9 Congressmen Who Are Also Business Owners

Many members of congress are quite wealthy. While some of them have family money or married into a sizable fortune, a good number of members of the House of Representatives and United States Senate made their money after starting a business. In fact, some of them still hold their businesses to this day! Here is a list of nine wealthy members of congress and the self-employment that helped them reach the top tiers of wealth. Darrell Issa – California Darrell Read More

Here’s Trump’s Proposed Tax Plan & Why Small Businesses Are Loving It

Advertiser Disclosure Every human being will agree that two of our most precious resources are time and money. This is doubly true for business owners, who are constantly time-starved and needing to keep an eye on cash to make sure they can operate another day. With this in mind, taxes can be one of a business owner’s biggest fears, costing a business thousands of dollars owed to the IRS and an average of 22 hours spent filing taxes each year Read More

5 Ways Your Bank Account Can Sink Your Chances of Getting a Business Loan

When you apply for a loan you probably assume the lender will check your credit reports or credit scores. You know that bad credit can hurt your chances of getting a business loan. But what about your bank accounts? How can they impact your application for a business loan? Here are five ways your bank account can hurt your chances of getting approved: 1. You Don’t Have a Business Bank Account To get a business loan you should have a Read More

How to Figure Out Which Credit Score Your Bank Will Use to Approve You

If you are looking to get a loan for your business, you might think to yourself, “well, self, I have a great credit score. I can get this loan, no problem!” While you might be riding high with a credit score over 740, that doesn’t mean your business credit score falls into the excellent category. In fact, your business might not even have an established credit score at all. Let’s take a look at which credit score your bank will Read More

5 Ways You’re Using Pinterest Wrong

When it comes to Pinterest, there seems to be two types of people in this world: those who pin and those who don’t. By the close of 2016, the young social platform was already boasting 150 million users, and today, 175 million people spend time scrolling through everything from food to technology. “That’s great,” you may say, “but how can that help my business?” Well, of those users, 87% claim to have purchased a product based on their Pinterest activity. For many, those numbers are reason enough to begin Read More

How His Kids’ Bedtime Routine Inspired this Dad’s Book Business

Brian Dwyre is the founder of Kidioke Media, a company that creates musical books that play timeless classics like “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong and “My Girl” by The Temptations. The song plays in its entirety with the push of a button. Parents can read or sing the lyrics, which make up the text of the book, while kids enjoy the song and themed illustrations. “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” Vs. “Thunder Road” I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart Read More

How to Open Your Own Etsy Shop in an Afternoon

Advertiser Disclosure Etsy.com is awesome. Unfamiliar? Think of it this way: if eBay is the online version of a mega-mart, Etsy is the online version of your local craft show. With a community focused on handmade products, authentic vintage gifts, and pure random whimsy, selling on Etsy can be an easy way to expand your business. Setting up an Etsy shop can be done effectively in a single afternoon, and can help put cash in your pocket. Whether your goal Read More

How Being Considered a “High Risk” Merchant Account Affects Your Business

So you’ve finally decided to start your business. You have aligned the capital, the location, the business plan, and the investors. You’ve created the strategic plan to acquire X amount of revenue, for X amount of expenses, within Y amount of time, which should produce Z amount of profits. Research shows that your prospective customers would more than likely use credit and debit cards for many of their purchases, and you run into a hiccup when trying to do something Read More

The 6 Most Overlooked Business Credit Cards

Advertiser Disclosure Some small business credit cards seem to get all of the attention. These are the flashy cards that offer impressive perks or valuable points that can be transferred to airline miles. But behind the scenes are a few lesser known cards that offer unique rewards that can be equally valuable. Here are six of the most overlooked credit cards, and why you should take notice of them: 1. Capital One Spark Cash This card doesn’t grab a lot Read More

The Best Small Business Podcasts

Ben Friedman confesses he’s a podcast addict. The founder of All Set, a Boston-based startup, he says he listens whenever and wherever it’s convenient. “Walk to work…podcast, working out…podcast, nothing good on TV….podcast,” he says. In fact, in order to fit more in he listens at speeds of 1.5 to 2 times the normal speed. “It will be fast, he says, “but your brain will adjust, I swear.” Advice, inspiration, motivation and education are among the many reasons entrepreneurs are Read More