hadley Soffe
    Sr. Product Manager
  • Hatim Daher
    Director of Marketing
  • Dave King
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Jeff Thorup
  • Johnny T
    Principal Engineer
  • Jesse Harding
    VP Product & Design
  • Hang Wong
    Director of IT & Infrastructure
  • Joel Jensen
    Director of Affiliate/Partner Marketing
  • Greg Ott
  • Levi King
    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Lew Christiansen
    Sr. QA Engineer
  • Lydia Roth
    Content Manager
  • Mallory Walker
    Customer Support Rep
  • Michael Archibald
    Sr. Engineer – Technical Lead
  • Mitch Monsen
    Sr. Engineer – Technical Lead
  • Melinda Sipes
    Customer Support Rep.
  • Nathan Davis
    Sr. Engineer – Technical Lead
  • Pam Wilcox
    Credit & Lending Specialist
  • Paul Lewis, MBA
    VP of Operations
  • Tina Yang
  • Sean Cummings
    VP of Acquisition Marketing
  • Benjamin Westerman
    Credit & Lending Manager
  • Seth Jenks
    UX Designer
  • Tiffani Johnson
    Customer Support Team Lead
  • Zach Abrahams

The values we espouse are what bind us together:


    Hard charging, failing fast, always learning, and darwinian.


    Ruthlessly creative in challenging the status quo while never accepting roadblocks.


    Working hard together with intellectual honesty and real time communication, all while having each other’s backs.


    Delivering a remarkable start-to-forever experience only described by business owners as – kick ass.


    Results-driven, accountable, and owning the outcome.

Feel like a fit?