How this Psychotherapist Grew Her Own Business While Working Full-Time

Angela Ficken is an entrepreneur and psychotherapist. She owns the brand and runs a private practice in Boston, Mass. Ficken specializes in providing individual therapy for people who have a range of stressors, including anxiety, eating disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. She also writes articles on managing these challenges for The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and Today Parenting. Starting Out Why did you start your business? I started as a social worker at a McLean psychiatric hospital. After that, I Read More

This Entrepreneur Financed Her Business With a Side Hustle

Charlie Heck is the founder of Checkmark Creative, a marketing boutique that works with small businesses to tell their stories through social media, website design, and infographics. “We take really complex material and make pretty little Facebook and Instagram posts out of it,” explained Heck. After a job loss, Heck found a non-traditional way to save money to start her business and fund a cross-country move. Starting Out Why did you start your business? I was raised in a small Read More

This Hemp Oil Company Found Success Partnering with Retailers

Todd Morrow is devoted to bringing more “green” into the lives of Americans. But, not the type of green you’ll see on St. Patrick’s Day! Morrow is the CEO of HempMeds, the first pipeline to make products containing CBD hemp oil legally available across the United States. The company sells CBD-based products like raw oils and skincare solutions direct to consumers and through retailers and wholesalers. Morrow says the business has grown through word of mouth, even within his family. Read More

How This Entrepreneur Used Credit Cards to Grow Her Business

Lorena Tomasini, together with her mother, owns MALM Life and Health Insurance Agency, a business based in Miami. Tomasini works with families and small business owners, helping them navigate life and health insurance. She said, “We’re brokers that represent different insurance companies. Depending on what the clients are looking for, we find the best fit for them.” Starting Out Why did you start the business? I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. I majored in finance. At the time, Read More

How This Entrepreneur Made Monday the Happiest Day for Employees

Shaun Savage is the founder and CEO of GoShare, a company that considers itself “your friend with a truck.” GoShare connects truck and van owners with businesses and people who need help with moving or delivering on demand. Currently, the company offers services in 12 markets across the country. GoShare is growing fast and looks forward to helping more people with moving and delivery. Starting Out Why did you start your business? My background was mostly in sales and marketing. Read More

How This Entrepreneur Created the Ultimate Job-Search Site

Beeya is a metasearch engine for jobs founded by CEO Ladan Davia. The company aggregates job listings from all the major job search sites in one place. It helps job-seekers save time and resources by using an algorithm that matches them with jobs based on their resume and job postings. Davia said, “I got an email from a girl who said she had been looking for a job for 10 months. Once she found our website, it took her two Read More

How This Writer Started Her Small Business and Changed Her Life

Kristen Edens is a content and branding expert for businesses. The company she initially began to provide freelance copywriting has now evolved to offer a multitude of writing services that help boost brands and audience awareness. Edens also provides coaching for new entrepreneurs and other small business clients that need help building content strategies and shaping business direction. Starting Out Why did you start your business? At a very young age, I started writing down my dreams. I enjoyed that Read More

How Celebrity Clients Have Helped Shaped This Company’s Marketing Strategy

It’s winter, when whipping wind and dry air bring parched skin and chapped lips to most of us. Diva Samai, founder of Tevia Rose, has invented a product to help. Her online beauty store sells a lip balm to nourish and moisturize dry skin. Samai’s product is especially designed for women who like to use matte and other very drying lipsticks. Starting Out Why did you start the business? I developed this product because I love to use makeup. I Read More

This Company Is Bringing Custom-Tailored Jackets Online

Typically, getting a high-end garment custom-designed or tailored involves visiting a physical store. Syed Obaid, CEO and co-founder of The Jacket Maker, is working to change that paradigm by allowing customers to design bespoke custom-tailored jackets from the comfort of their home. Currently, the company offers high-quality leather jackets, outerwear, and bags on its website. Starting Out Why did you start your business? Right after graduating, I started my career at one of the world’s largest e-commerce incubators. I spent Read More

This Entrepreneur Has a Solution to End Package Theft

We’ve all seen the news stories – There are Grinches across the country stealing delivered packages from people’s porches. If Laura Borland, president and co-founder of Vyllage, has her way, the Grinches will no longer be able to steal Christmas (or even the box of printer paper you order from Amazon in March). Vyllage is an app that connects users with vetted homeowners in their area who are willing to receive packages on their behalf and are compensated for doing Read More