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    Self-Employed PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator

    Find your estimated forgivable amount if you are self-employed with no employees and filed or will file Schedule C for 2019.
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    PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator

    PPP Loan forgiveness math can be confusing. Use this calculator to find your estimated forgivable amount for your business.
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    PPP Loan Forgiveness FAQs

    Find information and answers about PPP loan forgiveness that businesses have frequently asked.
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    PPP SBA Loan FAQs

    See answers to common questions asked from businesses about Paycheck Protection Program loans.
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PPP Forgiveness Steps

Forgiveness is a big part of what makes the PPP loan program a valuable tool for small business owners. With that in mind, here is the basic process for loan forgiveness:

  1. Get your Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) Loan
  2. Spend at least 60% on certain payroll-related expenses, and up to 40% on certain nonpayroll expenses, during specified periods
  3. Apply for forgiveness with your lender and provide the required documentation
  4. The lender has up to 60 days to respond, and ideally agrees and the balance is forgiven
  5. Any balance not forgiven will become a loan with a 1% interest rate and a term of two to five years

Learn more about applying for forgiveness and documentation requirements

Expertise and Technology: Nav is the One-Stop Resource for SBA COVID loan Information

Not every SBA lender is the same—they each have their own underwriting requirements on top of the SBA's requirements. Nav's decisioning engine can connect you to the right lender for your business.

Our experts have decades of experience in the business lending industry. Nav's SBA tools are the perfect pairing of expertise and technology because of that experience. Nav helps you sort through the chaos—your trusted partner in accessing SBA funds.

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