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Easy to Get Business Credit Cards

Whether it’s an upcoming business trip or a major purchase you need to finance over time, there may be times when you need to get a business credit card quickly.  Applying for any type of small business loan or financing, including credit cards, can seem intimidating though. Will you be approved? How long will it take?  Here we’ll explain how easy (and fast) it can be to get a business credit card, based on your business needs and qualifications.  How… Read More

Enhance Your Small Business Finances With 5 of Nav Prime’s Key Features

Managing financial goals is one of the many tasks business owners and entrepreneurs have on their plates on a daily basis. Nav Prime is a business bundle that helps you simplify your small business finances and build up credit to get better financing.  Nav Prime includes the Nav Prime Card, up to six detailed credit reports, and a business checking account. Brief Background on Nav Prime as a New Financial Solution Small business owners can think of Nav Prime as… Read More

Small Business Loans vs Business Credit Cards: Making the Right Financing Choice

It's great if your business grows without ever having to borrow a dime. But most businesses use some form of financing, whether it's a business credit card to pay for purchases, or a line of credit for times when cash flow is tight.  Deciding which type of financing to use when can feel daunting. Businesses are often flooded with offers for credit cards and financing. If you wait to look for financing when you desperately need it, you may pay… Read More

Maximizing Rewards and Cashback with a Secured Business Credit Card

Business credit cards can be a great tool for small business owners. But most business cards require good credit to qualify. Small business owners who have trouble qualifying for a regular small business credit card may want to consider a secured business credit card.  With a secured card, cardholders secure their account with a deposit. (The deposit is typically returned when the account is closed if all payments have been made.) These cards feature many of the benefits of traditional… Read More

What Business Cards Report to Credit Bureaus?

For business owners who plan to get small business loans, the best business credit cards are ones that report to the major business credit bureaus — this can help build business credit. However, not all small business credit cards report to these bureaus. In this article, we’ll explore why your business credit report matters, how it can affect your personal credit, and the business cards that report to one or more business credit bureaus. Do Business Credit Cards Report to… Read More

Business Charge Cards vs. Business Credit Cards: What’s the Difference?

Business credit cards and business charge cards are two different financial tools that can help small business owners increase cash flow. The main difference between business charge cards vs. business credit cards is with payments. Charge cards require full payment at the end of the billing cycle while credit cards let you roll over your balance.  In this article, we’ll explore the similarities and key differences between credit cards and charge cards and how to choose the right one for… Read More