The Minimum Wage Debate at a Glance: Should Businesses Pay Their Employees More?

The minimum wage is widely debated in the U.S. Proponents make the case that the minimum wage helps the lowest earners, while opponents claim that the minimum wage destroys jobs by forcing businesses to slow or eliminate hiring in order to comply. Small business owners generally hate increased regulation. It’s a top complaint (along with taxes) on survey after survey of small business owners, year in and year out. So as the minimum wage debate starts to heat up again this year, Read More

How to Use Snapchat to Boost Your Sales

Upon its introduction to the social media arena, Snapchat may have seemed like a fly-by-night app esteemed by teens and pre-teens without much purchasing power. But all that has changed. With over 300 million active users, Snapchat reaches 41% of 18-34 year olds in the U.S.  And when it comes to the fact that 55% of users follow at least one brand, 60% of videos, including Snap Ads, are watched with the sound turned on, and the projected Snapchat ad Read More

7 Ways Cash Flow Can Hold Your Business Back

There are few experiences scarier than watching your business checking account balance dwindle toward zero. Cash flow problems can be fatal for businesses of all sizes, but small businesses are most susceptible. According to a study by CBInsights, 29% of businesses fail because they run out of cash. With more than a quarter of businesses failing due to cash flow problems, it is important to understand the warning signs and create a strategy to manage cash flow. Here are seven Read More

How To Know If You Should Start A Business In Your 70s

When you start a business, plenty of people will think you’re crazy, even if they don’t say it to your face. The fact you’re taking a risk and seizing an opportunity might make them both nervous and envious. But what if you start a business in your 70’s? George Schofield, who started two businesses in the seventh decade of his life, was thrown for a loop when a retired corporate executive he met with essentially told him he should be Read More

4 Ways Your Credit Card Could Be Hurting Your Business Credit Scores

It’s important for business owners to establish good credit for their business. Having a strong business credit score will not just help you to receive for a loan with the best terms possible, it can also allow you to receive lower insurance premiums, open a merchant account and receive more flexible payment terms from your suppliers. As you strive to build and maintain your company’s credit score, the last thing you need to have are your credit cards dragging it down. Read More

How to Suck All the Joy Out of Work in 4 Easy Steps

We all pay emotional taxes. They’re our fees for the privilege of living. Heartbreak, disappointment and stress are par for the course. But not all emotional taxes are created equal. Worrying about what the neighbors think of your car is a waste of energy. Worry about your child’s progress in school is not. The former inspires nothing but negativity, and is avoidable. The latter inspires positive involvement in the life of a loved one, and demands your attention. The workplace is an ideal setting for Read More

Is an Online Business Loan Your Best Option?

Advertiser Disclosure If your business is growing slowly and would benefit from an extra cash infusion, a business loan might be just what the accountant ordered. Business loans can be used for inventory, expansion, equipment and virtually anything else your business needs. Recent years have seen a lot of new online business lenders enter the race, which are giving business owners more and more financing options in addition to traditional bank loans and lines of credit. These new nonbank lenders Read More

5 Pro Tips for Using Constant Contact

Advertiser Disclosure There are a variety of marketing tools available to those who search for them, but many small business owners have found that Constant Contact, an all-in-one marketing solution, to help them navigate the opportunities rooted in web-based marketing. With a desire to “empower small businesses and nonprofits to grow customer relationships and succeed,” the company has a variety of tools and resources that can help business owners engage or improve engagement with current and potential customers. Here are Read More

How This Entrepreneur Turned a Modern Calligraphy Skill Into a Booming Side Business

Lori Shen is the founder of Letter On!, a modern calligraphy and design business specializing in Hawaiian designs. Letter On! sells a variety of products from greeting cards to prints to rubber stamps. The company also offers custom design services for items such as welcome signs, place cards, envelopes, and chalkboard signs. Shen attributes her entrepreneurial spirit to her family. “I’m a product of two small business owners. My parents started an orchid nursery in Waimanalo, Hawaii, the year before Read More

What’s Your Paper Grade? A Guide to Merchant Cash Advance Underwriting

The Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) product has been around since the early 2000s through a company called AdvanceMe (now known as CAN Capital after going through a variety of name changes). An MCA is essentially the purchase of future credit card receivables using cost factor. A typical transaction would work to where a purchaser (the MCA company) would note that the business has been doing $45,000 a month in merchant processing over the previous 12 months, then offer to buy $58,500 of Read More