What to Know About Supplier Financing

Businesses can find many ways to stretch their budget and free up capital. The most popular for those who sell goods, however, is with supplier financing. What is it? How can it lead to growth in your company? Here are a few of the most important things to know about this type of funding. What to Know About Supplier Financing What Is It? Let’s start with the basics and define the term “supplier financing.” It’s also known as “supplier credit” Read More

How to Choose the Right Credit Card Rewards for Your Business

The best business credit cards offer more than just great rewards. But the better a card’s rewards program fits your expenses and preferences, the more value you can squeeze out of it over time. The more you know about how credit card rewards work and what different cards have to offer, the easier it will be to pick the right one for your business. Types of credit card rewards programs Depending on where you look, there are a few types Read More

5 Tips to Get Your Business Off to a Strong Start

Starting a business is quite an undertaking. You need an idea and gumption enough to bring it to life. Of course, it takes more than an idea and gumption. Time, energy, and funding all factor in as well. Let’s say you’ve got the idea, the gumption, the time, the energy, and enough funding to kick things off. Here are five things that are going to make all the difference as you get started: 1. Do the things that are free Read More

How This Entrepreneur Made Monday the Happiest Day for Employees

Shaun Savage is the founder and CEO of GoShare, a company that considers itself “your friend with a truck.” GoShare connects truck and van owners with businesses and people who need help with moving or delivering on demand. Currently, the company offers services in 12 markets across the country. GoShare is growing fast and looks forward to helping more people with moving and delivery. Starting Out Why did you start your business? My background was mostly in sales and marketing. Read More

5 Best Business Credit Cards for Real Estate Agents & Investors

Whether you invest in real estate or work to help others find the perfect home, having a good credit card can help you get rewarded for your everyday business expenses. Every real estate business is different, however, so there’s no one best card for everyone, especially because agents and investors tend to have different types of expenses. To help you find the best credit card for your business, we’ve put together a list of our top choices based on how Read More

Help! I Don’t Have the Cash To Pay My Business Taxes

It was my first year of being self-employed, and the first time I had filed taxes as a business owner, rather than an employee. Days before my tax return was due, I received a call from my accountant informing me I owed the IRS around $6000. He may as well have said $600,000; it was an enormous sum to me and I immediately went into panic mode, trying to figure out where I’d drum up that kind of cash. If Read More

Announcing Nav’s Third Business Grant Winner: Private Detox of Utah

After another overwhelming number of applications in the third round, we are pleased to announce Private Detox of Utah as the grand prize winner. We were fortunate to be able to sit down with Anne Boulter, ACNP, founder and owner of Private Detox of Utah, for more insight on her journey as a business owner and the amazing mission for her business.   Starting Out Why did you start your business? I started my business in reaction to the opiate Read More

Small Business Owners Fear Recession May Hit Soon

Despite some economic wins over the last year or so, Americans may not have the strongest confidence the government. A recent shutdown and rising interest rates have taken their toll on American pocketbooks and confidence. The government shutdown resulted in about 800,000 government employees being furloughed, agencies such as the IRS and SBA mostly shutting down, and important services such as eVerify going out of business. This showed small business owners just how much the government can affect their bottom Read More

Best Practices for Managing Your Business Credit Card Accounts

When you open the right business credit card, it can come with some pretty great perks for you and your company to enjoy. For starters, business credit cards can simplify accounting and help you to keep business and personal expenses separate. They can offer you protection from fraud. With a business credit card, you may be able to earn cash back or other valuable rewards which can help stretch your company dollars ever farther. And, of course, perhaps the biggest Read More

5 Best States to Start a Construction Business

According to a 2018 Consensus Construction Forecast released by The American Institute of Architects (AIA), construction spending in the U.S. is expected to grow this year. This sentiment is further supported by recent Bureau of Labor Statistics, which also suggest continued growth in the construction sector well into 2022. For construction workers who are considering branching out on their own and opening a new business, this the projected growth can mean that 2019 is a great time to get the Read More