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Creating an LLC in California

When launching a new business in California, you’ll have to make the decision about what type of business structure you want to operate as. A sole proprietorship? California corporation? What about a California LLC? There are benefits to each type of business entity, but in this article, we’re going to look at the limited liability company and why it might be a good fit for you. We’ll also talk about creating an LLC in California to help you down that… Read More

How Commercial Fleet Vehicle Financing Can Work for You

If you have a company that needs vehicles to allow your workers to get around, deliver goods, or haul items, you’ve probably considered a commercial vehicle fleet. Construction crews, HVAC workers, landscapers, equipment dealers, solar panel installers, and general contractors all need specific vehicles to do their work. Whether you need to get goods to people or allow your workers to travel for work, a fleet of vehicles can be a major component of your business. Of course, buying any… Read More

Gusto Payroll Review

For small businesses that are soon to have or already have their own employees it’s important to find the best payroll software that can make the process seamless. Long gone are the days of paper pay stubs and now we can welcome direct deposit payday for all, in addition. Whether it’s a new hire/new employee, contractor, or recurring employee, establishing a consistent online payroll system will make payroll processing helpful for small business owners and reduce the numerous tax forms… Read More

What Does Annual Revenue Mean for Your Business?

Business owners would do well to understand the intricacies of their business finances, including cash flow, profit, loss, and revenue. If you’re not fully sure how to measure your company’s revenue, this article will help. What is Annual Revenue? Your company’s annual revenue, or annual sales, is the total amount of money it earns over a year. You might measure that year as a calendar or fiscal year, depending on how you do your accounting.  Revenue does not take expenses… Read More

Small Business Emergency Funds: Preparing For Financial Need

Just as an emergency fund is essential when it comes to your personal finances, an emergency fund for your small business can help your business survive setbacks. The average business has about 28 days of cash on hand. And in a Federal Reserve survey of business owners, 17% of business owners said that if faced with two months of declining revenues, they would have to close. A business savings account can be a lifeline. Learn how to create a business… Read More

Small Business Financial Strategy: Tips For Success

How you manage your finances, as well as how you plan for future growth, are the cornerstones of a successful business. But if you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs, you haven’t put much thought into a financial strategy. You may be so mired in the daily tasks of running your business that you haven’t considered what you need to do for future success. That’s where having a financial plan comes in handy. It can help you make the most of… Read More