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Five Simple and Inexpensive Asset Protection Strategies

Asset protection strategies are essential for safeguarding your wealth from unexpected events or liabilities. While some methods can be complex and expensive, there are five relatively simple and cost-effective techniques that can provide significant protection: umbrella insurance, life insurance, annuities, retirement accounts, and 529 accounts. Understanding these strategies and how they can benefit you will help secure a business owner’s hard earned assets and ensure the financial future for your loved ones. Please note:  The degree of asset protection provided… Read More

Calculating Annual Business Revenue 101: Why Is It Important?

“How much money do you make?” That would be a rude question if asked by a stranger, or even a friend. But if you are a business owner seeking financing or money from investors, you’ll encounter that question all the time, and you better be prepared to answer it.  Understanding the meaning of annual revenue, how to calculate annual revenue, and then to be able to confidently share that number when required, can be key when growing a financially healthy… Read More

Enhance Your Small Business Finances With 5 of Nav Prime’s Key Features

Managing financial goals is one of the many tasks business owners and entrepreneurs have on their plates on a daily basis. Nav Prime is a business bundle that helps you simplify your small business finances and build up credit to get better financing.  Nav Prime includes the Nav Prime Card, up to six detailed credit reports, and a business checking account. Brief Background on Nav Prime as a New Financial Solution Small business owners can think of Nav Prime as… Read More

Overwhelmed by Business Finances? 7 Surefire Ways to Manage Your Business Finances Better

Sales and marketing, marketing, market research, product development, and customer service. These are just some of the areas that entrepreneurs have to manage in their small business. It’s no wonder they often feel overwhelmed.  And then there’s the most critical task for small business owners: managing small business finances. Ultimately, a business owner must manage cash flow well, and make a profit to be successful. But unless they have a background in accounting or finance, managing money in the business… Read More

How Cash Flow Problems Start and How to Fix Them

“It was a lot of things. Got too big too fast.” That’s Sydney in Episode 5 of the hit TV show, The Bear, talking to a coworker about why her catering business failed.  “Wasn’t exactly liquid enough for a brick and mortar. And so running it out of my garage was…stupid. My credit got destroyed.” Sydney goes on to describe how a botched job with an important customer sent her financially fragile business into a tailspin from which it never… Read More

How to Make the Leap from Residential to Commercial Cleaning in 2024

If you run a cleaning company focused on residential house cleaning but are looking to expand your small business, it might be smart to consider offering commercial cleaning services. While the leap to commercial from residential cleaning is doable, there are some things you need to be aware of in the process. Commercial Cleaning Services Are Still in High Demand Consider every office, every store, every gym, and every restaurant within a one-mile radius of your house. All of those… Read More