Nav Launches New User Experience to Help Entrepreneurs Monitor and Understand Personal and Business Credit Health

Nav Launches New User Experience to Help Entrepreneurs Monitor and Understand Personal and Business Credit Health

Feb 11, 2014 11:33:01 AM

  • Small Business Owners Can Access Both Personal and Business Credit Monitoring and Reports with Ease and Contextual Help
  • Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface Includes Credit Reports, Monitoring and Alerts, Identity Theft Protection and Actionable Insights, all written in plain English
February 11, 2014 12:31 PM Eastern Standard Time

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE) Nav, the first online platform to make both personal and business credit information readily available to small and medium-sized businesses, today announced that it is launching a redesigned member experience that will provide the most comprehensive and contextual information on both business and personal credit scores in one spot. The improved user interface will also provide the company’s monitoring and identity theft solutions with real-time notification and identity theft insurance.

“The new site allows business owners and other parties to go beyond the score”

“The new site allows business owners and other parties to go beyond the score,” said Levi King, CEO and co-founder of Nav. “We make it easy to get a handle on your entire credit life. Our new intuitive interface not only offers reports and scores from leading data providers, but actionable insights, monitoring and protection. Users get help in truly understanding their credit health so they can make more informed businesses decisions.”

The new member experience, available at:, introduces several features that add tremendous value for users and expands the convenience and usefulness of Nav’s online services:

Scoreboard • Based on the concept that you cannot improve what you cannot measure, Nav’s new interactive scoreboard gives a sweeping snapshot of a business’ credit health by bringing together personal and business credit scores in one spot.

Actionable Insights • Not only does the user get immediate access to personal and business credit data from the leading data providers like Experian, Transunion, D&B Credibility Corp and FICO, but Nav lets the user see how they measure up and understand what is impacting their credit scores. Nav also provides tips to improve with easy-to-understand graphics and descriptions in “plainspeak” – not “bankspeak.”

Protection • Nav provides 24-hour continuous monitoring of changes to a user’s credit, credit factors and scores, as well as identity theft risks that provide peace of mind, so they can focus on growing your business.

The website redesign comes on the heels of the release of Nav’s first mobile app. The app enables small business owners on the go to access and monitor industry-standard small business scores and gain greater visibility into how these key risk-assessment services factor into the lending process.

“Because each user is different, we designed our new interface to offer personalized tips for each user’s unique situation,” said Jesse Harding, Nav’s vice president of product. “Many financial institutions use credit scores to help them make lending decisions, especially in the case of small business owners who haven’t built up a business credit history. We show small business owners how they measure up.”

About Nav

Nav is the industry’s first online platform to consolidate personal and business credit monitoring. Nav’s subscription service enables small business owners to access valuable insights from both their personal and business credit via real-time monitoring, reports, scores and ongoing alerts. For more information, visit



This article was originally written on February 11, 2014 and updated on January 27, 2021.

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