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The Best Credit Cards for Small Business Expense Management

If your small business has employees, managing their expenses is an important part of your overall business finance picture.Using a corporate credit card can streamline the process of processing, reimbursing, and keeping track of expenses.With Brex exiting the small and medium business credit card market, there are a few other business credit cards that small businesses can use for expense management. What Does Expense Management Mean?  Expense management is how your business processes, reimburses, and tracks your employees’ business-related expenses.… Read More

Business Credit Card Reward Options: Cash Back or Travel?

When you’re choosing a business credit card, you will have lots of credit card offers to choose from. Should you get a credit card with cash back rewards or travel rewards? Or maybe both? Here’s how to pick the best business rewards card for your business needs. What Are the Benefits of Cash Back or Travel Rewards for Business Credit Cards? Small business credit cards can be very rewarding. Business credit card issuers know spending tends to be higher on… Read More

Verizon Business Mastercard Gives a New Option to Small Business Owners

Verizon is bringing small businesses a new credit card option — the Verizon Business Mastercard. The card comes from a partnership with Mastercard and the First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO), combining Verizon perks and Mastercard’s credit card benefits to offer a rewards card that may benefit your small business. Choosing between the many business credit cards available on the market can be confusing, which is where Nav comes in. In this article, we’ll explore this Verizon business card. That… Read More

Should You Get a Business Credit Card?

Millions of Americans operate a small business. Some have employees while many operate as independent contractors or freelancers. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been a business owner for years, you may wonder about whether you should get a business credit card.  The short answer is “yes.” If you have a business—even as a freelancer, independent contractor or sole proprietor—getting a business credit card can be a smart move. And if your business is structured as an LLC, S… Read More

Best Business Credit Cards for New Businesses

There will be a lot of items on your “to do” list when you start a new business, including getting a business bank account and a business credit card. Finding a card that’s available to startups, and qualifying, can be confusing.  Here we’ll explain how new entrepreneurs can get and leverage small business credit cards.  Benefits of Business Credit Cards for New Businesses There are many benefits to business credit cards. They can provide: Access to a line of credit that… Read More

The Best Prepaid Business Credit Cards

The term prepaid business credit cards can be used to describe any credit card for business owners that requires the prepayment of funds before it can be used. Unlike most standard credit cards, these cards don’t require a good or excellent credit score. This makes these cards useful for small business owners who have a limited credit history and those who have had significant credit problems.  Just like other business credit cards, prepaid business credit cards are ideal for paying… Read More