How This Writer Started Her Small Business and Changed Her Life

Kristen Edens is a content and branding expert for businesses. The company she initially began to provide freelance copywriting has now evolved to offer a multitude of writing services that help boost brands and audience awareness. Edens also provides coaching for new entrepreneurs and other small business clients that need help building content strategies and shaping business direction. Starting Out Why did you start your business? At a very young age, I started writing down my dreams. I enjoyed that Read More

This Company Is Bringing Custom-Tailored Jackets Online

Typically, getting a high-end garment custom-designed or tailored involves visiting a physical store. Syed Obaid, CEO and co-founder of The Jacket Maker, is working to change that paradigm by allowing customers to design bespoke custom-tailored jackets from the comfort of their home. Currently, the company offers high-quality leather jackets, outerwear, and bags on its website. Starting Out Why did you start your business? Right after graduating, I started my career at one of the world’s largest e-commerce incubators. I spent Read More

This Entrepreneur Has a Solution to End Package Theft

We’ve all seen the news stories – There are Grinches across the country stealing delivered packages from people’s porches. If Laura Borland, president and co-founder of Vyllage, has her way, the Grinches will no longer be able to steal Christmas (or even the box of printer paper you order from Amazon in March). Vyllage is an app that connects users with vetted homeowners in their area who are willing to receive packages on their behalf and are compensated for doing Read More

How This Hollywood Makeup Artist is Giving Every Little Girl the Chance to be a Mermaid

Mark Viniello is the CEO of Overactive Imaginations, Inc., the company that makes Enchantails, a collection of sleeping bags that look like mermaid tails. Enchantails are sold with a storybook that tells the tale of each tail. A Hollywood makeup effects artist, Viniello has infused each product he sells with a little bit of movie magic. Starting Out Why did you start your business? I’ve been a professional makeup effects artist for 25 years. I make creatures, monsters, and that Read More

This Entrepreneur Made a Business of Grandma’s Recipes

Theo Lee is the CEO and founder of KPOP Foods, a business he started with friend and classmate Mike Kim. KPOP is a Korean food brand inviting people to discover and enjoy Korean food and flavors through its products. Lee and Kim sell a variety of products online, including a Korean chili sauce and roasted seaweed snacks. They hope to offer their products in retail stores in the coming year. Starting Out Why did you start the company? I graduated Read More

How a Packet of Taco Seasoning Birthed a Business Idea

Hoping to clean up your eating after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend? Eat Clean Meal Prep to the rescue! CEO and founder Bryn Butolph started the company to take the guesswork and the hard work out of eating healthy. Eat Clean Meal Prep provides fully prepared meal delivery in the San Diego area that’s focused on healthy, organic, and fresh foods. The company also offers 28 proprietary seasonings that have no salt, sugar, or GMOs, and that work for Paleo, Kosher, Read More

From Wedding Singer to Multi-Million-Dollar Business Owner

‘Tis the season for parties, which means Natasha Miller, founder and CEO of Entire Productions, is a busy lady. Her company plans corporate and social events, bringing in entertainment of every genre and discipline – from tarot readers to DJs to casino tables. Starting Out Why did you start your business? I am a classically trained violinist and a jazz vocalist. I was really kind of an entrepreneur at 15 without knowing it. I was playing with a string quartet Read More

6 Steps to Work Remotely During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most hectic time of the year for small business owners. As people travel to spend the holidays with loved ones or simply spend more time at home, that doesn’t mean the work stops. Working away from the office or working from home is a growing trend in the working world, but perhaps your business doesn’t allow for this or you simply haven’t tried it out. For Read More

How This Mom’s Ever-Growing Laundry Pile Inspired a Business

Any parent of young children can relate to the constant struggle of staying on top of laundry. Angelyn Myers, founder of My Buddy Towel, is no different. The mom of six was especially frustrated when one of her children insisted on using three towels to keep warm after bath time, adding significantly to the laundry pile. Myers knew there had to be a better way, so she invented My Buddy Towel, a combination towel and onesie to keep kids comfy Read More

How This Veteran Is Helping Other Veterans Find Employment

“We’re on a mission to bring veterans and employers together,” said Robyn Grable, founder and CEO of Veterans Ascend, a new online program that matches veterans with employers based on skills. According to Grable, her company has translated every occupation from the five branches of the military into a list of skills. Employers create job profiles, pick the skills they’re looking for, and the system finds them veterans with those skills. “One of the barriers we’ve found is that veterans Read More