Microloan by Kiva

Microloan by Kiva

Kiva is a non-profit that provides entrepreneurs with 0% interest loans up to $10,000. Kiva loans are crowdfunded by a global community of over one million people who can be potential customers and brand ambassadors for your business. They have a 94% funding success rate and you can apply online at kiva.org/borrow.


10% Complete
Low High
Effort to Apply
30% Complete
Easy Difficult
Funding Speed
90% Complete
Minutes Months
Repayment Terms
75% Complete
Months Years

Bottom Line

If you have access to a strong community who is willing to donate, this could be a great way to start or improve your business.


Zero percent interest. Ability to have you community fund your business.


Funding amounts max out at $10,000.

Qualification Requirements


Must have an active PayPal account.

Community Funding

You must invite lenders from your own community to lend $25 before Kiva lenders can contribute to your campaign.

0% APR
Repayment Terms
Up to 36 Months
Funding Amount
Up to $10,000
Funding Speed
~45 Days

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