The Embarrassing Reason Many Business Loans Are Denied (and How to Fix It)

Though business loans are granted based on a variety of factors, at the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing: perceived credibility. Do you have a financially sound background? Are you and your business a worthwhile risk? To answer these questions, lenders most always refer to credit scores, whether that be consumer or business. But what if, to your embarrassment, your credit isn’t so hot or you haven’t really established business credit?  Just because you haven’t established business credit Read More

7 Perks You Can Only Get With a Business Credit Card

Have you ever considered whether you should use a small business credit card, or just stick with the consumer version? While it’s possible to use either kind for your business, there are many reasons why you would chose to use a card that’s specifically designed for small business use. To understand why, consider these seven perks and benefits that you can only get with a small business credit card: 1. Rewards for Business Purchases  While your personal card might offer Read More

10 States With the Best Business Credit Scores

It’s good to be a business owner in the Aloha State. Not only do they live in a notoriously beautiful place, Hawaiian companies have the highest credit scores of any U.S. state, averaging a business credit score of 54.6 on the Experian Intelliscore Plus℠ scale of 0 to 100. Hawaii’s credit score is considered low- to medium-risk. Businesses with scores in this range typically find it easier to qualify for loans with the best terms and lower interest rates. According Read More

5 Small-Business Financing Myths Busted

As a business owner, you know that to make good decisions you need to know the facts. As human beings, though, our biases and assumptions can sometimes get in the way of facts. Recently, for example, I spoke with a successful business mentor who said she advises her clients to always avoid debt. While her intentions may be good, those clients may be missing out on significant opportunities to grow their businesses. Here are five common small business financing myths Read More

11 Acronyms Business Owners Need to Know

If you don’t know the difference between the EEOC and OSHA, no one can blame you. There are tons of acronyms business owners may come across or need to know in their career. From government agencies to laws to business processes, there are many acronyms you can probably not worry about, but there are a handful that are very important. Here are some of the important acronyms business owners need to know. 1. SBA The U.S. Small Business Administration is Read More

6 Business Credit Card Fees You Can Avoid

It seems like America has gone crazy with fees. It’s now standard practice in most industries to quote prices that fail to include several mandatory extra charges, often intermingled with government imposed taxes. But in the credit card industry, fees are actually under strict government control. All fees must be clearly disclosed in advance, and card issuers aren’t even allowed to use the fine print. This makes it easy to avoid most fees when it comes to choosing a business Read More

5 Unexpected Places to Find Money for Your Business

If you’re a business owner, or about to be one, there are a lot of things you need to consider – staffing, inventory, customer satisfaction, benefits packages, etc. – but no matter how you look at it, chances are, the overarching issue, and likely the solution, often comes with a price tag.   But what happens if you don’t have the money to solve the problem, to rebrand, to hire more employees, or to simply order inventory? Frequently, business owners turn to Read More

11 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs

As a solo online entrepreneur, I use Google Chrome a lot. According to the app RescueTime, I spent 280 hours using my laptop and smartphone in February, and a huge portion of that time was in my web browser of choice. Chrome allows you to install helpful add-ons that give your browser new and extended functions and capabilities. Follow along to learn about some of the most helpful Chrome extensions for entrepreneurs like you. 1. LastPass If there is one Read More

How to Get a High-Limit Business Credit Card

When it comes to making purchases, a small business credit card can be one of your most important business tools. But too often, business users don’t receive a line of credit large enough to meet their needs. You may need a small business card with a large credit limit to enable short-term financing for key purchases, or you may need the spending power to realize the rewards or benefits of a credit card, instead of using another form of payment. Read More

5 Credit Card Perks That Side Hustlers Will Love

Are you working a side hustle? There’s no shortage of successful business owners who began by starting their business during the evenings, weekends or whenever they had a free moment outside of their job. And just because your side hustle isn’t your full-time gig yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t open a small business credit card and enjoy all of its rewards, perks and benefits (it can also help you establish business credit). But there are some perks that are Read More