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Small Business Financing is Hard: Here’s How It’s Getting Easier

“It was so quick and easy, I was honestly shocked,” says Lolita Carrico, CEO of Forward Media & Marketing in Santa Monica CA, of her recent experience getting financing through Nav's instant financing offer. “To my ultimate surprise, we were funded the very next day,” she marvels.  With the introduction of instant financing, Nav has dramatically streamlined the ability for business owners like Lolita to access capital.  Nav has partnered with Enova SMB to offer instant lines of credit for… Read More

Che Butter Jonez Wins Nav $10,000 Grant

I’ve been with Nav for not quite six months (but in COVID-19 time, it feels more like six years). Being relatively new, this was my first experience interviewing potential grant winners for Nav’s $10,000 grant and I am blown away.  Of all the things we do at Nav, offering grants to deserving small business owners just became my favorite. Folks like Malik Rhasaan (known as Che Butter Jonez) and his wife Detric Fox-Quinlan (known as Bae Butter Jonez) are a… Read More

How a 20-Year-Old B&B Plans to Persevere Through COVID: Meet the Nav Grant Runner-Up

Like so many businesses in the hospitality industry, The Inn at Horn Point in Annapolis Maryland has been hard hit by COVID-19. Cory and Carol Bonney, owners and resident operators of the Inn at Horn Point, and their daughter Josalyn who works in the family business, are working quickly to adapt. Nav is proud to award them $2,000 — second place in Nav’s Quarterly Small Business Grant — to provide crucial funds as they pivot their business. Their grant winnings… Read More

This Candle Company Is on Fire: Nav Small Business Grant Runner-Up

Starting with $200 in homemade candle supplies, Brittany Whitenack, founder & owner of Antique Candle Co. has built a company that six years later employs 34 people in Lafayette Ind. Each soy candle her company sells is still hand-poured. Nav is proud to award Antique Candle Co. with the third place prize in the Nav Quarterly Small Business Grant. The Antique Candle Co. grant application stood out among hundreds in part because it clearly and specifically explained how each level… Read More

A Message From Nav’s CEO on Black Lives Matter

The recent events surrounding George Floyd’s death have weighed heavily on all of us at Nav.  Racism and discrimination — in any form, at any level —  is unacceptable. And what’s also unacceptable is silence.  Silence amounts to complicity.  We cannot remain quiet on issues of injustice in humanity. Silence is deafening, and by not openly talking about racism and discrimination it grows in the shadows.  Today, I am breaking the silence on behalf of all Nav team members.  Institutional… Read More

What Is the Latest Capital One Breach, and How Does It Affect You?

Oops, it happened again. The news cycle is abuzz with the revelation that a significant data breach has hit Capital One, and the alleged perpetrator (a Seattle software engineer) has been arrested. The data breach is being called one of the largest in history, and while the suspect was accused of accessing records from a cloud-based server between March 12 and July 17 of this year, the information collected represents many years of sensitive consumer data. Here’s what you need… Read More