The Small Business Data Agency That Could Up Your Approval Odds

In 2001, a group of small business lenders got together and formed a kind of club. They called it the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE). The purpose of the club was to take all of the small business payment data held separately by its members and store it in one place. Today, the SBFE stores data on more than 24 million businesses, and distributes the information to verified business credit reporting agencies, like Dun & Bradstreet and Equifax. In other Read More

9 Social Networking Sites You Might be Missing

We all understand that social media can be a great way to connect to family and friends, find a hot date, or advocate for a cause, but did you know that there are networking sites devoted to growing your business? If not, you should start exploring. Entrepreneurs are a resourceful, motivated, outgoing bunch, capable of doing big things when banding together for mutual benefit. Your next lucrative partnership or marketing campaign could be as close as a click of a Read More

8 Telltale Signs You’re Working at a Sinking Ship Company

You like your job. You need your job. Companies downsize, get bought out, declare bankruptcy, or go out of business altogether every day, but it could never happen to you—right? Wrong. Nothing in life is certain, and it’s best to be prepared for worst-case scenarios. Look for these eight signs that your company might be failing, and avoid going down with the ship. 1. Changes in Vision Five days a week, we Navsters pull on our work boots to “materially Read More

How Losing a Loved One Pushed Me to Start a Business

While some entrepreneurs wait anxiously for years to start the business of their dreams, others have business ownership thrust upon them. For Carol Mortarotti Mason, it was a personal tragedy that started her on the path to entrepreneurship. “I think people never think it’s going to happen to them,” says Carol Mortarotti Mason, a New York-based entrepreneur and owner of Forgive and Conquer, whose ex-husband committed suicide in 2011. “But life does happen, and when you least expect it. And Read More

Two Things Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Taught Me About Business Ownership

In addition to being outrageously entertained, small business owners can learn valuable business lessons from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Here’s two takeaways I discovered. 1. Form Strategic Alliances If you want to be the best, choose the best companions. The Empire Strikes Back begins on the ice planet of Hoth, where the Rebellion has a secret base far from the prying eyes of the Empire. In one early scene, an enemy probe droid smashes into a snowbank and we Read More

7 Takeaways from a Female Trailblazer Who Built a Multi-Billion Dollar Company

With her dazzling hair, flawless makeup, and hot-pink aesthetic, Mary Kay Ash is one of the most recognizable and successful entrepreneurs in the world. A somewhat controversial figure, she was a heady blend of contradictions—radical yet conservative, old-school yet revolutionary, a quintessential grandmother in a pink Cadillac. Demoted twice by oldfangled executive teams for the crime of outshining her male colleagues, Ash quit her day job at the age of 45 and founded Mary Kay Cosmetics—a global phenomenon which, at her Read More

5 Hacks This Artist Is Using to Thrive in a Cutthroat Industry

Rob Bennion, owner and founder of Salt Lake City-based Echo Talent Management, is thriving in a difficult and competitive industry. His DJ mixes have been featured on hip-hop and electronic music stations, he’s performed and been interviewed many times on local and national TV shows, and he holds multiple weekly residencies with his jazz band and as a club DJ, with a 40% increase in revenue each year for the past two years. It took some work to get there, Read More

How to Earn More Money as an Airbnb Host

Whether you’re a student with a room to rent and looking to make a few extra bucks, or a business owner with multiple properties and six-figure ambitions, Airbnb is a proven resource with 2 million listings and 640,000 hosts. Let’s look at three ways to earn more money as an Airbnb host. 1. Become a Superhost Airbnb rewards superior Airbnb hosts with a Superhost badge. Superhost badges set you apart as a host who offers an unusually great experience, and are Read More

How a Mom of 3 Grew a Successful Cake Business on Instagram

Rachel Dunston of Rachel Makes It is having a good year. In just under 12 short months, this full-time mother of three has built a thriving cake business solely through Instagram, where she’s followed by nearly 6,000 loyal fans and frequently shuts down orders a month in advance. She told us how she did it. Let Them Eat Cake “When I started building Instagram a year ago, I didn’t exactly know what I was going to use it for,” Dunston Read More

How Entrepreneurs Can Get the Most Out of Uber

Whether they’re looking to supplement their regular income, work part time while attending school, help fund a small business, or earn full-time pay while setting their own hours, more and more people are turning to Uber as an alternative to traditional employment. If you’ve been thinking about giving it a try, here’s how to become an Uber driver. Getting in the Door There are four basic requirements for starting your new life as a driver for Uber: You have to be Read More