5 Ways You’re Using Twitter Wrong

Many social networks serve specific demographics. Snapchat is millennial friendly, LinkedIn is for the professionals, but Twitter seems to break that digital boundary, making it a great tool for a variety of businesses across multiple industries. Even more pertinent to small businesses is the fact that 66% of Twitter users discover or engage with a new small or medium sized business (SMB), 94% plan to purchase from an SMB they follow, and 69% of them go on to purchase something Read More

4 Business Credit Cards With High Annual Fees (That Shouldn’t Scare You Away)

Every small business owner knows that cutting costs is as important to your profits as increasing sales. So it might not seem like a good idea to use a business credit card with a high annual fee. But when that card offers you valuable rewards and benefits, its annual fee can go from being a costly extravagance to a wise investment. Here are four small business credit and charge cards that have high annual fees that shouldn’t scare you away: Read More

7 Freelance Sites That Can Help You Grow Your Business

Freelancers are a growing part of the employment landscape, now making up 35% of the workforce. With 55 million freelancers standing by to take on your project, you may be able to get the best quality work for your business by looking outside of your regular employees. In fact, you might even be able to do so while saving money compared to making a full-time hire. Finding a quality freelancer used to be a challenge, but marketplaces are popping up Read More

12 Traps to Avoid When Finding a Manufacturer

The barriers to entering the market with a new product aren’t as tricky as they used to be. You no longer need to get an International Business degree, learn the language, and make several expensive trips back and forth from the country of the factory to seal the deal. While there is some benefit to meeting with your suppliers and makers face-to-face, the average small start-up might not need to ever leave home. Manufacturing marketplaces are designed to provide most Read More

I Didn’t Know About Worker’s Comp Until a Lizard Bit Me

As summer gave way to fall, Wal-Mart transformed over the course of a few days. Beach towels and boogie boards gave way to pencils, folders and backpacks. Overnight, I got reassigned from the garden section to grocery. The change proved disastrous, or at least comical. A mere 10 minutes into my shift, I reached under some shelving to grab a small piece of trash. All at once, a sharp pain ran through my hand, and the tip of my finger Read More

6 Signs You’re Micromanaging Your Business

No one wants to be micromanaged, but as it turns out, no one really wants to be known as a micromanager either. While a super small start-up might get away with it for a while, this annoying and often demoralizing habit can have a devastating effect on the workplace. It is especially destructive to a growing enterprise. Here’s why you can’t afford to allow it in your company culture, and how you can recognize it before it gets out of Read More

6 Ways to Save Money On Payment Processing Fees

In life and in business, fees are always adding up. Take business loans as an example. To get funds, you’ll pay an interest rate for an agreed upon term. There might be an origination fee for processing your application, a late payment fee if you’re behind on payments, or a monthly maintenance charge. You have to understand what you’re actually going to pay before you sign on the dotted line. Credit card processing fees are the same way. Here are Read More

Do I Need an Employer Identification Number?

When you’re starting a business, you’ll have a lot of questions. Among them, “Do I need an EIN?” As with so many business questions, the answer is “it depends.” According to the IRS, an EIN is a nine-digit number used to identify tax accounts of employers and certain others who have no employees. It’s sometimes referred to as the business equivalent of a Social Security number, though the format is slightly different: XX-XXXXXXX. It’s also known as a federal tax Read More

5 Cash Management Solutions for Small Business Owners

According to The Federal Reserve, there’s more cash in circulation today than ever before, with nearly $1.56 trillion as of July 2017. 43% of the U.S. population does not have a credit card, 20% do not have a debit or credit card, and nearly 20 million Americans have no bank accounts. Despite the continued growth of electronic and mobile payments, the amount of cash used at businesses today means many businesses are still very cash intensive. Cash can require far Read More

4 TripAdvisor Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

For small businesses in the hospitality industry, TripAdvisor is often seen as the be-all and end-all of consumer opinion. With over 535 million reviews, an average of 415 million unique monthly visitors, and 7 million businesses (restaurants, hotels, attractions), it’s no wonder that’s the case. Your presence on TripAdvisor can be a great boon to your bottom line, but it’s not all sunshine and dollar signs. As with any rating system, mistakes both on and offline can lead to dismal reviews, which Read More