Invoice Financing by BlueVine

Invoice Financing by BlueVine

BlueVine gives small businesses an immediate advance on their outstanding invoices. We help businesses that experience long payment cycles or have lumpy or irregular cash flow free up their cash. With BlueVine, businesses can pay expenses, cover payroll, buy inventory or take on additional work. BlueVine is integrated with the most popular accounting software, enabling small businesses to get funded with a click of a button.


40% Complete
Low High
Effort to Apply
10% Complete
Easy Difficult
Funding Speed
10% Complete
Minutes Months
Repayment Terms
20% Complete
Months Years

Bottom Line

A very expensive option for cash flow emergency


No monthly minimal payment. No business lien placed. No application fee.


Extremely Expensive. Not all digital. Prepayment penalty.

Qualification Requirements

Company Type

Business to Business (B2B)

Company Type

U.S. based companies

Personal Credit

> 530

Current Invoices

$500 +

30% - 60% APR
Repayment Duration
1- 12 weeks
Funding Amount
$5,000 - $100,000 credit line
Funding Speed
As fast as 1 day.
All digital

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