What This Entrepreneur Would Change About Her Jump from Corporate Career to Entrepreneur

According to Irina Balyurko, “It’s a responsibility, not a luxury, to follow your inner voice.” She’s learned this with age and through her personal experience of leaving the corporate world to work for herself. Balyurko founded SellerLadder, a company that helps small businesses that make physical products launch or grow on Amazon via consulting or full management of their Amazon channel. Though she’s been able to apply some lessons from her previous jobs and M.B.A. training, she’s learned most of Read More

How an Appearance on HGTV Kicked This Contractor’s Growth Into High Gear

Integro Rehab is a five-year-old general contracting company in the Chicago area headed by Allyson Case Anderson. The business is focused on high-end major remodel and renovation projects led by architects and interior designers. Anderson started in the industry as an executive assistant and is now the CEO and founder of Integro Rehab, a business she’s grown to transform the Chicago residential construction space. Starting Out Why did you start the business? I kind of started the business on accident, Read More

How Customer Feedback Informs This Startup’s Growth

Ada Chen Rekhi is the founder and COO of Notejoy, a collaborative notes app that helps teams tackle projects outside the noise of email and Slack. Rekhi is leveraging years of experience in the collaboration space to build a business that is concentrated on giving its core customer base the ability to get their most important work done in a fast and focused workspace. Getting Started Why did you start your company? I’m a serial entrepreneur and marketing executive. For Read More

How This Company Grew to Eight Figures with a Remote-only Workforce

Kean Graham is the founder and CEO of MonetizeMore, a company that provides technology for Google AdSense websites to help users monetize traffic. Graham started the business as a contract endeavor after a layoff and has grown MonetizeMore to 100+ full-time staff based around the world and $17 million in revenue. Starting Out Why did you start the company? I studied business at the University of Victoria. My first job out of university was with an online classified network. I Read More

How This Entrepreneur Turned Her Passion into a Business

Kristi Porter is the “chief do-gooder” and founder of Signify, a marketing communications consultancy that helps nonprofits and social enterprises get noticed and grow. Porter started her business as a way to apply her professional skills in a way that could help small organizations spread good through their communities. Starting Out Why did you start your company? I had a background in marketing, business communications and public relations. I had a lot of friends that didn’t have that background who Read More

How a Desire to Save Endangered Species Became the Foundation of This Entrepreneur’s Business

Gianluca De Stefano is the founder and “sock maestro” of Gorilla Socks, a company that sells high-quality bamboo socks to support gorilla conservation through The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International and The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). Gorilla Socks are sold mostly online, though the company is beginning to expand into zoo and aquarium gift shops through its partnership with AZA. Starting Out Why did you start the company? My background is actually completely away from fashion. I work Read More

Business Owner Story – Eric Jackson, CapLinked

CapLinked is an online platform for the secure sharing of information. “We make it easy for businesses that are looking to transact with other companies to share large amounts of potentially very sensitive and private information,” said CEO and co-founder Eric Jackson. “You can’t send sensitive information for things like mergers or licensing deals via email or Dropbox. CapLinked lets you share it, protect it, and recall it.” He recently spoke with Nav to share his entrepreneurial journey. Starting Out Read More

This Entrepreneur Is on a Mission to End Boring Surveys

Stefan Debois is the founder of Survey Anyplace, a software used to create surveys, assessments, and quizzes. What makes the company different is its commitment to fun. “We want the survey to be a fun, relevant experience for the participants. The more relevant you make it for the participants, the better data you will collect,” Debois explained. Starting Out Why did you start the company? I’m an engineer. I worked for a long time at consulting companies. I always dreamed Read More

This Entrepreneur Turned an Interest in Cuckoo Clocks Into $1 Million in Sales

Bob Ellis is the founder of Bavarian Clockworks, an e-commerce business specializing in the sale of imported cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest region of Germany. Ellis started the company on a shoestring and has built it to more than $1 million in sales over three years. Starting Out Why did you start your business? I have owned and operated my own businesses for over 25 years. I have a background in finance. I have owned retail businesses and been Read More

This Entrepreneur Built a Business by Sticking to What He Knows

Deb Shaw is the founder and head of research for MarketsNow, an online source for financial market analysis. After working in the financial services industry for many years, he identified an unmet need for high-quality news and research. Shaw decided to address that gap in the market by creating his company. Starting Out Why did you start your business? My first career out of school was working in financial services. I was an investment professional at a venture capital fund Read More