Can I Raise My Credit Score 100 Points Overnight?

When you’re a business owner in a cash crunch — maybe you need some extra capital to make payroll this month, or open a new location — the last thing you want to hear is that your credit score needs a lot of work before you can qualify for a business loan. You may be tempted when you see ads of promise of quick fixes like credit repair companies. Can you actually raise your personal credit scores 100 points overnight? Read More

5 Signs It’s Time to Level Up Your Business

Running a business is tough when things are not going right, but when everything lines up perfectly, it is a wonderful thing. As you grow your business, you might find yourself wondering if it is time to expand and take things to the next level. Look out for these five telltale signs that it’s time to level up your business. 1. Your customers ask for more If you have customers begging to give you money, you are doing better than Read More

Business Loan vs. Line of Credit: Know Before You Go

Now is a great time to jump on business financing opportunities. It’s easier to get approved, and as the economy improves, banks are more willing to lend. If you’ve been denied in the past because of a low business credit score, don’t give up. Shopping for different types of lenders may be the answer. Two of the most popular—and cheapest—financing options are business loans and lines of credit. Both will get cash in your pocket, but they work a lot differently. Read More

Why Optimists Make More Money Than Pessimists

What qualities come to mind when you think of those who build great amounts of wealth? Disciplined, hard-working, smart—perhaps even a bit ruthless? You may be surprised to learn that there is another trait that may help you build wealth: optimism. Tom Corley devoted several years to studying the habits of the rich versus the poor, which he has shared in his best-selling book Rich Habits: The Daily Habits of Successful Individuals. Among the many habits he studied, he found Read More

8 Tips to Help Your Business Shine at Festivals

The temperatures are heating up, and that means festival season is in full swing. Today, everyone from music followers and craft brew lovers to comic book collectors and classic car hobbiyists can find a festival to suit their interests. And when it comes to businesses, the festival businesses extend well past promoters, venues, and performers.  Festivals give small businesses access to sizable audiences in a way that traditional marketing methods simply can’t, and if you really want to make the Read More

How This Entrepreneur Turned Her Passion into a Business

Kristi Porter is the “chief do-gooder” and founder of Signify, a marketing communications consultancy that helps nonprofits and social enterprises get noticed and grow. Porter started her business as a way to apply her professional skills in a way that could help small organizations spread good through their communities. Starting Out Why did you start your company? I had a background in marketing, business communications and public relations. I had a lot of friends that didn’t have that background who Read More

3 Summer Business Mistakes Every Business Owner Makes

Summertime can have varied effects on your business. For some seasonal businesses, it’s the time to hit the pavement and make money that will make up the majority of their revenue. On the other hand, the season can bring a lull in sales and cause to scramble for other businesses. As the warm months are upon us, it’s worthwhile to take a look at some of the summer business mistakes that business owners often make. 1. They Don’t Enjoy the Read More

4 Credit Cards Construction Contractors Will Love

Most contractors drive around a full-size pickup truck with hundreds of pounds, and often thousands of dollars of construction equipment. Yet one of their most important tools can be a few grams of plastic in their wallet. The right small business credit card can help contractors track expenses, finance materials and even earn valuable rewards. If you’re business is contracting, then you probably won’t need many of the features often found on small business cards, including airport business lounge access Read More

The First Nav Business Grant Winner: Founding Foods

Rachel Irons is the owner of Founding Foods, a producer of sweet and savory vegan meal bars and wild boar jerky in Boulder, Colorado. Founding Foods is the winner of the very first $10,000 Nav “Legitify Your Business” Grant. Rachel’s submission stood out to the Nav selection committee for a number of reasons — her business had a unique challenge and clear plan for how the extra capital could help. You can read her full Facebook post for her submission Read More

The Tool Every Summer Business Needs to Get Now

While summer won’t officially begin until June 20, the warm weather is already here and school is already out in most places. Depending on the type of business you run, this is either good news or bad news. Some businesses see significant dips in income in the summer months, while some seasonal businesses operate exclusively in the summer. With millions of Americans preparing to travel, beautify their yards, or just head out to enjoy the season, this is the time Read More