Best U.S. Bank Business Credit Card Guide

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The U.S. Bank Business Credit Card Family

U.S. Bank is one name small businesses trust with a range of services, from checking and savings, to payroll and loans. Their credit card products are a natural fit for customers of these other offerings, but they are also very popular with cardholders who are new to the U.S. bank brand family. With four distinct cards for both new and established business owners, there is a surprising amount of flexibility for getting the perfect pick. 

Those that offer rewards (three of them) give you either cash back or “points” that can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, or statement credits. Because the cashing out is so flexible, these cards are highly favored over other, rigid programs that limit the redemption to certain partner programs or a single brand of travel or hospitality chains. It’s also easy to cash out with these programs. Their cards have low thresholds for redemption, making it easy to start claiming your perks from your first monthly statement.

U.S. Bank Business Credit Cards Review

Switching from a personal credit card to a business card can be an intimidating process, but U.S. Bank has made it easy—and rewarding—to take the plunge. With an easy online application and several distinct card programs, it’s hard to see how you can go wrong with any of the cards in their family. If points are your thing, they have two options for that. For those who prefer cash, they give a competitive choice. Their one card that’s lacking rewards comes with enough spending power to make it a consideration if you’ve never had a business card before or want to start with something more straight-forward than other basic business cards. 

U.S. Bank’s business cards allow you to get free employee cards added to your account to help you build rewards and get a handle on company spending. With control options that let you determine how much, when, and where your workers purchase, it’s easy to stop fraudulent spending and employee abuse. In the rare instance your card is lost or stolen, the fraud team will help you get your money back, and you’ll have zero liability for purchases you did not make. Customized payment due dates, interest-saving tools, and unique account alerts are available for all cards and are just another reason to give the U.S. Bank cards a try.

The U.S. Bank business credit card offerings are unique and varied. Here are the cards they currently offer:

With an attractive 0% interest promo offer for a full year, the tops the list as a no-annual-fee business card for those who are establishing business credit and do not need a rewards program. While there are no points or miles to earn from spending, you’ll get the same customer service as the rest of the card family. Employee cards are also free. Use this card to demonstrate responsible business credit spending and establish your creditworthiness. 

For those who can’t go without some fantastic rewards, the might be a better pick. It offers

If you’d rather have points than cash, U.S. Bank has two cards to choose from in its business line. The has a healthy welcome offer.  

Depending on which category you think you’ll spend more on, your choice of category will help you earn that generous 3 points/dollar tier. Purchases outside of that chosen tier still earn 1 point per dollar, and there’s no annual fee for this card. For the first 9 billing cycles, you’ll also enjoy interest-free purchases.

The second points card is the . The highest earning tier is lower here, and the categories more narrow; you won’t have to pick your categories in advance, however. This card does have a  annual fee, which is waived the first year. Its overall value makes it a popular choice among business owners even with the fee, however. 

Is the U.S. Bank Business Credit Card Line Right for You?

Because each card is so different, it’s hard to imagine that one wouldn’t be ideal for your spending and earning goals. Pair the innovative card perks with the customer service U.S. Bank has been known to stand behind, and it’s likely you’ll find one of these cards to be your next best business decision. Many current customers of the bank find the business cards to be a good transition from just owning personal cards. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are unique terms and conditions for each of the cards in the U.S Bank Business Credit Card family, and terms and conditions change frequently for their card programs. Here are some common questions and answers asked by consumers before deciding which card to choose:

What is the threshold for cashing out my U.S. Bank business card rewards?

Depending on what card you own, the redemption process may vary. For points cards, you can redeem for gift cards, travel, merchandise or other available rewards as soon as you’ve earned enough to qualify. Rewards change regularly. 

Cashback rewards are given as you earn them (usually each statement period) and can be redeemed in increments of $25. Request it as a statement credit or direct it to be deposited to a connected U.S. bank checking, savings, or money market account; you can also ask that the value of the reward is put onto a U.S. Bank rewards card.   (Not all U.S. Bank business credit cards have a rewards program.)

Do my rewards points expire?

Points earned through a U.S. Bank business card purchases expire after five years. To redeem points, you must have a credit card account in good standing. Closed or canceled accounts are not eligible for reward earnings or redemptions. U.S. Bank can change the point value of rewards or the terms of their program at any time, however. 

How do I know if I meet the U.S. Bank business credit card credit score requirements?

Like all banks, U.S. Bank uses a list of factors when determining your creditworthiness, including your personal credit information and your business credit history, revenue, type of business, and length of operation. Having a good or even excellent credit profile is the best way to be confident in your ability to be approved, but you’ll only know for certain by applying. U.S. Bank will let you know at the time of your application, or within a week or two. 

What can I do to help my odds of getting a U.S. Bank business credit card approval?

Many things go into a final approval for a business credit card, and your business credit history and reputation of your business are just two things that banks look at when deciding. You may also be asked about your assets, what your business earnings will be, and how you can pay back the credit you seek. Just like a business loan application, a credit card application considers how you’ll make repayment. To prove you’re worthy, keep an eye on your credit, and correct any negative marks or areas that need improvement. With this information now made free for consumers, there’s no reason to be surprised by a credit card denial. 

Can I own more than one U.S. Bank card?

It’s possible to have more than one card from U.S. Bank, especially since they have a full line of consumer credit and debit cards in addition to those business credit cards mentioned. While U.S. bank will make the final determination as to which credit lines to approve you for, how many you can have at once varies by individual. It is advised that you only apply for one card at a time, since each application may affect your credit score. Checking your business credit score is a good way to see if you’re in a good position to open a new line of credit, along with what changes you might want to make in advance for applying for a new one.  Note that it is usually not possible to transfer balances between cards, and you may not have more than one of the same card in your name. U.S. Bank may limit promo offers to those who have not had that particular card in the past, as well.