This Week’s Happenings: Workplace, Ignoring the Internet, and Emotion as a Sales Tool

This Week’s Happenings: Workplace, Ignoring the Internet, and Emotion as a Sales Tool

This Week’s Happenings: Workplace, Ignoring the Internet, and Emotion as a Sales Tool

Behance Cofounder’s Design Secret: Ignore the Internet

Matias Corea sold his company, Behance, to Adobe in 2012. After two years working for Adobe, he left in search of a culture where he could be a leader. His advice to leaders of other companies? Encourage your employees to learn, even if it’s something outside the scope of their job. If an employee has an interest in learning to engineer a sailboat, promoting them to learn that will unlock creativity in other aspects of their life.

Emotion Sells, Even in B2B—Here’s How to Use Emotion to Win Business Buyers

When you’re trying to sell a product or service to a business customer, how are you setting yourself apart from your competitors? According to a 2013 study by Google and CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council, almost half of your clients are more likely to buy what you’re offering if they see a personal value in the transaction. If you’ve been having trouble making business sales, maybe it’s worth devoting time to figure out what motives your buyers to act, what messaging resonates, and what your audience values.

Workplace by Facebook opens to sell enterprise social networking to the masses

Facebook is rolling out a new service called Facebook at Work, which will challenge workplace messaging apps such as Slack and Yammer by providing group and direct messaging, live video and audio calling, and more. Workplace comes at a significantly lower cost per user than many other popular messaging apps, and here’s why.

20 Things You Should Ask Yourself If You’re Wondering If Entrepreneurship Is Right for You

If you’re considering taking the plunge into entrepreneurship, you’ll have to prepare yourself for long, draining days, and a great deal of setbacks. As entrepreneur and CEO of Nav Levi King puts it:

“Startup work is hard, and each challenge or setback is like a hole getting punched in the bottom of the pail. It starts to drip slowly at first, but as the hours pass, the water leaks out more quickly, until one day you’re staring at an empty pail.”

Here are 20 things to consider to determine if you’re ready for the plunge, and determine if you’ll be able to successfully repair each hole before the water level in your pail hits zero.

Proposed changes to Equity Crowdfunding Act

Here’s a proposed change to the way equity crowdfunding works, including an increase to the annual funding limit for startups using crowdfunding, and a provision that will allow entrepreneurs to gauge interest in their company before extending potential offers to investors.

How to Relax, Be Present, and Lead

[VIDEO] Take a move out of an actor’s playbook with this tip for relaxing from author Cathy Rose Salit.

This article was originally written on October 14, 2016 and updated on April 4, 2019.

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