6 Ways to Handle Customer Service Flubs by Your Small Business

Nobody’s perfect. For the small or fledgling company who hasn’t earned the kind of track record that a Fortune 500 corporation carries, however, even one small mistake may be impossible to get over. Fortunately, customers – even those who have been seriously wronged – love to forgive (especially if it’s a brand that’s been a big part of their lives and who has become part of their personal identity). They just need to know that they are truly valued and Read More

Why You Should Buy a Personal Umbrella Policy

As a small business owner, you have to take calculated risks every day. Without risk, there’s no reward, and every day you have to power up your location, laptop, or other operational resources, in order to serve your market to the best of your ability. In taking on this venture, many business owners are aware that there are essential insurance policies needed for coverage, but some small business owners unfortunately tend to overlook the importance of particular insurance policies due Read More

How This Business Writer Applied Lessons Learned from Interviews to Growing Her Yoga Company

Robyn Parets is the director of Pretzel Kids, a children’s yoga, fitness, and mindfulness brand that offers classes and special events. In addition, the company provides trainings to teach adults how to teach kids yoga using a proprietary curriculum. “We developed a training curriculum and manual that we’ve been using for more than ten years to train people through weekend classes across the country,” Parets said. “Now, we run an online yoga school, so anybody from anywhere can learn how Read More

Does My Business Credit Score Really Matter?

Your personal credit is important for many obvious reasons; if you want low rates on a car loan, mortgage, or to pass a background check or to impress your in-laws, a healthy credit profile is crucial. Many people, however, are unaware of another world of credit scores and reports: business credit. Your business credit score works for your business just like your personal credit score works for you personally, but with so many business owners sticking with their personal credit Read More

Your Business Isn’t Legit Until It Has This

There are several things that can make a business seem “legit”; a well-curated website, up-to-date contact information, and all required licenses and permits, to name a few. However, if you really want to increase your chance of growth and success, then there is thing you really need to get– a business bank account. The importance of opening a business bank account In Nav’s 2018 Business Banking Study, we found that in the last two years, 70% of small business owners Read More

Do Inquiries Impact My Business Credit?

Inquiring minds want to know: can lenders looking into your credit profile hurt your business credit score?  Inquiries account for 10% of personal credit scores, but the way they impact business scores is less straightforward. Business credit scores often incorporate more factors than personal scores, and it can be difficult to know whether or not your credit inquiries are affecting your credit scores.   The way inquiries are weighted varies between the major business credit bureaus. Some business credit scores Read More

Is the Kabbage Card Right for Your Small Business?

Business loans and lines of credit are nothing new; you’ve likely used one or multiple to get your business off the ground or to fund a growth opportunity. Your local bank isn’t the only place offering such products, as more and more financial technology (or FinTech) companies emerge with great options for you. One such company is Kabbage, which offers a business line of credit up to $250,000. Each draw is considered its own loan, and is paid off over Read More

How New Tariffs Could Affect Your Small Business

The news cycle is fast and furious these days, with many of the headlines focused on President Trump and his concentrated efforts on shoring up worldwide trade. One method of choice is the dreaded tariff, and with so many new announcements happening at once, it may be hard to know what’s up – and what’s down. So, what exactly is the deal with tariffs? How will it affect your company? While the answer will depend somewhat on where you are Read More

Will Bankruptcy Stop Me From Getting a Business Loan?

Entrepreneurs often plow through the most difficult of obstacles and won’t let anything stop them. Some won’t even let bankruptcy slow them down. Henry Ford, Walt Disney and Milton Hershey are just a few examples of business owners who failed terribly before they succeeded. What if you are recovering from personal or business bankruptcy and find you need financing; are you out of options? Not necessarily. Because lenders want your business, there are probably options for you, regardless of your Read More

Is LegalZoom Worth It For Your Small Business?

In the course of operating a small business, you’ll find yourself trying to keep seemingly hundreds of plates spinning to keep things running smoothly. There are services out there to help you do your taxes like QuickBooks or FreshBooks, apps to help you find business financing like Nav, but there are also legal services that could possibly be a boon to your company. From LegalZoom to Rocket Lawyer, you can sign up for anywhere from $10 to $40 per month Read More