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What the Housing Market Tells Us About Small Business Today 

The U.S. housing market has been in the news a lot recently, as home sales and prices have started to decline after a boom through the Covid-19 pandemic. In an attempt to slow inflation, the U.S. Federal Reserve (or the Fed) has increased interest rates, which directly affects home prices and affordability — higher interest rates mean more expensive mortgages, which can be a deterrent for home buyers. Homeowners may see their home values decline as there are more houses… Read More

How the Expanding Access to Credit for Small Businesses Act Will Improve Your Financing Options

The Small Business Administration (SBA) doesn’t directly give out loans but instead works with certified lenders that offer loans through its programs.The Expanding Access to Credit for Small Businesses Act is a proposed law that’s purpose is to open up the requirements on who can become an SBA-certified lender.Non-bank lenders like fintech companies could become a lender through the SBA once the law is passed.These changes will open up access to credit for small business owners.Learn the details of the… Read More

The Definitive Lineup of the Web’s Best Business Calculators

Small business owners and entrepreneurs can use funding for startup costs or to grow their business, but you need to know the exact cost you’ll pay lenders. Or perhaps you want to evaluate your return on investment on a potential project. That’s where a small business calculator comes in.  Nav’s experts rounded up the best calculators for small business that are available to you for free. Keep reading to learn how to use business calculators to give you better control… Read More

What Retail Businesses Can Do About Overseas Product Shipment Delays

Small business owners in the ecommerce and retail industries have been dealing with delayed delivery times since the pandemic began. But there are steps you can take today to improve the process and ease the pressure from your business. In this article, we cover how long you can expect shipping to take, why so many shipments are delayed, and what small business owners can do to handle these challenges. How Long Is International Shipping Taking Right Now? Retail business overseas… Read More

How to Launch and Pay For a New Retail Product

Launching a retail product is a great way to add revenue to your retail business, but you may need extra capital in order to do it successfully.Purchasing inventory, marketing materials and campaigns, and retail space are all considerations that cost money when adding a new product to your sales lineup.A retail product launch loan could help you cover the costs of launching a retail product. How Do You Launch a New Retail Product? A new product launch is an exciting… Read More

Loan Options for Dental Office Expansion

If you’re looking to expand your dental practice by increasing your office space, adding a new location, renovating your existing dental office, or buying another dentist’s practice, you may want to consider a dental office loan. A dental office expansion can be a good way to increase your business and your brand, but it can cost money you may not have, especially if your dental practice is new. Read on to find out more about dental office financing options for… Read More