How to Apply for a Small Business Loan

How to apply for a small business loan in 6 steps Learning how to apply for a small business loan or other business financing can not only help you get the right loan for your business but can also assist in deciding whether it’s the right move in the first place. 1. Write up a business plan Many small business lenders will want to see a business plan that explains why you need the funding, how you plan to use Read More

How to Get a Business Acquisition Loan

There’s nothing wrong with bootstrapping things and trying to grow your business the slow and steady way. However, if you’re comfortable with the risk, applying for financing can potentially help you reach your business goals much sooner. One way you can possibly speed up the journey to business success is by purchasing a business that has already gone through the painful start-up phase. If you’re considering this option, you’ll likely need to secure financing to pay for your new business Read More

StreetShares Review: Business Loans, Lines of Credit, and Government Contract Financing for Small Business Owners

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StreetShares loan information updated 02/16/17. Whether you are a small business owner or government contractor, finding financing that will keep it growing is a challenge. Traditional bank loans can be hard to get. Payday lenders can be extremely costly. That’s where StreetShares comes in. StreetShares is an online, veteran-run, peer-to-peer lender, focused on providing working capital to growing businesses, with a particular emphasis on veteran-owned businesses. However, StreetShares is open to all small business owners. StreetShares offers three financing products: Read More

Wells Fargo Business Elite Credit Card Review

Wells Fargo is often considered one of the leading brands when it comes to managing small business finance needs. It’s no wonder then that the bank offers several lending options in addition to banking and investing opportunities.   Included in the list of Wells Fargo business credit cards is the Business Elite card, which offers premium benefits for business owners who meet the annual revenue requirements. What makes this card different from the Wells Fargo Secured or Wells Fargo Platinum Read More

What is Rewards Crowdfunding?

Thanks to innovative, entrepreneur-driven platforms like Shark Tank, you no longer have to be a big name in the marketplace to launch something new. But there’s another way to get attention and financial support for your dream: crowdfunding. While not brand-new, it’s evolved much over the years, and one of the most notable (and fun) ways to get cash for your dream involves kicking back a few perks to your supporters. Rewards crowdfunding is incredibly effective, but why? What does Read More

How A Unique Approach to Cash Flow Has Helped This Architect Construct Her Business

Leslie Saul & Associates, Inc. is an architecture and interior design firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that primarily services the greater Boston and Miami areas. The business focuses on renovations including offices, restaurants, retail stores, senior living facilities, private homes, universities, churches, and synagogues, among many other building types. Founder Leslie Saul says that having such a broad practice has helped her maintain a business for more than 26 years. Additionally, her attention to quality and value have brought back Read More

Is an Unsecured Line of Credit Right for Your Business?

Cash is something all companies seem to need more of at some point in their business life cycle. While there are several ways to get it, one path that seems to be growing in popularity is the business line of credit. Like loans, these come in two flavors: secured and unsecured. Here’s a bit more about the unsecured version and the possibilities it offers. It might be just what you need to grow your offerings or pay down more expensive Read More

Past Due Debt: What Is it and How Do I Solve It?

It goes without saying that small business owners are experts at multitasking. If you own a small business, chances are you’re juggling a million different things on a daily basis — shift schedules, inventory management, and likely, a multitude of different expenses, from electricity bills to insurance payments. With so much to do and manage, it is possible that you may have forgotten about a credit card bill, missed a loan payment, or let an invoice slip through the cracks. Read More

How to Grow In Your Role as a Business Owner

Becoming “the boss” can be challenging. After all, there’s more to running a business than producing or providing a good or service. Business owners must adapt and grow alongside their business, and in doing so, hone the skills necessary for success — leadership, communication, industry expertise, etc. The demands of simply running a new business don’t always make growth an easy feat. Improving your business skills is an ongoing process, though in some cases, growth will be inevitable. New challenges Read More

How to Upgrade Your Work Computer on the Cheap

You likely rely on your work computer to run your small business, so less-than-stellar performance can affect your bottom line. Upgrading with a whole new computer, monitor and accessories won’t be cheap, and the technology won’t stay fast or advanced forever. You can save a lot of money by educating yourself on how to upgrade your existing computer. A great place to start would be to identify your computer’s underlying issue. Is your computer slow, or does it just overheat? Read More