What’s the Lowest Possible Personal Credit Score You Can Get?

In the world of finance, it’s common to hear people bragging about their credit scores. These badges of money honor are one famously important indicator of how accomplished a consumer appears. The higher, the better, and so – when talked about openly – it’s most often the big numbers you’ll hear about. What about those who are hanging out at the bottom? Their credit history may not be a sign of good times or wise decisions. Perhaps, they suffered from Read More

How This Healthy Fast-Food Restaurant Is Building its Presence Through Marketing

Still feeling that Thanksgiving food hangover? Well, Lisa Schulte and her husband, Adam, own a restaurant that might help you get back on track: Quarks American Bento. Quarks is a healthy, fast-food restaurant based on an idea the Schultes created: a bowl of whole grains, lean meats, fresh raw veggies, and house-made sauces customized by each patron similar to a Subway sandwich. Based in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Quarks is working to educate the local market on the concepts of bento Read More

Use Retail Credit Cards? Do This to Save Your Credit

For the most part, I’m proud of the characteristics my mom, sister and I share. My mom’s generous, friendly and kind, and I like to think her daughters take after her. But there’s one thing we have in common that’s not something I’m particularly proud of:  All three of us have made a late payment on a retail credit card — the same retail card in fact! For me it started with a back-to-school shopping trip at Kohl’s with my daughter Read More

3 Monthly Meetings You Should Have

Love them or hate them, meetings are essential to running a business, particularly if you want that business to be successful.  When run correctly, meetings empower both employers and employees by creating an environment that is conducive to open communication and idea development. But how many meetings should you have?  How frequently should you meet and for how long?  Should all meetings follow a strict agenda?  These are questions that most business owners and managers ask, and to be honest, Read More

Will I Have to Pay Taxes on My Credit Card Rewards?

As the old saying goes, there’s no guarantees in life but death and taxes. And while you will eventually experience both of those things, thankfully they will not be the result of all of your actions. For example, the rewards you earn from your credit cards are generally not tax deductible. Here’s how cash back credit card rewards escape taxation. The credit card industry is extremely competitive, and card issuers will offer generous amounts of points, miles or cash back Read More

How to Launch a Non-Profit Business

With the holidays fast approaching, many of those with a heart to help others are looking at ways to turn their good deeds into an official charity. The idea is not a unique one; over 1.4 million non-profits were registered in 2013, up 2.8% from just 10 years earlier. Since many small business owners have what it takes to start one, it may be an appealing option to marry your mission to your start-up skills. Even the best intentions need Read More

5 Ways You Might Be Wrecking Your Business Credit Without Realizing It

When it comes to your business credit scores, one or two mistakes can make a lasting impact. Happily, learning how your business credit report works will help you lessen the impact of those mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future. Even business owners with strong personal credit should take time to master this information, because business credit works a little differently. Here are five mistakes you should avoid when it comes to keep your business credit in tact. 1. Read More

5 Ways to Protect Your Business When You Travel

When you’re a small business owner, a business trip or vacation probably leaves you scrambling until the day of departure to make sure everything will run smoothly at the office while you’re gone. Though you may be worried about what’s going on at the office, your own actions while you’re on the road may inadvertently open you or your business to fraud. You can’t protect yourself or your business against every worst-case scenario. But there are some simple steps you Read More

Tried & True Ways to Increase Your Cashflow in Just One Month

Former Congressman Chris Chocola, R-Indiana, once said that one of the earliest lessons he learned in business was that balance sheets and income statements were fiction, and that cash flow was the true reality. Investopedia defines “cash flow” as the net amount of cash that moves in and out of a business. A cash flow is positive when the amount of liquid assets is increasing and negative when they are decreasing. There are only two main ways to increase your Read More

Authenticity Is Front & Center for This Entrepreneur’s Business

Christina Bryant is the founder of St. Frank, a business that partners with artisans from around the world to share their stories and deliver their crafts into luxurious home settings. Bryant began the company five years ago to make the unique art she found in isolated international communities accessible to people everywhere. Starting Out Why did you start the company? My background is in art history. I started my career at MoMA in New York. Then, I realized I was Read More