31 Small Businesses You Can Support With the Click of a Button

31 Small Businesses You Can Support With the Click of a Button

31 Small Businesses You Can Support With the Click of a Button

Thanksgiving week is the biggest shopping week of the year. After everyone awakes from their turkey coma, it’s time to get Christmas shopping done with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. An equally important shopping day is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, known as Small Business Saturday. This movement encourages people everywhere to go out and buy from small businesses to support their local economy.

Some small businesses, however, may have a limited local clientele, and have made their products available online. To make your Small Business Saturday Shopping easier, here are 30 Small Businesses you can support with the click of a button.

1. Caffeine Corps – Alabama

A first-of-its-kind, the Caffeine Corps offers all things caffeine to clientele in the Mobile, Alabama area. Owner Mandy Clark-Green, a veteran, keeps the shop running between tours of duty overseas. Her website offers apparel, mugs, and more for the caffeine lover in your family.

2. Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood – Alaska

When you think of great salmon and halibut, you likely think of Alaska. Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood, owned and operated by the Tanner family, has been offering sustainable Alaskan seafood to the public for generations, and gives you options to buy online. Their online store has a wide variety of products from smoked salmon to Alaskan reindeer sausage and most things in between.

3. Tuft & Needle – Arizona

Founded in 2012 by a pair of software engineers, Tuft & Needle seeks to bring transparency and fairness to the mattress industry. They offer a variety of products on their website from mattresses to bedding and a selection of furniture.

4. Letter On! – California

Letter On!, is a modern calligraphy and design business specializing in Hawaiian designs. Through her Etsy shop, owner Lori Shen sells a variety of products from greeting cards to prints to rubber stamps. The company also offers custom design services for items such as welcome signs, place cards, envelopes, and chalkboard signs.

5. Founding Foods – Colorado

Founded on a desire to supply food for hikers, Founding Foods is looking for net positivity by helping the planet. They offer a variety of vegan meal bars, as well as wild boar jerky. If you’re not in the Boulder area, you can buy their products here.

6. Drew’s Honeybees – Connecticut 

Drew’s Honeybees was founded out of founder Drew’s fascination with honeybees, but quickly turned into an operation to provide bee-centric skincare products. Their online store offers a variety of salves, balms and tonics, and they provide free shipping for orders over $20.

7. The Delaware Growler – Delaware

Specializing in craft beers and, you guessed it, growlers, this husband-and-wife owned store has been offering quality craft products since 2014. Their online store features a variety of growlers, apparel, and other merchandise.

8. Pip & Grow – Florida

After seeing a gap in the market for small, portable, safe sleep spaces for infants, Pip and Grow’s founders launched their business to not only help parents with new babies have a place for their child to sleep, but also to serve the community. A certified woman-owned business, Pip and Grow partners with their community to to combat child abuse and improve the world around them.

9. So Worth Loving – Georgia

So Worth Loving started as a t-shirt company meant to spread positivity to everybody through messages of self-worth and importance. They continue to offer t-shirts, but also mugs, jewelry, and more items to help spread that same message to someone you love.

10. Manoa Chocolate – Hawaii

If you can’t think of a better lifestyle than living in Hawaii and making chocolate, you’re correct. Fortunately, founder Dylan Butterbaugh went ahead and bit the bullet for you and provides chocolate made from Hawaiian cacao beans through his company Manoa Chocolate. This high-quality chocolate is available to any chocolate connoisseur through their online store.

11. CapeAble Weighted Products – Indiana

Having witnessed the challenges of anxiety, depression, and PTSD in close family members, CapeAble founders Marna and Susan decided to offer weighted blankets and other products for those dealing with similar challenges. Weighted blankets help those dealing with such problems, and CapeAble offers a wide variety of such products.

12. The One Gallon Soap Company – Maine

After finding out that the hotel industry throws away two million bars of soap every day, Tristan Corriveau began collecting partially used soaps from hotels in 2016. Now, his cleaned, sterilized and manufactured liquid soaps are sold under The One Gallon Soap Company.

13. WhitePaws RunMitts – Maryland

Not wanting the cold to interrupt her running routing during the winter, Susan Clayton got to her sewing machine and created RunMitts. She now has a patent and sells her gloves under her company WhitePaws RunMitts, which offers gloves and other cold-weather gear for the runner in your family.

14. LovePop – Massachusetts

After a trip to Vietnam, LovePop founders were inspired by the hand-crafted paper cards they found. Upon returning home, they began folding cards of their own and founded LovePop, which creates 3D paper sculptures for any occasion.

15. Beanilla – Michigan

Beanilla looks to provide quality vanilla products to bakers and enthusiasts all over the world. Not only do they sell excellent extracts and flavorings, you can also find raw and ground spices for the baker in your family.

16. Splendid Beast – Minnesota

Have a pet you love? Eagan Heath, owner of Splendid Beast, loves your pet, too. In fact, Splendid Beast will provide a custom oil painting of your pet so you can remember them forever. A master team of graphic designers and painters work together to create each portrait, which can be framed or gallery wrapped.

17. Cowboy Cricket Farms – Montana

Eating bugs isn’t just a dare anymore. Cowboy Cricket Farms founders Kathy and James are helping fuel a (surprisingly) growing industry by offering a wide variety of bug-based snacks and apparel.

18. Thompson Tee – Nevada

Do know an excessive sweater, or sweat too much yourself? Tired of having to keep an eye on your underarms? Thompson Tee has your back, with sweat-proof t shirts to bless the excessive sweater in your life and restore confidence.

19. Death Wish Coffee Co. – New York

Boldly claiming to have the strongest coffee on earth, Death Wish Coffee Co. is here to keep you awake. If you have a coffee lover or chronic sleepyhead in your family, this is the place to change their life. They even claim that if their coffee isn’t the strongest you’ve ever tried, they’ll give you a refund.

20. Happy BeeHinds – North Carolina

With a mission to bring you adorable and budget-friendly cloth diapers, Happy BeeHinds is an ideal stop for the new parents in your life, or simply someone looking for a change from traditional diapers.

21. My Foot Shop – Ohio

My Foot Shop offers a wide range of products meant to promote foot health, from insole-arch supports, toe products, forefoot products, and so forth.

22. My Buddy Towel – Oklahoma

Looking to simplify bath time and minimize her laundry load, Angelyn Myers created a combination towel and onesie to keep kids warm and dry and keep parents happy. She sells her products through her company My Buddy Towel.

23. Zulli Designs – Pennsylvania

Liz Torpey founded Zulli Designs to not only continue to work in visual arts, but to help women feel bold, beautiful, and empowered. Her beautiful collection of bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry is available on her site.

24. Aunt Laurie’s – South Carolina

With a mission to inspire others to acknowledge the human value in everyone, Aunt Laurie’s sells gift baskets handwoven, assembled, and shipped by individuals overcoming disabilities. Supporting this small business also supports disabled individuals in developing vocational skills.

25. Calyan Wax Co. – Texas

By selling qualify candle and wax products, Calyan Wax Co. not only spreads the joy of burning a new candle, they also put 10% of your purchase to ending human trafficking. Their online store offers a variety of soy wax, sustainable candle products.

26. Freshly Picked – Utah

Freshly Picked is devoted to providing mothers and their babies with quality footwear, purses, and other apparel.

27. Backroads Granola – Vermont

Granola isn’t just for breakfast anymore, according to Backroads Granola. With a wide variety of granola products, they look to change the way granola is seen and eaten around the world.

28. Bowen Jewelry Co. – Virginia

Family-owned and operated, Bowen Jewelry Co. has been serving the Central Virginia area since 1933. Because of the community support that got them through the Great Depression, they donate to a wide variety of non-profits, and offer a gorgeous selection of jewelry.

29. Screech Owl Brewing – West Virginia

After 21 years on the road as a truck driver, Roger Johnson and his wife Crista started Screech Owl Brewing to be able to stay home together. Their website offers a quality selection of apparel, glasses, and even a growler.

30. American Provenance – Wisconsin

Sick of products full of chemicals and artificial ingredients, the fine folks at American Provenance create quality, natural self-care products such as deodorants, lip balm, candles, and more.

31. The Prairie Rose – Wyoming

Family owned and operated, The Prairie Rose provides prompt and friendly service. While they serve primarily their local area in Cheyenne, Wyoming, they can cater to requests around the country and even internationally.

This article was originally written on November 19, 2018 and updated on July 31, 2020.

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