Divvy Smart Credit Card for Business Review

Divvy Smart Credit Card for Business Review

Divvy Smart Credit Card for Business Review

If your company needs access to a credit line but with the flexibility of a credit card, consider Divvy. The lender provides funds to companies with all types of credit, as well as some savvy budgeting and expense management solutions.

What is Divvy?

Divvy is a spend and expense management platform for businesses with the added benefit of a business credit card. The company provides funds for small businesses as well as tools to manage spending and budgets.

How Does a Divvy Credit Card for Business Work?

Divvy offers a credit line to businesses, as well as a Divvy card for any employee who needs access to the funds. With those funds, you can set up budgets for spending so that employees never go over what you’re willing to spend on a given expense category.

You can have physical cards for employees or virtual ones, and there’s a mobile app you can use to view and manage expenses.

Your company can use your line of credit for any business-related expenses, from rent to office supplies. You’ll have the opportunity to make monthly payments or pay off your balance in full.

In addition to the Smart Credit Card, Divvy offers some other unique features. Its expense management tools let you instantly review and categorize business expenses and set enforceable budgets on different categories. You can also reimburse employees for out-of-pocket expenses they’ve covered.

Divvy Travel is a feature for business travelers and includes all the tools you need to book and manage travel and travel expenses.

Additionally, Divvy has a Bill Pay feature that simplifies paying your company’s invoices digitally.

Pros and Cons of Divvy Credit Cards

If you’re considering the Divvy credit card or other features, here’s what you should consider first.


Divvy reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with Divvy customers commenting on how easy it is to manage business expenses. 

And the Divvy app has good reviews too. While there have been a few complaints about the sluggishness of the app, Divvy customer service has been quick to respond and take action on issues reviewers mentioned.

Another perk is the fact that you can order a Divvy card for yourself and other employees, or you can get virtual cards to use online. 

Divvy can help you build business credit, since it reports your activity to the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE®). Also, if you have bad credit, you may still qualify for financing through Divvy.

One of the biggest benefits of working with this financing company is its many budgeting and spending tools. You can connect Divvy to your accounting software and streamline managing your finances. You can easily view expense reports and transactions as well as set budgets for expenses.


The major drawback is that Divvy’s site doesn’t list interest rate fees, so you may not know what you’d pay until you get approved. Nor does the site mention the credit score or other qualifications you need for approval.

(Learn how to establish business credit so you qualify for the best rates!)

How Does a Divvy Credit Card for Business Compare?

It’s difficult to compare the Divvy credit card to business credit cards in terms of interest rates, though Divvy does say it doesn’t charge any fees.

The main way this corporate card stands out is with its many expense and budgeting tools that can give your company better insight into where you’re spending your money, help you set controls so employees don’t overspend, and allow you to manage business travel from one central hub.

Who Should Use the Divvy Smart Credit Card for Business?

If your company wants an easy way to make purchases, whether that’s online or in a store, and if you have more than one employee who is authorized to charge expenses for your company, Divvy may be a great solution.

Also, if you could use a little help setting budgets and managing expenses, you’ll love those additional features that Divvy provides.

If you’re looking for larger loan amounts and have strong credit, you might consider other small business loans, since they put cash in your bank account and likely offer better rates than a credit card like Divvy’s.

Nav’s Verdict: Divvy Smart Credit Card

As a small business, you likely don’t have an entire finance team at your disposal. That’s why leveraging tools like Divvy make sense: with easy access to expense tracking tools, you’ll have a better handle on where you’re money is going, even if you’re no financial wizard. And if you have employees who can use company credit cards, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve set spending limits to prevent them from blowing your business’ budget.

All in all, Divvy offers a unique proposition with its Smart Credit Card combined with business finance management tools.

This article was originally written on February 18, 2021 and updated on October 7, 2021.

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4 responses to “Divvy Smart Credit Card for Business Review

  1. I recentlly converted my one-person shop into a corporation. In other words, I’m profitable. Did divvy offer me credit? No, a “pre-paid card”. Uhhh, whatever. Yeah, that’s called Paypal. I’ll just continue using Paypal I guess? In other words, I really can’t say there is utility in that. Doh.

  2. Maybe Divvy works well for small businesses with no employees (or none with their own card) or the home office, I can’t speak to those situations. As an employee of a company that switched to Divvy in late 2020, who uses the card mostly for travel expenses, simply put, it is not ready for prime time.
    I cannot recommend Divvy, or the related travel site “Tripactions”, as they simply don’t function very well and my requests for help on the site have gone unanswered.
    Some examples:
    They sell you on being able to charge something, then take a picture of the receipt and upload it to the app on your phone. This is simply not very useful in the real world, unless you want to take the time to stop, make sure the receipt if flat so the image will be legible, take the picture, then open the app to upload the image. I prefer to scan in my receipt, I even have a scan app on my phone, plus many places, especially hotels, simply e-mail your receipt, but the Divvy app will not access ‘files’ on an iPhone, on pictures, so now I must either do a screen capture of the e-mailed PDF, then load that photo to the Divvy app, or do it on a computer (the computer version of the Divvy app will recognize PDFs).
    Want to do a new reimbursement on your computer, that function hasn’t worked for at least 3 weeks. I did send a message to Divvy asking if this function could be fixed, 2 weeks later and no response and the function still doesn’t work. So now I must do new reimbursements on my phone, once submitted I can edit it on the computer where I have my travel request (submitted/approved by e-mail only), map and other info to be attached to each reimbursement.
    Those e-receipts some (many) hotels are capable of, Divvy doesn’t recognize them.
    I have gotten so frustrated with Divvy, I am keeping a list of issues, should I ever be able to actually talk to someone.

    Maybe Divvy works for typical office business type expenses, buying office supplies, etc., but it does not perform well for folks who travel much or travel within federal govt. travel allowances (it doesn’t recognize these limits).

  3. Hi my name is Charles Johnson I apply for the Divvy card an they never got back with me to let me no something…