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The Best Loans for Churches

Many churches need financing for buying church property or doing renovations on an existing church property, so they may apply for construction loans or other types of church financing.While churches are considered nonprofit organizations, they are also considered high-risk, which means that getting a traditional business loan can be difficult.Alternative lenders may be the best route for a church to secure financing. What Is a Church Loan? A church loan is any financing that a religious or faith-based organization (including… Read More

Mobile Home Park Financing

Owning a mobile home park (MHP) has become an attractive investment opportunity for seasoned property owners and newcomers alike, thanks to a number of creative financing options available.As with any kind of financing, the type of loan you get for mobile home park financing will depend on what you qualify for and the type of real estate you’re buying. What Are Mobile and Manufactured Homes? Mobile homes, also known as modular or manufactured homes, are built completely in a factory… Read More

Bridge Loan Lenders for Commercial Real Estate

Commercial bridge loans are short-term loans used for commercial real estate projects including acquisition or renovation. Also referred to as “swing loans,” they are designed to provide financing temporarily, typically for up to 24 or 36 months, until long-term financing can be secured.  Bridge Loan Options For Commercial Property A bridge loan for commercial real estate allows a business to get financing quickly, often to acquire or renovate a commercial real estate property. It may also be used for specific… Read More

The Best Real Estate Development Loans

The real estate industry can be incredibly lucrative for entrepreneurs, but the development process can be costly. This is where seeking capital like real estate development loans comes in. Finding lenders that offer a good loan program, a significant loan amount, and sometimes, a smaller down payment may be your way to go. So whether you’re breaking into commercial real estate, land development, or any other development projects, this article will detail what financing options are available to you. What… Read More

Warehouse Financing Explained

Many small business owners need outside support to help secure cash flow and get the working capital they need to run their businesses. For many retailers and wholesalers whose businesses require them to maintain a bulk of inventory, warehouse financing is a great secured-loan option that is cost-effective. A specialized alternative to  small business loans and business credit cards, warehouse financing is a great opportunity to expand your operations and get the funds you need to succeed. To help you… Read More

How to Buy a Gas Station with No Money Down

Buying an existing gas station or convenience store can be a good way to start or expand a small business.Most gas station loans will require a down payment or collateral to ensure you’ll pay off the loan.It is possible to purchase a gas station or service station with no money down, but you’ll need to find the right lender and meet some strong qualifications in order to do so.  Can You Buy a Gas Station with No Money Down? There… Read More