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This Week’s Happenings: the Perfect Productive Day, the Accidental Startup, and Fast-Growing Industries

This Week’s Happenings: the Perfect Productive Day, the Accidental Startup, and Fast-Growing Industries

This Week’s Happenings: the Perfect Productive Day, the Accidental Startup, and Fast-Growing Industries

4 Industries That Are Undergoing Revolutions

Without a doubt, technology is changing the landscape for many industries—but here’s a look at four in particular that are being totally transformed at near-warp speed. Demands for safer, more secure, and eco-friendlier homes are creating huge growth opportunity in the home automation industry—with a 12.46% compound annual growth rate from now through 2022. Retail, travel, and the sleep industry (think mattresses, sleep aids, sleep tracking apps) are also on track for major transformation and growth in the coming years.

Millennial Couples Are Pretty Savvy About Love & Money

Maybe this new TD Bank survey can help put to rest the notion that millennials are generally horrible with their finances. Couples who have frequent discussions about money tend to be happier, and a majority of millennial couples surveyed talk about money once a week. In fact, many respondents who used dating services said they actually talked money with their prospective date before they even met. (Tough crowd!) Credit card debt is a deal-breaker for some, and they’re also less likely than older generations to open a joint credit card account with their mate.

Your Perfect Productive Day

There’s no shortage of advice on how to be more productive. But what would happen if you compiled all of the best advice… and followed it? Using their favorite tips, Fast Company presents the ideal productive day, an elusive concept that many people strive—endlessly—to master. Although life and work will often have their way with our plans for the so-called “perfect day,” establishing good habits and helpful shortcuts can buy us a little more time to deal with surprises along the way. This video contains a slew of great ideas for a more efficient routine.

I Turned A Two-Week Side Gig Into A Successful Startup

Sometimes you take a gig that you don’t want—and it ends up leading you to great things. At least it did for software engineer Shlomi Nissan. When a web design client needed a feature that didn’t really exist in the market, Nissan found a way to create it—and that turned into an unexpected, and successful, new company.

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This article was originally written on September 16, 2016 and updated on November 2, 2016.

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