12 Small Business Podcasts That Will Help You Sell More

12 Small Business Podcasts That Will Help You Sell More

12 Small Business Podcasts That Will Help You Sell More

Running a business is often about setting goals and putting in the long hours and hard work to achieve them. Regardless of what type of business you run, it’s likely that “selling more” has a frequent, if not long-term, place on your to-do list. It’s a goal that requires staying up to date on new techniques, honing strategies, and being in touch with the latest industry news.

The sad part? It’s difficult for small business owners, many of whom have little downtime. Podcasts, however, afford busy professionals with the opportunity to digest powerful and life-changing information while they’re commuting, working out, making dinner, or participating in any number of daily tasks that are well suited for audio media.

You can spend hours—if not days—sifting through all the many podcasts out there, but if your goal is to sell more, then these 12 podcasts can help. Plus, many of them offer valuable information for not only running a business, but living the entrepreneurial life.

1. Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

Bowery Capital’s podcast is designed specifically to help businesses improve their sales, and for that reason, it’s an obvious win for this list. With industry experts hosting and joining the podcast, it’s hard not to learn something new—and ultimately valuable—to your sales and overall business strategies.

Audiences can expect a healthy mix of topics, including those focused on everything from SaaS to recruitment. There’s something for everyone, but startup founders are especially likely to find this podcast invaluable.

Listen to Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast.

2. B2B Growth

Does your business sell to other businesses? Hosted by James Carbary, Nikki Ivey, and Logan Lyles, this daily podcast for B2B businesses brings listeners one-on-one interviews with industry leaders who specialize in all areas of marketing strategy including content, technology, and social media.

B2B Growth is known for offering solid business advice in succinct episodes that typically don’t run over 25 minutes. For the small business owner on the run, this is the perfect way to grab some valuable knowledge while commuting, during a lunch break, or at the gym.

Listen to B2B Growth.

3. Accelerate Your Business Growth

The Accelerate Your Business Growth podcast regularly makes top podcast lists, and perhaps one reason is host Diane Helbig’s diverse yet strategic approach to business success. Avid listeners include small business owners and salespeople alike, all hoping to gain insights from Diane, who has become a well-known business advisor, sales trainer, author, and all-around growth accelerator.

Though Diane covers many aspects of business, for those seeking sales-specific advice, her interview with Stacey Brown Randall, which focuses on gaining referrals without asking for them, is well worth the time.

Listen to Accelerate Your Business Growth.

4. Sales Evangelist

Donald Kelly’s motto is “when you find something of value you should share it,” and that he does. Donald is utterly passionate about B2B sales, but his podcast is far from preachy.  

As with many of the other hosts on this list, Donald brings in a solid number of high-performing guests who share their wisdom with the audience. What’s great about his show is it’s perfect for listeners at various stages of their business journey, from students just entering into sales and business to seasoned entrepreneurs looking to hone their skills.

Listen to Sales Evangelist.

5. Liz on Biz

Running a business isn’t just about financial decisions and market strategies—it’s a lifestyle. Liz on Biz host Liz Theresa offers a refreshing take on business that takes into account everything from lifestyle choices to online marketing, and seemingly everything in between.

Liz’s show is high energy and fun without sacrificing content, and when engaging with her well-chosen guests, Liz offers listeners a nice pick-me-up with a healthy side of business acumen. Though any entrepreneur can benefit from this podcast, female business owners should make it a point to subscribe and listen ASAP.

Listen to Liz on Biz.

6. The Marketing Book Podcast

Do you find yourself with no time to get to that list of business books you’ve been meaning to read? Douglas Burdett, host of The Marketing Book Podcast, offers interviews with best-selling authors of sales and marketing books. You’ll get actionable advice, but be warned: Your list of books to read may get a little longer!

It’s worth noting that Douglas is a stand-up comedian, making this podcast as entertaining as it is informative. If you want to end your week on an upbeat note, you’ll want to check out the new episodes that air every Friday.

Listen to The Marketing Book Podcast.

7. AM/PM Podcast

If you’re selling on Amazon— or want to— then Manny Coats and his AM/PM Podcast may be just what you need. Manny, who started selling on Amazon in 2015, has worn many hats in his lifetime, the likes of which range from humor site founder to mobile game developer. His eclectic experience and drive for success make this podcast entertaining and informative.

On AM/PM Podcast, Manny takes a straightforward approach to Amazon FBA advice. What’s great about this podcast is that Manny discusses and guides listeners through a wide range of topics and consistently offers detailed, step-by-step, action-oriented solutions for FBA sellers at various points in their journey. One example: You can’t sell a product you can’t produce. Here Manny shared how he used creative financing from his manufacturer to launch a product without having to pay for production up front.

Listen to the AM/PM Podcast.

8. Success Unfiltered

Does selling make you feel uncomfortable? Does a “no” from a prospect make you feel like a failure? Michelle Weinstein, who goes by the moniker “The Pitch Queen” wants you to know you’re not alone. Selling doesn’t come naturally to many entrepreneurs, and whether you love it or hate it, Michelle wants to help you embrace this essential aspect of growing a successful business.

Michelle’s podcast shares stories from entrepreneurs who have experienced both success and setbacks in an effort to inspire and educate. Her own sales experience includes selling real estate and food products, as well as raising $1 million for her most recent company. Tune in and you may just find yourself learning to love selling.

Listen to Success Unfiltered.

9. In the Arena

Advice that’s practical, valuable, and executable—doesn’t that sound nice? That’s what you can expect from Anthony Iannarino’s podcast, In the Arena. Anthony, who is the author of several well-received books, including The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, brings over 25 years of experience to his audience to help them increase sales and take their business to the next level.

Though Anthony brings plenty to the table on his own, listeners also get to hear from authors and industry experts, like Seth Godin, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Tiffani Bova. This healthy mix of top-notch interviews and personal experience have made In the Arena a popular podcast for both B2B and B2C professionals.

Listen to In the Arena.

10. Growth Everywhere

Growth Everywhere is another podcast that recognizes the importance of maintaining personal and business growth in an effort to maximize sales and create a successful business. Eric Siu, CEO of the digital marketing agency Single Grain, uses his platform to impart a wealth of knowledge on everything from sales to productivity.

Growth Everywhere is an accurate title as listeners can expect to listen to everything from interviews with top industry moguls—like Tim Schmoyer, Master of YouTube— to podcasts centered on industry basics, as is the case in an episode titled “The 5 Rules for Ads that Convert.”

Listen to Growth Everywhere.

11. Get WealthFit!

At one point in his career, Dustin Mathews traveled the country selling from the stage. His experience as a successful public speaker comes through in these fast-paced, no-fluff interviews with successful business owners and advisors.

Many Get WealthFit! episodes focus directly on sales, such as Dustin’s interviews with Susan McVea on selling to women, Kevin Harrington from the original Shark Tank cast on how to pitch to a “shark,” and his conversation with $250 million marketer Geoff Chadwick. As the name implies, some interviews focus on health and wellness for the entrepreneur, which can also have an impact on sales and income.

Listen to Get WealthFit!

12. Sales Babble Podcast

“Great selling is about helping,” says Pat Helmers, host of the Sales Babble Podcast. Pat doesn’t believe you have to be sleazy or pushy to be successful in sales, and he speaks from experience: He built an inside and outside sales team for a SaaS startup that generated eight figures in revenue.

Pat interviews sales experts from a range of industries; the main focus is B2B sales, but business owners whose primary customers are consumers won’t be left out. Pat posted his top episodes for 2018, and not surprisingly the number one overall topic was cold-calling.

Listen to Sales Babble Podcast.

This article was originally written on August 16, 2019.

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