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Best Ways Build Business Credit with Nav Prime

Your businesses’ reputation can mean the difference between failure and success. And your business credit history is an important part of your businesses’ reputation. Commercial credit reports and scores can be used by lenders, insurance companies, or other businesses to decide whether to do business with your company.  If you’re a small business owner looking for a comprehensive tool to help your business build profile and maintain strong business credit, plus much more, Nav Prime offers the solution.  Find out… Read More

How to Use Nav Prime to Build Business Credit & Accelerate Your Business Growth

Running a business can be hard. That’s why business owners are often on the hunt for tools to make their jobs easier.  Nav Prime is the only solution that puts your business on the path to better financing through proven financial tools. Here’s how you can use Nav Prime to help your business grow.  Intro to Nav Prime Nav Prime can help small business owners build their business credit history, improve the metrics that matter, and access the best financing… Read More

Guide to Tradelines that Quickly Build Your Business Credit Profile

If you’re trying to understand how to establish business credit, you’ll likely come across the term “tradelines,” as they are an integral part of building business credit.  How do tradelines work, and what’s the best way to use them to establish business credit? We’ll answer both questions here and give you the tools you need to build credit with tradelines.  What Are Tradelines? Tradelines is industry lingo for accounts that appear on credit reports. It’s most commonly used in the… Read More

Tradelines for Sale: Is it a Best Practice or Fake Shortcut? 

Buying tradelines (or renting tradelines) is often promoted as a way to quickly boost credit scores. But is it legit? Whether you’re a business owner searching for a small business loan, or if you’re  hoping to get a mortgage or car loan, you likely know that good credit is key to getting approved for financing, and for getting the best interest rates.  If you’re having trouble qualifying for financing and searching for credit repair solutions, you may have come across… Read More

The 9 Best Banks for Small Business Loans in 2023

Getting financing for your small business isn’t a matter of “if” but “when.” Sooner or later, your business is going to need capital, whether it’s to make it through a slow period or to expand. That’s why, even if you’re not looking to take out a loan right now, it’s smart to look ahead to stay on top of what’s available. For many small business owners, a bank loan is their first choice when it comes to finding a business… Read More

What is Revolving Utilization

Revolving utilization is an important factor that can impact your credit scores. It’s often the main reason your credit scores change from month to month. But utilization can be confusing, so let’s break it down here and help you use it to your advantage.  If you’ve seen the FICO score formula, debt is one of the top factors that affects credit scores (second after payment history) and utilization is a major part of that calculation.  What is a Good Revolving… Read More