Awesome Alternative to Your Local Insurance Agency: Introducing Mylo

Awesome Alternative to Your Local Insurance Agency: Introducing Mylo

Awesome Alternative to Your Local Insurance Agency: Introducing Mylo

Just one uncovered financial disaster — a lawsuit or property damage, for example — can sink a business. So, make sure you have the insurance coverage you need.   Beyond that, you’ll want it at a competitive price and in a way that doesn’t irritate you (excellent service, cash-flow friendly payments, etc.).

If you’ve been in business for a while, you might not believe there are better options for help with this than your local insurance provider. That might have been true in the past – but no more.  

Nav’s partner Mylo is made up of people on a mission to simplify and improve your insurance-related experiences. They work with brand new business owners as well as established small, mid-sized and larger businesses. 

Here is our short and candid review of Mylo’s services.

3 things we like most about Mylo

1. Leading-edge tech and a team of human experts

Too many insurance providers are just one or the other. The reality is most of us want slick tech (websites, apps, etc.) AND humans standing by to help when we want them.

Mylo provides both. We’ve seen their proprietary tech in action, and it helps their experts do a better job for you. It augments their ability to find the best solutions for you (shopping over 100 companies) and simplifies ongoing service. 

2. Comprehensive help for almost any business owner (and it’s free!)

Many providers are limited in one way or another.  Perhaps they aren’t in all states, can’t handle your industry, or only have a small selection of insurance products. 

Mylo, however, is a true one-stop shop for nearly any business owner, in any industry, in any state, with almost any set of coverage needs. With the products from over a hundred insurance companies, their in-house insurance experts (and proprietary tech) can help you know which combination of these products might be right for you.

They tell us many of their clients have Mylo handle their business policies, group benefits, personal auto, home, life, and health.  All of it!  Of course, they can’t be everything to everyone – but they come close.  

3. An easy consultation that respects your time, energy, and data

Everyone knows shopping for insurance can be a pain. On-location meetings, high-pressure agents, endless applications, confusing insurance jargon, and even the bad-actor site trying to steal your data can all feel too familiar. All of this can leave a business owner feeling trapped, unsure of what they have and whether there is something better out there. 

This is another area where Mylo shines. They need to gather a bit of data, of course, but you get to choose how you’d prefer to do this. As mentioned, tech and humans are at your service. If you want an instant quote without talking to anyone, you can do that (limitations discussed below).  If you want a team of experts doing a more in-depth analysis – they offer that (and it’s free).

Two things we wish were different

1. You might need more than one login.

Ideally, you would only have one login and password to see and manage all of your policies, but with Mylo, you could end up with more than one depending on which policies you have. 

To be fair, this is common among independent agencies with so many companies and products — it’s just tough to get all of that to show up full-featured with one login.  

2. Not all of their companies participate in instant quotes.

Their site can provide instant quotes, which is really unusual and very cool for an independent agency with over 100 companies and so many products. The thing to know is that not all companies are plugged into their instant quote system yet, so for a comprehensive shopping experience, it’s best to talk to them.  

Mylo tells us they are adding companies all the time, so we expect this will continue to improve.

Summary: An excellent solution for most

If you already have an insurance provider you like, well, it’s nice to have options. If you don’t, having options is critical! Either way, we believe Mylo is worth checking out. Their unique combination of proprietary tech tools, real human insurance experts, and a broad array of the best products from over a hundred companies all work together to make dealing with insurance a lot easier.   

You can engage with them through your favorite device and on your terms. They never charge for consulting with their licensed experts, shopping their options for the best deal(s), starting policies (beyond the premiums charged by the insurance company), or providing most types of ongoing policy services. 

It’s not just that they are awesome with one policy type or another – they do it all, and well.  You can get help with one policy now or ask them to do a comprehensive consultation to identify ways to improve the entire moat around your castle. 

 We can see why Mylo is growing in popularity among businesses of all sizes and in all states.

Discover what Mylo can do for you

Some things to expect with your first consultation:

  • Get to know you and your business goals/needs
  • Shop multiple carriers for the best value
  • Give you confidence in your business protection
  • Awesome resource!  Be here for you in the future too!
  • Make everything as easy as possible for you

Be sure to ask them about any special programs in your specific industry. They have many unique products that are very difficult to beat in terms of value. 

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