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Do I Need a Small Business Coach?

Many small business owners didn’t study finance or management before launching their own businesses — and it can be a struggle to piece together all the information and tools needed to create a successful business. Luckily, you can hire a small business coach for help with business guidance and direction. Learn what a small business coach is, whether it’s the right step for you, and how to find the best business coach in this Nav article. What Is a Small… Read More

The Financing Options to Fund Your Small Business Marketing

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have a lot of expenses on their plate, and marketing spend is one that is vital but can add up. If you’re struggling with the cash flow that will allow you to pay for all the marketing costs you need, there’s financing that may be available to you. Learn the top small business marketing tips, how to finance marketing, and the latest small business marketing trends that you might consider for your small business. Changes… Read More

21 Small Business New Year’s Resolutions You Can Start Today

A new year’s resolution isn’t only helpful as a personal promise — the sentiment can and should extend to your small business. By making business-wide resolutions, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers can promote growth, increase the bottom line, and improve company morale. Now it’s time to decide which small business new year’s resolutions to prioritize. Here are the most common new year’s resolutions for small business owners (or startups that are making their debut) that can help create your… Read More

Calculating the Break-Even Analysis for Your Business

A break-even analysis is a financial analysis tool that can help business owners in important decision-making, such as at what point a new business or new product will be profitable.Knowing the break-even point (BEP) for your business can also help you find investors. It’s not difficult to calculate a break-even point for a small business, but you do have to know some key variables in terms of revenue and costs.Learn more about a business break-even analysis and how to calculate it… Read More

What the Housing Market Tells Us About Small Business Today 

The U.S. housing market has been in the news a lot recently, as home sales and prices have started to decline after a boom through the Covid-19 pandemic. In an attempt to slow inflation, the U.S. Federal Reserve (or the Fed) has increased interest rates, which directly affects home prices and affordability — higher interest rates mean more expensive mortgages, which can be a deterrent for home buyers. Homeowners may see their home values decline as there are more houses… Read More

Loan Options for Dental Office Expansion

If you’re looking to expand your dental practice by increasing your office space, adding a new location, renovating your existing dental office, or buying another dentist’s practice, you may want to consider a dental office loan. A dental office expansion can be a good way to increase your business and your brand, but it can cost money you may not have, especially if your dental practice is new. Read on to find out more about dental office financing options for… Read More