How Your Business Can Cash In on the Royal Wedding

How Your Business Can Cash In on the Royal Wedding

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There’s something about a royal wedding, even for those of us who are stateside, that brings just the right amount of fairytale to our lives, and that’s sure to be true for the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and United States born Meghan Markel. Tabloids and news stations alike are ablaze with everything from “how they met” stories to detailed accounts of wedding planning efforts. 

For small businesses owners, anything that comes surrounded by that much buzz, especially when positive, often symbolizes a chance to add a little bit of that excitement to marketing plans, with the hopes of a sales boom you can be right chuffed about.

May 19, 2018, the official royal wedding date, is right around the corner, meaning it’s time to start planning on how you’ll work matrimony into your grand marketing plan. Here are few ways you may be able to harness that “getting hitched” hype.

Showcase Related Products and Services

There are some industries that may have a hard time connecting their product or service with the royal wedding, and in those cases, it may be best to avoid the effort, as a lack of correlation can come off as gimmicky (or worse). That said, many businesses will find that, with a little brain storming, a strong and worthwhile connection between the royal wedding and their products and services is readily available.

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How do you know? Well, there are obvious correlations, many of which lie within the fashion and hospitality sector. Boutique hotels can create “royal stay” packages, while beauty and fashion-based businesses can create promotions around clothing (including men’s), jewelry and makeup lines. 

But the opportunity extends past those specific businesses. Any industry that is included in the laundry list of wedding needs (car services, florists, entertainment, and fooderies) all have an opportunity to work the royal wedding into their marketing plan in some way shape or form by highlighting specific lines, putting together exclusive packages, or promoting a specific product or service.

Go Social

Media has forever changed the world, and that includes the way the British Monarchy engages with the people. Queen Elizabeth’s coronation was televised, and in 2011 on the day William and Kate tied the knot, all 10 of Twitter’s worldwide trending topics were related to the Royal Wedding. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., provide great ways to engage your audience in all the wedding fun, and in doing so, gain a new followers and increase brand awareness. 

What do you post? Product promos and discounts are one sharable piece of content, but you can extend your efforts well past that. Own a boutique? Create content about fashion and accessories related to the wedding. A restaurant? Speculate as to what the happy couple will be serving. Thriving Instagram community? Have them post pictures how they’re celebrating the big event.

There are endless amounts of ways that businesses can engage with followers on social media, and companies that really want to make the most of the royal wedding need to develop and implement a solid social media program. It’s often the easiest and most budget friendly way to get involved.

Parties and Events

Businesses that are capable of hosting events may find that a royal wedding party is the best way to get customers in the door and money in the bank. From formal viewing parties with a limited guest list (think boutiques) to more carefree pubs and bars that can handle a crowd, small business that host a viewing party gain an opportunity to show off a variety of products and services at one time when customers are excited and eager to take part, even if that means buying a signature drink or limited-edition clothing item, on the big day.

The key to a successful royal event is being honest with yourself about the capabilities and limitations of your specific business. If you have a fairly small room, would need to hire a caterer or purchase or rent a lot of equipment, then the ends may not justify the means. So, before you send out those invitations or create an online event, be sure that you take all event requirements into account. While a great party can be a big boon to a business, a horrible once can have a lasting, negative effect.

Finally, let’s not forget that there is a considerable time difference, which means that the Royal Wedding will likely take place at a time that’s not prime for business. This means you’ll either have to open early (which may not always work), replay the wedding, or come up with other wedding related events (bachelorette parties, anyone?).

Just because this royal occasion is taking place across the pond doesn’t mean that you can’t anchor it to engage customers and increase revenue. With just the right mix of brainstorming and planning, you may find that their big day can be a big day, week, or month for your business.

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