How Your Business Can Cash In on the Royal Wedding

There’s something about a royal wedding, even for those of us who are stateside, that brings just the right amount of fairytale to our lives, and that’s sure to be true for the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and United States born Meghan Markel. Tabloids and news stations alike are ablaze with everything from “how they met” stories to detailed accounts of wedding planning efforts.  For small businesses owners, anything that comes surrounded by that much buzz, especially when positive, often Read More

Which Credit Cards Can Help Me Build Business Credit?

Small business credit cards offer myriad benefits: rich rewards and cards with limits that are often higher than on personal cards. Plus, there’s an added bonus that small business owners don’t always recognize at first: A business credit card may help you build business credit. In fact, getting one of these cards may help put your business on the map when it comes to building business credit, provided the card issuer reports information to commercial credit agencies. Not all cards Read More

How to Shut Off a Company Credit Card

It’s been said that there are no constants in life, except for change. When running a small business, you can count on the fact that all of your employees will eventually retire, quit or be terminated at some point. And when that time comes for an employee to separate from your company, you’ll have to take steps to turn off their company credit card. How Employee Credit Cards Work With a small business credit card, the primary account holder is Read More

9 Businesses You Can Run From Your Couch

You might think of your laptop as a way to check email, look at bank statements, and scroll through an endless stream of cat videos on YouTube, but it can also be the core of an entire business. In fact, I am writing this very article on a laptop (not on the couch), and use it to make my entire living for my family. It is completely possible to run a business from your couch, laptop in hand, building your Read More

Starting Small Paved the Way to Big Growth for This Company

Mike Faherty is the founder and CEO of ProSales Connection, a marketing firm that specializes in working with B2B companies to build their sales pipelines. From inbound marketing to content marketing to conversion strategies, Faherty says his company’s competitive advantage is its commitment to bring value to its clients, which strengthens relationships and opens more opportunities for the company. Starting Out Why did you start the company? I started the business nine years ago. Before starting the business, I spent Read More

How Tax Liens & Judgment Liens Work

In Summer of 2017, new reporting standards from the National Consumer Assistance Plan were released in relation to both tax liens and judgment liens. In a nutshell, going forward, for either a tax or judgment lien to be reported on your personal credit report, the reporting must include all of the following: Your name Your address Your social security number Your date of birth Required courthouse visits every 90 days to make sure records are updated This new reporting feature Read More

Why Does My Credit Card APR Keep Going Up?

When you have to carry a balance on your small business credit card, the interest charges can be expensive. You can shop around for the lowest rates, but then your new card’s interest rate can still increase. What the heck is going on? How Credit Card Interest Rates Work Ten years ago, credit card issuers were able to advertise cards with “fixed” interest rates, and then increase the rates at their whim. But after the CARD Act of 2009, credit Read More

7 Things You Need to Know About Cash Advances

Small business credit cards are primarily used for making purchases, but most will also allow you to perform a cash advance. And while some may think of a credit card cash advance as being similar to withdrawing money with an ATM card, there are many important, and potentially costly differences. Here are eight things that you really need to know about credit card cash advances before you ever consider doing one: 1. Credit card cash advances usually have higher interest Read More

Why You Should Wait 30 Days to Apply for a Loan

You ran through an analysis and decided it’s time to borrow to boost your business. You paid off your old credit card balances and took steps to shore up your credit score. You scrubbed through your financial statements to make sure they are accurate and professional. Is it time to apply for the loan? Probably not just yet. Follow along to learn why you should wait 30 days to apply for a loan. What happens when you apply for a Read More

What You Need to Know About Filing for Bankruptcy

Sometimes filing bankruptcy may be your best option due to inefficient debt management or other legal bills that could have amassed. Sometimes, business owners, in particular, can do these things to avoid bankruptcy. There are five major types of bankruptcy in the United States, and for this article I will provide details of these filing options, along with the consequences of filing bankruptcy and other information to use at your disposal should you need to utilize the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Read More