6 Steps to Work Remotely During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most hectic time of the year for small business owners. As people travel to spend the holidays with loved ones or simply spend more time at home, that doesn’t mean the work stops. Working away from the office or working from home is a growing trend in the working world, but perhaps your business doesn’t allow for this or you simply haven’t tried it out. For Read More

How This Mom’s Ever-Growing Laundry Pile Inspired a Business

Any parent of young children can relate to the constant struggle of staying on top of laundry. Angelyn Myers, founder of My Buddy Towel, is no different. The mom of six was especially frustrated when one of her children insisted on using three towels to keep warm after bath time, adding significantly to the laundry pile. Myers knew there had to be a better way, so she invented My Buddy Towel, a combination towel and onesie to keep kids comfy Read More

How This Veteran Is Helping Other Veterans Find Employment

“We’re on a mission to bring veterans and employers together,” said Robyn Grable, founder and CEO of Veterans Ascend, a new online program that matches veterans with employers based on skills. According to Grable, her company has translated every occupation from the five branches of the military into a list of skills. Employers create job profiles, pick the skills they’re looking for, and the system finds them veterans with those skills. “One of the barriers we’ve found is that veterans Read More

How Keeping a Broad Focus Has Helped This Marketing Agency Grow

Erika Taylor Montgomery is the CEO of Three Girls Media, a marketing agency that delivers social media marketing, content marketing, and public relations to clients across many industries. Montgomery started the business when she decided she would never allow an employer to dictate her schedule again, causing her to miss out on important family events. Now, Three Girls Media offers a flexible work environment that lets all employees put family first. Starting Out Why did you start your company? Right out Read More

How This Entrepreneur Started a Business To Help New Parents

Nicole Johnson is the president and owner of The Baby Sleep Site, a resource for new parents who are trying to help their babies, toddlers, and preschoolers sleep better. The company provides assistance with issues like sleeping through the night and taking longer naps through free blog articles, e-books, audio recordings, and live chat services with sleep consultants. “Sometimes, you need a more personal touch to help your specific baby sleep, so we offer one-on-one services and support. We’re kind Read More

These Moms Saw a Need in the Kitchen and Started a Business

Doaa Elkady is a health-conscious mom who saw a need in her own kitchen for clean, organic ethnic spice blends. So, she and her sister-in-law founded Spice Tree Organics. “We realized there really weren’t any authentic global spice blends out there that were certified organic. We decided to start this company to offer that to people,” she said. For more than three years, the company has been doing just that in the New York City area and through its Website. Read More

How This Entrepreneur Keeps Her Business Changing with the Times

Cynthia Rowland is the founder and CEO of Rejenuve, Inc. an anti-aging company that deals in natural products, “Because we know that natural beauty is what makes women look fantastic!” she said. The company offers the Facial Magic exercise program for the face and neck, the Luscious Lips lip plumper, and an entire array of skincare items based on botanical and natural ingredients. Why did you start your company? My background is in physical fitness and business. Early on, I Read More

How This Runner Warmed Up Her Hands and Started a Business

Susan Clayton, the founder of WhitePaws RunMitts, is a runner who came up with a simple solution for a common problem. “As you run, your temperature fluctuates. You are cold at the start and then you heat up. You might also get cold again if you run in the shade or the temperature drops. You’re constantly putting your mittens on and then taking them off,” she said. “I would just stick them in my shirt or in my pocket. Sometimes Read More

Why This Entrepreneur Thinks Less is More

Doug Dibert is the founder of Magnfi, a company that totally automates the process of capturing video testimonials from happy clients. He says the Magnfi tool is simple to use and gives customers a fully produced video testimonial that’s ready to share. Starting Out Why did you start your business? I’ve been in video marketing since 2005. I owned a video marketing agency called Crossing River Studios. I was always looking to the future of where video was heading. I’m Read More

This Former Artisan Created a Business to Help Other Artisans Succeed

Kim Kraemer is the owner of Marketspace Vendor Events, a business based in New Jersey that organizes popup handmade markets in the Tri-State area. With a network of 1,600 vendors, Marketspace partners with venues like wineries or rented storefronts to create special events featuring tailored artisan markets. Starting Out Why did you start your business? My husband and I both had careers working in the city and commuting. After we left work and put the kids to bed, we had Read More