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Can Cryptocurrency Be Used as Collateral for Business Loans?

Cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) has been increasingly popular for investors and even as an accepted payment at businesses around the world. As it gains popularity, cryptolenders are becoming more common as an alternative source of small business and personal lending. Find out more about cryptolending and the rise of digital currencies from Nav’s small business experts.  What is Cryptolending?  Cryptolending (or crypto lending) is the process of using crypto currency, such as Bitcoin (BTC), as collateral, as you would with a secured… Read More

What are Variable Business Expenses & How Do You Manage them?

Running a successful business isn’t just about bringing in more sales. Managing your business expenses is also key to profitability. Your business expenses likely include fixed and variable expenses, as well as expenses that are a mix of both types.  While managing all your business expenses well is important, here we’ll focus primarily on variable expenses, which may offer opportunities to save money quickly.  Business Budgeting 101 Variable vs. Fixed Expenses Fixed expenses are costs that are not directly tied… Read More

Funding Your Small Business in 2022

Finding the right small business funding can make all the difference for your business’s success. In 2021, almost 62% of small businesses used personal funds to cover gaps in their business’s cash flow. While this practice likely puts a lot of strain on the business owner’s personal assets, getting enough business funding may help. In this article, we cover why small business funding is important, how to figure out how much funding you need, and your best business financing options.… Read More

How is Small Business Financial Health Attained and Maintained?

You won’t have a business without sales. But to have a truly sustainable business, you need more than just enough cash in the bank to pay your bills. Good financial health allows your business to thrive and, if you choose, continue to grow.  Here’s how to understand and improve your business’s financial health. Why Is Small Business Financial Health Important When you’re feeling healthy, everything is easier than when you’re not well. It’s the same thing when your business is… Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Cash Flow Analysis & Lending Options For Your Business

For many small business owners, financial statements can be intimidating. Balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements may seem overwhelming at first, but they don’t have to be. The more time you spend with them, the more you will understand them.  And that’s important because having a good understanding of your business financial statements can be extremely helpful both to better manage your business operations and to plan for growth. Financial analysis can help you understand things like the… Read More

The Current State of Small Business Rent Inflation and How Funding Options Can Help

One-third of small businesses couldn’t afford to pay their rent in the last six months. And more than half of renters have seen a commercial rent increase. If you’re wondering how we got here and the ways small business funding can help, that’s where Nav comes in.  This article examines why inflation is hitting the commercial real estate market, how tenants and landlords are both affected, and what you can do if you’re a small business struggling to pay rent. … Read More