How to Manage Student Debt While Starting a Business

Starting a business is always a risky endeavor, but it can be especially so if you’re struggling with your personal finances. Student loan debt is an oppressive burden for many college graduates. According to Student Loan Hero, class of 2018 graduates left school with $29,800 in student loans. While building a successful business can make it easier to handle your student debt later on, it’s important to have a plan to manage it responsibly until you achieve that goal. Here Read More

The Best Business Credit Cards That I Can Be Approved for

Getting a good business credit card is a great way to build a business credit history and get some benefits and rewards along the way. But depending on your personal credit history, it can be tough to get the card you want. Before you apply for any business credit card, it’s a good idea to check your credit score first. Once you know it, then you can apply for a card that you have a good chance of getting approved Read More

Do I Really Need to Use a Separate Business Credit Card?

Using a credit card for business expenses can be a convenient way to get some extra time to pay off expenses, and can also make it possible to get rewards and benefits every time you swipe. In general, though, it’s always a good idea to use a separate credit card for business expenses as you do for personal expenses. Here’s why. Separating personal and business expenses As the saying goes, you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. While that might not Read More

5 Low-Interest Business Credit Card Alternatives

If you have good personal credit, it’s relatively easy to qualify for a business credit card. But if you’re planning to finance large expenses over time, using a credit card can get expensive. Here are some alternatives to consider that may offer lower interest rates, or won’t charge interest at all. 1. Small business loan If your business has been around for a while and has good financials, you may be able to qualify for a small business loan. Banks Read More

Can I Get a Business Credit Card Without a Social Security Number?

A business credit card is designed to help you keep your business and personal expenses separate, so it can be surprising to find out that business credit card issuers ask for a Social Security number when you go through the application process. There’s a good reason for this request, but, fortunately, you may be able to get around it if you don’t have a Social Security number. Here’s what you need to know. Why credit card issuers require a Social Read More

The Best Business Credit Cards for Sole Proprietors

As a sole proprietor, you are your business. And while that structure might work for the product or service that you’re trying to sell, it can make it difficult to get approved for some forms of business financing, including loans and lines of credit. A business credit card, on the other hand, doesn’t require your business to have a credit history. Instead, card issuers typically base their approval on your personal credit history, making it easy to get a card Read More

Why Business Credit Cards Require a Credit Check

Getting a business credit card is typically easier than getting a small business loan or line of credit. But even business credit cards issuers tend to want to run a credit check when you apply. For most business owners, getting a business credit card without a credit check is unlikely to happen. But if your business is well established and you have solid financials, there are some options available. Why business credit cards require a credit check If you’ve ever Read More

The Best Gas Credit Cards for Small Businesses

If your business spends a lot of money on gas, there’s a handful of business credit cards that can make those expenses more rewarding. As you shop around and compare various gas credit cards, look not only at the rewards you’ll earn on gas purchases, but also other features that meet the needs of your business. Here are our top choices. Best for a high rewards rate: Sam’s Club® Business Mastercard® The Sam’s Club® Business Mastercard® offers a whopping 5% cash Read More

What Business Credit Card Should I Get?

Getting the right credit card for your business can make your life a lot easier as the owner. Not only does it help separate your business expenses from your personal purchases, but it can also help you regulate your cash flow, get rewards on every purchase you make, and more. With so many business credit cards on the market, though, it can be tough to know how to go about picking the right one. Here are five steps you can Read More

Is it a Good Idea to Use a Business Credit Card for Personal Expenses?

When you have a business credit card with a high limit and an attractive interest rate, it’s hard to resist pulling it out to pay for a few personal expenses. After all, you might get a better deal with the business card than with the personal card. And what’s the worst that could happen if you do use a business credit card for personal expenses? Even though most business credit card issuers have card agreements that emphasize that you shouldn’t Read More