SBA $15,000 Targeted EIDL Advance Grant: Do You Qualify?

SBA $15,000 Targeted EIDL Advance Grant: Do You Qualify?

SBA $15,000 Targeted EIDL Advance Grant: Do You Qualify?

Many small businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic were able to apply for a Targeted EIDL Advance (grant) of up to $10,000, as well as a Supplemental Targeted Advance of $5000. EIDL grants do not have to be repaid.

Please Note: This article focuses on details of the program when it was still open for applications.

To be considered for one of these grants, your business must meet the eligibility requirements (see below) and apply (or have applied) for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). However, you do not have to get or accept the loan to get the grant.

By way of background, the CARES Act that was passed March 27, 2020 included a grant (or advance) for those who applied for an EIDL loan, in the amount of up to $10,000. The SBA later determined that those grants would be made in an amount of $1000 per employee. In addition, the funds available for grants were exhausted before all eligible businesses received them. The Economic Aid Act that passed December 27, 2020 included funding for Targeted EIDL grants, which will allow some of those business owners to get the full $10,000 grant.

The American Rescue Plan signed March 11, 2021 included $10 billion in additional funding for these additional grants as well as another $5 billion to fund $5000 supplemental grants for businesses with ten or fewer employees that have suffered an economic impact of at least 50%.

How Do Businesses Qualify For a Targeted EIDL Grant?

To qualify for the full Targeted $10,000 EIDL grant, a business must: 

  • Be located in a low-income community, and
  • Have suffered an economic loss greater than 30%, and
  • Employ not more than 300 employees

In addition, the business must qualify as an eligible entity as defined in the CARES Act:  

  • A small business, cooperative, ESOP Tribal concern, with fewer than 500 employees* 
  • An individual who operates under as a sole proprietorship, with or without employees, or as an independent contractor; or
  • A private non-profit or small agricultural cooperative.
  • The business must have been in operation by January 31, 2020
  • The business must be directly affected by COVID-19

Economic loss is defined as “the amount by which the gross receipts of the covered entity declined during an 8-week period between March 2, 2020, and December 17, 2021, relative to a comparable 8-week period immediately preceding March 2, 2020, or during 2019.”  The SBA will come up with a formula for seasonal businesses. SBA states that potentially eligible applicants “will be asked to provide gross monthly revenue (all forms of combined monthly earnings received, such as profits or salaries) to confirm the 30% reduction.”  

The business address must be located in a low-income community in order to qualify, so SBA encourages potential applicants to check to see if they meet the low-income community eligibility requirement before you apply.

Is the EIDL Advance Still Available?

No the EIDL advance program (grants) and EIDL (loan) programs have both closed to new applicants. 

Much of the information in this article refers to the COVID-19 EIDL program when it was still open for applications. 

At the end of this article, you’ll find information on EIDL and other grants that are still available. 

How Do I Demonstrate Economic Loss?

Getting your tax documents organized and up to date will be essential to applying for this grant and demonstrating you qualify. 

In an FAQ document the SBA explains that “applicants who meet the low-income community criteria will be asked to provide gross monthly revenue for January 2019 through the most recent month-to-date period (all forms of combined monthly earnings received, such as profits or salaries) to confirm the reduction in revenue. 

The SBA recommends that you get your tax filing completed as soon as possible because you will be required to provide your business’ monthly gross receipts for each month from January 2019 through the most recent month-to-date period. This information will be used to determine that your business meets the greater than 30 percent reduction in revenue requirement during an 8-week period beginning on March 2, 2020. 

What Are the $5000 Supplemental Advances?

The American Rescue Plan included $5 billion in funding for Supplemental Targeted Advances (grants) to hardest hit businesses. The legislation states these $5000 grants will be available to covered businesses that:

  • Suffered an economic loss of greater than 50 percent; and
  • Employ not more than 10 employees

This grant is in addition to the $10,000 Targeted EIDL Advance. The SBA will reach out to small business owners who applied for the Targeted Advance if they appear eligible for the supplemental grant. 

Are EIDL Grants Taxable?

Good news! Legislation clarified that EIDL grants are not taxable at the federal level, that businesses who receive them will not be denied a tax deduction for qualified expenses paid for with those funds, and that EIDL grants will not be deducted from PPP for loan forgiveness purposes. This applies to all EIDL grants, including those already received. Check with your tax advisor about tax implications at the state or local level.

How Do I Apply for a Targeted EIDL Grant?

If you previously applied for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan, you will receive an invitation inviting you to apply for the targeted grant.

If you have not yet applied for EIDL you can do so at If your business appears eligible, you will be invited to apply for the Targeted Advance. You do not have to accept the EIDL loan (or even be approved for the loan) to get the grant, if you qualify. 

Important! Check your spam folder for email from the SBA and watch out for scams. The SBA is contacting previous applicants directly by email with instructions to determine eligibility and submit documentation. The SBA advises:

All communications from SBA will be sent from an official government email with an ending. Please do not send sensitive information via email to any address that does not end in

Any EIDL Grant (not loan) previously received will be subtracted from the $10,000 EIDL Grant.

Again, this program is closed to new funding and/or applications.

Will I Have to Reapply if I Got an EIDL Grant for Less Than $10,000?

No. The SBA has or will reach out to you by email and will provide instructions about how to provide the required information to determine eligibility, and how to submit documentation for any additional grant funds.

Can I Reapply or Get a Second EIDL Grant or Loan?

The SBA recommends you do not apply again as it will result in a notification that your application is a duplicate. However, you may be eligible for a larger EIDL loan. The SBA has recently increased the amount available to businesses that received EIDL loans. Your business may be eligible for an additional loan of up to $2 million (total) for 24 months of economic injury. You should receive an email from the SBA inviting you to apply for the loan increase.

If your business was declined for an EIDL loan you may request reconsideration. Send your reconsideration request to If you prefer to mail it, send it to: U.S. Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance Processing & Disbursement Center 14925 Kingsport Road FortWorth, Texas 76155. The SBA instructs you to include your application number and any information you may have that will help overcome the reason for decline. 

Note that because this program has closed, COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan applications and reconsideration requests are no longer available.

What If I Never Applied for EIDL?

Businesses that never applied for EIDL were invited to apply at For COVID-19 loans, businesses were eligible to apply through December 31, 2021 as long as funds were available. If it appeared your business also qualified for the Targeted Advance or supplemental advance, the SBA invited you to apply.

Is It Possible EIDL Loans Will Be Forgiven?

No. EIDL loans (not advances) must be repaid over 30 years. Unlike PPP loans, there is no forgiveness process for these loans.

EIDL Targeted Advances (Grants) do not need to be repaid. 

If a business or individual fraudulently obtained an EIDL loan or grant, they may be required to repay those funds. 

The SBA estimates it disbursed over $200 billion in potentially fraudulent COVID-19 EIDLs, EIDL Targeted Advances, Supplemental Targeted Advances, and PPP loans. 

The Office of the Inspector General (OD) in collaboration with SBA, the U.S. Secret Service, other federal agencies, and financial institutions are pursuing these fraudulent cases and nearly $30 billion in COVID-19 EIDL and PPP funds have been seized or returned to SBA. These efforts are ongoing.

If you have questions about your outstanding EIDL loan, you can email

Can I Also Apply for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan?

Many business owners were able to apply for both PPP loans and EIDL loans and/or grants. However, the PPP loan program is also closed. 

What Does SBA Do When Funds Are Returned to Us?

Some business owners who successfully applied were not able to receive the funds in their business bank accounts. When that happened, the SBA said it reached out to the applicant to request any additional information or documentation needed to overcome the reason for the return.

Is There an EIDL Replacement Loan Opportunity From the SBA Available?

The Economic Injury Disaster Loan program (EIDL) was available long before the pandemic and it continues today. 

EIDLs are loans made available to businesses that have suffered economic injury due to a natural disaster such as a fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake or drought. 

If your business has been impacted economically by a natural disaster in a federally declared disaster loan, it may be eligible for a physical Disaster Loan and/or an Economic Injury Disaster Loan. SBA Disaster loans offer low interest rates with a built in deferment period. 

There is no ongoing EIDL grant program, however. That was unique to the pandemic. 

Are There Other Small Business Grants Available?

Lots of private and government organizations offer small business grants. Learn how to get a small business grant here

Are Other SBA Loans Available?

The SBA’s popular SBA loan programs include a number of different types of small business loans, including:

  • 7(a) loans
  • Express loans
  • 504 CDC loans
  • Export loans
  • Microloans

SBA loans offer small business borrowers that qualify attractive terms, including competitive interest rates and repayment terms. There are SBA loans for operating expenses, working capital, real estate and more. While the application process can seem daunting, SBA lenders will help you through it. Loan amounts vary from up to $50,000 for microloans, to $5 million for 7(a) loans. 

Unlike EIDL and other SBA Disaster loans, you do not apply directly to the SBA to get one of these loans. Instead, you apply with participating lenders. 

Learn how SBA loans work here

Nav can help you find business credit cards, small business loans and other financing for your business, and help you learn how to establish good business credit scores.

This article was originally written on December 22, 2020 and updated on January 10, 2024.

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868 responses to “SBA $15,000 Targeted EIDL Advance Grant: Do You Qualify?

  1. I have been trying to get a loan with small business I was involved in the flood in hazard Kentucky and I’ve sent in everything I was told I needed too and I’ve had some workers tell me that they have all my documents and I’m in the line now to be processed but the other workers tell me I need to send this and send that, I haven’t been able to get any help and I’m just trying to get in the right direction

  2. Hello, I was awarded the 2 edil grants back in oct 2021. However my bank account information needed a corrections. They have not fixed this issue yet to redistribute the this point no one is any information on the status update for the correction,I’ve complied with all of their requests for the correction to be made, it’s almost a year and still nothing

    1. If you can’t get the SBA to correct your information I suggest you reach out to your elected officials in Washington (Senators or Rep.). They have staff members whose job it is to help constituents who are having trouble with government programs.

  3. Hello I am a new business owner and I need help with getting my business started I don’t have enough funds how can I apply for ppp loan and not having to pay it back help please

  4. Good morning, I lost all of my business due to covid19.I I have applied through SBA in 2020. I submitted all the documents that was requested. I need assistance with information on how to get my business running since Lopez Cleaning Contractors, is still active but I have no business. Pandemic has really affected my life. Please help me with any information as soon as possible. Thank you. Emma Lopez. Sole proprietor.

    1. Emma – I would highly encourage you to contact your local SBA Resource partner. They offer FREE consulting to business owners like you. You can find your local SBDC or SCORE office using their online locator tool here.

  5. I filled for a Fictitious Business Name on January 13 2020, in Sonoma County, California , after quitting my in persue of opening my own Business. As we all know, The Pandemic hit directly after that. I was unable to pursue my business venture because of the local restrictions put in place. I was never able to get my business off the ground because of the Pandemic. I also never received any loans or grants. Am I eligible for any assistance now?

    1. I have applied for several SBA grants and loans and continue to get denied even on the mandated things I get denied . I feel like I’m being discriminated just cause I’m not a million dollar company . I have suffered more than 50% economic loss and still not even like that I have my taxes to prove it yet nothing what am I supposed to do write a letter to myself . I have no workers cause I can’t afford them and I do all the work myself even when I contracted covid I had no help or nothing so I ask myself what’s really going on ? EXQUISITE PAINTING PERFECTIONS LLC

      1. We’re so sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to tape these relief programs. I’d suggest you get in touch with your local Small Business Development Center or SCORE for free mentoring and assistance. They may not be able to help you get funding through these programs but they likely can help you improve your business so you may qualify for financing in the future.

  6. I quit my full time job and opened my business January of 2020. Really bad timing! I was not able to get my business off the ground as quickly as I intended due to the pandemic. Would I in any way qualify?

  7. How is the grant determined for businesses/independent contractors that started Jan 1st 2020 and ended in April due to the pandemic? Since 2019 is unavailable as compared year, but businesses began before Jan 31st 2020.

  8. Lots of buzz about this big grant, $10,000 but it looks like it is $1000 if you are one person. Think youtube, many channel hosts, are blowing it out of proportion, millions and billions available, etc. I got extatically excited that I might get $5,000 or $10,000 but honestly I don’t think that’s how it works. Heard credit check was lifted on youtube, seems that isn’t the case. I heard about EIDL last year but didn’t even know where to apply, obviously. Was wondering around on an e-commerce chat forum, they basically didn’t even say go to I think if there is this grant, I can’t get it since I didn’t apply last year.
    I have been wondering if you include unemployment regular or pandemic boost, or apply only with your paystubb.
    Good luck everyone!

    1. It is the full 15,000 if your address in an area deemed low Income, SBA has a link to check that on their site, and it also depends on how much of a loss of revenue you had during an 8 week period from the prior year. You did not have to apply for it last year. And you do not include unemployment benefits, that is considered personal income, not business income. The 10,000 grant requires at least a 30% loss of business income, And the 5,000 grant requires at least a 50% loss of income. I’m not a CPA, but I did apply for it in July 2021, and received the full amount of grants ie 15,000 in September 2021.

        1. Is the 2019 tax return is enough with gross receipts form from Targeted EIDL grant application or I’ll have to provide bank statements?

        2. I am eligible for $5000 supplemental grant to buy I never got the invitation email I don’t kn what I should do

  9. SBA/disaster assistance is a complete joke. I am a sole proprietor, received the $1000 grant (denied loan due to credit, credit was affected by losing my business to Covid- go figure). Approved to apply for Targeted Low Income Advance, submitted, denied due to a “discrepancy” and I cannot get help clarifying exactly what that discrepancy might be… calls, emails, you just get general or automated/scripted responses. My question for this forum: is anyone aware of how SBA is validating the 30% reduction to gross receipts? All of their documentation states the hardship must be quantified over an 8-week period (which was input into their portal), however, they also review IRS transcripts which do not show monthly receipts but annualized revenue which includes items such as Unemployment which is supposed to be excluded. Just curious what others are experiencing in terms of their response and if you’ve been denied for a seemingly innocuous reason.

  10. I was approved and funded for 4 SBA programs. The EIDL, PPP1,PPP2, And the Targeted Adv. My portal has shown ;submitted’ for the status for the Supplemental TA since 5-13. I was sent a decline email for the loan increase for ‘withdrawing’ my application, when I did NOT! I meet the requirements for the Supplemental. I was wrongfully declined along with thousands of others on June 19th. Next day, I sent in the recon to PDC. Not a word since on either. Thoughts??

  11. I was denied for the ppp and received 1000 dollars last year in the beginning of pandemic for the edil. I messed up and sent a second application because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. So I was denied. Is there any way I can be reconsider for the loan or grant. I filled taxes for business and all. I messed up by send second app now don’t know what to do. My business is almost non existence now because of pandemic and I’m on unemployment now.

    1. Christopher – Since you mention $1000 I think you are talking about EIDL and not PPP. (PPP is closed but EIDL is till open.) I’d suggest you reach out to either your local SBA or an SBDC or SCORE chapter so they can help you for free. Here is an article that will tell you how to get help.

  12. Hello… l have two businesses. lm l received the EIDL grant on my ss # business, can apply for my ein# business

  13. I’ve been waiting for my ppp loan since I was sba approved on 4/22. My bank rejected funds and now need to update account info. I went through BLUEVACORN ,& Prestamos Is my lender. Neither will respond to emails or support tickets to update bank info. So if I haven’t received these funds yet would I still qualify for the grants if I meet all the requirements?? Thank you

  14. EIDL Is one of the worst things I have ever have to do for my business I have summited the application 05/2020 received 1000 advanced grant but the Eidl was denied because of credit ( who does that during COVID check credit) applied for reconsideration 07/2020 and still today have not received a dime from that “”” relief. Program” SBA loan officer are the worst ( I do understand that they are really swamped but they should not give you false hope and tell you that u are approve and then disappear. I had 4 loan officers that Lied to me and made false promises about getting funded soon after a whole year I just pretty much said why do that don’t need to be begging for a loan that I have to pay back like is not free I will have to pay pack and pretty much SBA will be all over your business for years so why make it so hard for small business , IRS is the one holding back taxes , and to make it more exited “low income area “ that was the greatest joke ever I am literally two houses down from being in a low income area so was denied from the “””targeted grant “”
    SBA thank you so much for creating hope and wasting my time !!!

    1. I am so sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with the program. I realize you probably don’t want to think about it but I’d encourage you to reach out to your elected officials in Washington (Representative, Senators) and share your experience. They have staff that may be able to help. If not, at least you get a chance to share your experience with this taxpayer funded program. Again, I’m truly sorry you didn’t get the assistance your business needs!

  15. oops I put my whole real name in the comment I Just sent. can we change it to just my first name? (DONE)

    I have received an email to apply again for an EIDL Grant for up to $5000. If I include Unemployment Earnings in my monthly report, my 2020 monthly earnings may not show (or “average”) a 30% decline from 2019, due to finally recieiving PUA through the summer, including the $600/wk addition for a number of weeks, in addition to the palsy $119/wk Arkansas allowed.

    But prior to being approved for PUA, my monthly income most certainly dropped 50% from March to April and May, and dropped “somewhat” for the remaining months of 2020. Since they’ll be requesting my IRS returns, is this question a moot point?
    And back to my original question, does “monthly earnings from all sources” include unemployment compensation? If so, I’ll just take my chances and report it all.
    PS. (possible simplifier) My 2020 return has not been processed yet.

  16. I applied for EIDL last year & was denied. I never received any of the grant money. Was I supposed to be funded the $1K grant even after denial

  17. Thanks for this. I have a question. I was approved and funded for both the targeted advance grant and the supplemental targeted grant. Do I need a paper trail for what I spend this on? Should I only spend it on business expenses? I got a small ppp that i claimed as owners comp (i’m a sole proprietor). I can’t pay myself with the TAG? If its a grant and doesn’t need to be paid back, then is having a paper trail null? Just need some clarification. Thanks!

        1. At the moment you must have applied in 2020. If you did, then you should get an invitation from the SBA. My understanding is the SBA may be opening it up to a broader group of applicants soon so stay tuned.

    1. DCMT- Hi, i too am sole proprietor of my housecleaning company which was thriving and making me some good money before the covid shut downs and all… As you probably know, stuff came to a screeching halt and now i am stuck! Owe on my space rent for our home, raising a special needs kiddo who is blind and would be crushed and troubled if ww lose our home.


  18. Hi just an update. I got the Targeted Advance, the supplemental advance as well as the increase for the EIDL. Thank you so much for all your help. Your articles have been so beneficial to me. As an independent contractor I never would have imagined that I qualified for so much help. Best wishes to you and your family, thank you again and God bless you.

  19. I was contacted by the SBA for the New $10,000 EIDL Grants and i follow the instructions and qualify and its been for like weeks now its still in submitted, How long does it take for the funds to be funded into the account or does it need any procedure again ? Cos after i was sent the link to apply and meet all the requirement i was later sent to create and account and sign a documents which i did but since then its on submitted.

    1. Harold, we recommend you reach out to the SBA to find out what’s going on with your application. (Also make sure you check the spam folder of your email – but verify any email you do receive is actually from the SBA.) If you are on Facebook, the group Business Loan Insight Financing Hub – PPP, EIDL and More on Facebook is a great place to connect with other business owners who are sharing their experiences and timeframes for this program.

  20. I got a email saying I’m not approved for targeted advance does that mean I m not approved for the increase loan or just the advance because it’s a increase I’ve applied for.

    1. Vanessa – it sounds like the grant, not the loan increase. I would encourage you to try to reach out to the SBA to make sure your application is still being considered for the increase.

    1. Rey – here are the guidelines for demonstrating economic loss from the SBA: Applicants who meet the low-income community criteria will be asked to provide gross monthly revenue for January 2019 through the most recent month-to-date period (all forms of combined monthly earnings received) to confirm the 30 percent reduction in revenue for the Targeted EIDL Advance and a 50 percent reduction for the Supplemental Targeted Advance. They will also be
      required to electronically sign an IRS Form 4506-T to allow the SBA to request tax information on the applicants’ behalf. Tax verification processes and requirements for businesses in U.S. territories may differ.

      1. Correct. I did not include my 1099 income on my 2019 tax returns. How do I go about filing an amendment on last years returns…I’m having a difficult time finding information on how to do this.

        1. Martin – you can use a tax preparation software program or work with an accounting professional. The latter may be your best bet to make sure you set things up correctly going forward.

  21. I filed my taxes for 2019 from my employer using my w2s. But I didn’t include my 1099 for my business because I couldn’t find the document in time. Can I send the 1099 and still be eligible for the eIdL?

    1. Martin – are you saying you did not include 1099 income on your tax return? If that’s the case it sounds like you need to file an amendment to your tax return. Get with your accountant asap and get that filed. The SBA is a federal agency and it is not likely to make a loan or grant based on unreported income.

      1. I got denied within a few Days of submitting my application the reason was my buisness isn’t in a low income neighborhood. The other reason was they said I owe back child support. For one I’m real close to getting kicked out of where I live so not getting the rest of the grant Is putting me in that situation. Second of all I don’t have any kids so I can’t figure out how I didn’t qualify because of back child support I sat on hold for over two hours 4 days in a row until finally I got thru when I did she just said there’s nothing I can do for you and there’s no way to appeal the decision. So after a year of feeling hopeless I get an email from the sba reaching out to me to fill out the application they was the first little bit of hope ive had in a long time only to find out I’ve been denied and there nothing that can be done. What kind of crap is that.

        1. I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through Justin.

          You absolutely may appeal the denial for the Targeted Grant. The SBA has released these instructions:
          Applicants should follow these instructions when requesting a reevaluation:
          Send an email to
          Use the subject line “Reevaluation Request for [insert your 10-digit application number]”
          In the body of the email, include identifying information for the application such as application number, business name, business address, business owner name(s) and phone number
          Important: Include an explanation and any documentation that addresses the reason for the decline, if available. SBA will contact applicants if additional documentation is required to complete the review.

          However, I would also recommend that before you do that you reach out to your district SBA office or Small Business Development Center to see if they can offer any assistance.

          As for your housing situation, I don’t know if these resources would help but I do want to make sure you are aware of them.

        2. I received denial because Sba says my gross receipt not 30% less than 2019.I have documents to prove 6 months in 2020 my sale was down more than 30%.

          1. You can appeal. Here are the instructions:

            Send an email to
            Use the subject line “Reevaluation Request for [insert your 10-digit application number]”
            In the body of the email, include identifying information for the application such as application number, business name, business address, business owner name(s) and phone number
            Important: Include an explanation and any documentation that addresses the reason for the decline, if available. SBA will contact applicants if additional documentation is required to complete the review.

  22. For targget advance the send a email i apply but they asking my green card for this i was thinking is only for the loan you need a green card

  23. Hi, when I filed my taxes for 2019, I filed with my ss# for ridesshare and I used my tax ID for my LLC for the wholesaling that I did. I didn’t make that much but I want to apply for the PPP and I have an invite to apply for the EIDL grant, however I have no idea which tax I’d to use theee really isn’t a place to put both. I’ve been trying to find an answer for a month now and time is running out. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you! Jill

    1. Jill – It’s definitely murky and can’t speak for the SBA but generally you are going to provide documentation to verify the amounts you are claiming/requesting. For EIDL you can call the SBA and ask them this question. You can reach them at 800-659-2955 or by email at If they can’t help, reach out to your SBA District office for help.

      For PPP, it may depend on how you filed your taxes. Did you report your ridesharing income on Schedule C? Did you use a separate Schedule C for the LLC? You can combine the amounts on those two Schedule Cs (line 7 gross income or line 31 net profit whichever is larger) as long as your total loan amount for owner’s compensation doesn’t exceed $20,833 – based on what you’re saying it probably won’t.

      Going forward I’d recommend you talk with an tax and legal professional to determine the best way to run your multiple businesses through your LLC rather than through your SSN if possible.

  24. I would like to know if I qualify for a recovery loan due to Covid. I would like to open an Air bnb in a small low income area in West Virginia. This is a beautiful area with many sights and landmarks available such as River rafting, fishing, hunting. Out door theaters, many restaurants!

    1. Louetta – These federal recovery loans are not designed to start a business. To qualify, your business must have been operational in early 2020 (exact date varies by program). For help getting your dream off the ground I recommend you connect with your local SBDC or SCORE chapter for free mentoring and business owner education. Find your local office here.

  25. I recently applied for ppp with acorn and my application been in underwriting for few weeks . Is this bad news or can do another application this as been a while

    1. Do you mean the EIDL grant? If so you must get an invitation from the SBA then apply. Or are you trying to get a larger EIDL Loan? If so that’s also a case where they will reach out to you.

    2. I was approved for the SBA last July, 2020, but I accidentally sent the funds to my cash app and cash app sent the funds back. It’s been almost nine months and every time I call SBA, they keep telling me the same lie over and over. They even had an attorney contact me and had me to send him all of my transcripts and until this day, I still haven’t received my funds. This is ridiculous !

  26. I received the 1k per employee eidl grant in 2020 but when I received email to file you the rest of the 10k grant, I received a email saying my 2019 taxes were not processed so I don’t qualify for it, how is that possible if they used the same tax information to give me 2k per employee? My question is not in the list of frequently asked questions on the irs website and I can’t get anyone on the phone, so what other options do I have in order to rectify my situation?

  27. Hello, I really need some help. I applied with Womply on Feb 28. Was accepted March 12, docs signed March 25. Benworth is the lender. I have not recived any money but the system says money sent to my bank. Womply only communicate thru email and does not answer the questions. Benworths only says funds submitted. Bank of America says no funds received or pending. My banking info is correct I update a voide check and submitted creditial user and password when I applied. So it can not be the bank information is incorrect. They wont cancel loan so I can go someshere else. What do I do? I know several people in my situation with Benworth Capital who is the lender

  28. Hi on 2019 my income was 65000 and net was 25000 .month ago I got ppp for 5200 which I think is not correct amount through my bank on my business account it was my first time to get ppp on 2020 Income was less can I apply for ppp again or u can help me to get more. Thanks

    1. I’m not sure I understand your question but it sounds like you got a first draw PPP loan and now you are asking about whether you can apply for a second PPP loan. Is that correct? You may qualify for a second loan. This time you may apply based on gross income (not net profit) if you file Schedule C. You may choose 2019 or 2020 gross income. We got into more detail about that in this article. If you think you qualify we encourage you to apply. Nav matches borrowers to lenders. Start by setting up your account here.

  29. Hello Gerri,

    For the EIDL Loan, what credit score do you need?
    For the EIDL Loan, what is the percent rate?

    Thank You!

    1. Cindy – The SBA doesn’t provide a cut-off score. It’s “acceptable credit” and the credit check goes through Experian. The rate is 3.75% for for-profit businesses and 2.75% for nonprofits. We’ve written more about EIDL here.

      1. Beatrix – the EIDL grant is a different program and you apply directly through the SBA. As we mentioned in the article, you currently must get an invitation to apply from the SBA and you will only receive the email if you applied for EIDL in 2020.

      2. Hello Gerri, my husband and I are the only 2 employees of our company and we have been receiving unemployment. Is that considered business income? We got 2000.00 last year and I’m trying to apply for the Targeted EIDL loan. Unemployment was our only income, do I need to use it on the monthly income earnings form for SBA?

  30. Do the Supplemental Targeted Advances fall under all the qualifications in Targeted Advances?
    I did have a 50% decrease in revenue but do not live in a low income area.
    So if the Supplemental also requires a low-income area, I’m guessing I would not qualify?

    1. It appears so Lee but it’s not completely clear yet and since the SBA has not released details we hesitate to say one way or the other. We will update this article when more information is available.

  31. How long is the response taking to hear back for the remainder of the 10,000 grant left from 2020, we received an invite but have been waiting weeks for a response

    1. The legislation basically gives 21 days after a submitted request to either provide the advance or explain why the applicant doesn’t qualify. If you haven’t heard back in 21 days (it doesn’t say business days so not sure there) you may want to reach out to the SBA to find out what the status of your application is. In addition, the Facebook group: Business Loan Insight Financing Hub – PPP, EIDL and More on Facebook is a good place to learn from other small business owners who have applied.

  32. Can u all send me another eidl grant invitation back 2 my email address I didn’t receive the first one.

  33. A non-profit artists consortium where they teach pottery, and painting. No one gets paid to work and everything is a volunteer. We take in money from events and classes to help purchase equipment and supplies. We also do a free summer camp. We decided back in 2019 that in 2020 started paying someone to keep our office in order…but that didn’t pan out. We could not do any events, camps, and limited classes.
    We could use a loan to help with a new kiln and a possible new location. Where can I get help to look into the EDIL …I have applied and no word back.
    Not every non-profit out there fits into the box.

  34. I applied for and received 11K loan for my Small Business last June 2020. I also received an additional 2K . I received the “SBA invite to submit COVID-1 Targeted EIDL Advance application” on February 11, 2021. I could not figure this out until after watching your video explaining it. I have an application # and it is from the “” address as you said to check for. Thank you for the informative video.
    My question is this: I have been taking advantage of the Unemployment benefits for Gig workers. I got 14 K in 2020 in Unemployment benefits . Do I include that amount (broken down per month) in the monthly gross receipts per the request in the Targeted EIDL Application email? In qualifications, it states: “Suffered economic loss greater than 30%, as demonstrated by an 8-week period beginning on March 2, 2020, or later, compared to the previous year. You will be required to provide the total amount of monthly gross receipts from January 2019 to the current month to date”. Does this mean I list the Unemployment benefits in monthly gross receipts as well ? Also, do I list the EIDL Loan of 11K plus the 2K grant in the monthly gross receipts? I realize it is a lot, but this whole process is a bit confusing to me. Thank you for your help.

    1. Judy – I am so glad that helped.

      I don’t think so but I don’t know as I haven’t seen that specific guidance. I’m going to reach out to the SBA to see if I can find an answer. I’d suggest you do the same. You can call the SBA at or email them at Will you let us know if you get helpful information?

      As for the EIDL loan that’s a loan so typically loans are not included in gross receipts for accounting purposes.

      1. Did you get a direct answer to the unemployment for the targeted advance? I was told yes, then no and then just sent the guidelines. It’s not clear that I can find.

  35. Hi,
    I got an email from the SBA saying my loan application is denied due to “applicant requests a withdrawal or fails to proceed”. I didn’t respond because I didn’t want to be obligated to a loan. I did receive $1000 from the EIDL advance around 04/2020. I live in a low income neighborhood. Am I disqualified from the new Targeted EIDL advance because my loan application was denied?

    1. Hello, did you find an answer to this ? They sent me the same letter and as far as I knew the SBA loan had nothing to do with the grant.

  36. I put 0 in all the boxes on the one page….i been on unemployment since March 2020 as i recall…but i was told by a person online that i did not need to put anything in those boxes and 0 would work…?? will i still get my $10k grant ??

    1. You should get an invitation from SBA (by email as described in the article) inviting you to apply for the Targeted EIDL grant. You must wait for the SBA email to apply.

    2. I received a denial letter in two days stating that I was not in the low income catchment area. I was only two blocks away from qualifying. Do you recommend that I do and reevaluation appeal?

  37. I have been so confused about the grant and loan.
    Last year of October of 2020 I applied for EIDL disaster loan, It doesn’t say grant, but loan. It said it was out of money for the longest time, and took time to get to me, in fact I had to wait until January of 2021. I got the email was told to create my account and password. I checked and seen the amount I was approved for which was $1400.
    I signed the documents, and then told to send 4506-t, 1099, driver’s license, tax returns and bank statements.
    Will I be sent the email for grant, or no? I am praying that I will. I am eligible, and live in low income community, and meet requirements.
    Thank you

    1. It sounds like you did not get the grant because the program ran out of funding. If that’s the case you should get offered the opportunity to apply for the grant. However, you’ll be in the latter group that gets the invitations. (Those who got a portion of the grant earlier in the year get first priority.) Fingers crossed for you Ruthy!

  38. Just wondering what you think I should do. I was never informed about it & found out when by curiosity went through my SBA loan file and realized that my targeted advance was declined. I can’t seem to figure out why they would decline my target in advance application since I already qualified and gotten the money for the EIDL loan. The only thing I can think of is my low credit ratings but we dealt with that issue when my loan was approved so I would think it all goes hand-in-hand. I average about 60 to 65% loss of revenue so I know that’s not the problem, and I have no employees so I can’t figure it out. Any advice?

    1. Credit shouldn’t be an issue. The only other possibility I can think of is whether your business is in a low-income community.

      Have you tried reaching out to SBA to find out why? That would be my first suggestion. You can call them at 800-659-2955 or email them at

      If you can’t get an answer then I’d recommend reaching out to your SBA District office or even your Senators or Congressional Representative in DC.

  39. I’ve been trying to talk to someone who can help me with this, ppp and any other help I may be able to get. My husband has a company as a independent contractor that we’d filed on a schedule c but last years taxes showed a loss, we’d planned on making a profit this year and then COVID-19 hit so I didn’t think we could apply for anything considering our taxes showed a loss previously. In addition, I started as an independent contractor delivering groceries in January 2020 but by March 2020 I had to stop working because I have a compromised immune system, I did pay for some things to start that work but as it was only for a couple months, would I not qualify for anything either? It seems very unhelpful to those of us who were trying to do better or add to the economy, that now when all this has happened, the help we need to try to continue to grow seems just out of reach. Is there anything either one of us can qualify for?

    1. Jaime – the formula for the self-employed is changing. It will be based on gross income (line 7) instead of net profit (line 31). Will that help him qualify? He can also apply for an EIDL loan – a low-interest loan. I’m not sure you will qualify based on the short period of time you worked. Have you checked into Pandemic Unemployment for yourself?

      1. Thanks for the response! On line 7 on schedule C it says (7200)… I’m assuming that means he would t qualify?

          1. What will I need to get this started and what will I need to provide to apply for forgiveness?

          2. I’ve heard that about 45% of people who got the ppp loan before, used it the ways they were told to and are trying to get the forgiveness for it, are being turned down and soon they’ll have to start paying on it. How true is that and why would they be turning them down if they used the money as directed?

          3. That statistic does not appear to be correct. The SBA stated in a press release: “The SBA has so far received 1,346,125 forgiveness applications for approximately $170.5 billion. SBA has made payment on nearly 85% of the applications, forgiving over $100 billion. For the smallest borrowers with loans up to $50,000, 88% have been approved for forgiveness.”

        1. Line 7 shows “(7200)”, as in a loss. Would we still qualify? I wasn’t sure if you thought I meant it was in the positive.

          1. I assume when you ask about Line 7 that you are referring to the new self-employed calculation for PPP, not for EIDL? For PPP if you file Schedule C you must have a positive number on line 7 or line 31 for either 2019 or 2020 to qualify. (Unless you have W-2 employees – in which case you may qualify based on payroll.)

    2. Hi, ppp loan is taxable income and we have to report it ( I mean will not count as income) and can get edd and ppp loan?

  40. I receive target edil grant email form SBA, i notice that my address and type of business are wrong. can I change the business from Agriculture to Restaurant business and from my business address to my home business address? without creating any confusing?

  41. I’m just in dyer need of some financial help I clean homes cook my customers their meals for the week ,Bath them,do their shopping and take them to doctors and any other place they need to travel and in a limousine transportation is very important to my customers so any help you guys can help me with would surely be worth it and very much appreciated Thank you!!

    1. Tina – do you report your income from this work to the IRS? If so then I presume you do so on a Schedule C form. In that case you may qualify for PPP based on the information on your Schedule C tax form. If you are working on a cash basis and not reporting income to the IRS unfortunately you will not qualify for PPP. As of the morning of March 2, 2021 we are awaiting new rules on how to calculate loan amount for PPP and will update this as soon as we get them.

  42. Hi
    I receive an email from SBA for Target Edil Grant, I do know that I do qualify for the full 10K, the only problem is that on the second page I noticed that were few mistakes. 1)The address and 2) the type of business. 1)The address needs to be changed from the business location to my Home business address, 2) the Type of business listed is Agriculture and i am independent contractor Caterer. Can i make this changes on the Target application? Hope not to create any confusion
    Thank you

  43. What do you do to apply for the grant when the grant money ran out before you could apply in 2020?

    1. You must wait for the SBA to email you inviting you to apply. It sounds like you will be in the second group to be notified so it may be a little while before you hear anything.

  44. I am a 40 year old woman from the phillipines, and I have had nothing but a hard time getting help for my business, which is strange because President Biden stated that special consideration would be given to women and minorities. I am tempted to go to my local news channel and expose this as a lie. These grants and loans are obviously meant for people who don’t really need it.

  45. when I apply for targeted EIDL, Do I have to include the money I got from the EDD in the monthly gross receipts period.

  46. The accountant that processed my EIDL application put the wrong bank acct info, email, telephone number and other incorrect info on my application. I received a denial letter stating that they were not able to confirm information on application. This was back in 2020.
    Who do you think i could contact to explain my situation.
    Thank you for your article.

  47. Has anyone been approved for the target EDIL grant yet? I submitted all my information, waiting to hear if I was approved.

    1. Trisha – You must have applied in 2020 to be considered for the Targeted EIDL grant. If you did not apply for it then you cannot apply now for the first time. Also you mention being disabled and unable to work. Are you self-employed? This program is for those who have a business or are independent contractors.

  48. Hello I’m not sure of how to apply for the ppp , or what I may need to receive a grant/ loan for my small business. I work by myself until when I receive a better contract for me to hire workers . But in the mean time I have possible contracts coming up , and I’m in need of new equipment and materials . Since I created my business back in 2005 I landed my first job in 2009 , its really hard to offer this kinda service when everyone has everything covered . But with my own equipment and materials I can better move around to different areas travel to other locations outside of my current area . The 10 , 000 will be a great help for my business .

  49. I started my business on may 2019 therefore I don’t have 24 bank statements, do I still qualify for the targeted advanced grant?

  50. Thank you for sharing that information. Since I am self employed I work in different areas some of which are poverty areas but my home address is my business address and I’m not sure if my neighborhood would be considered a poverty area. How do they take that into account when deciding who gets the second grant?

    1. Denise – The SBA hasn’t released the details on how they are determining the low-income areas. My understanding though is that it will be based on your business address, which in your case is your home address.

  51. I want to apply for the Ppp loan but I didnt file any taxes last year and I dont have any employees but I cant seem to get passes that part!

    1. You can apply based on your 2020 tax return if you show a profit on your schedule c line 31. You can complete a tentative schedule c if necessary. Currently if line 31 shows no profit (or a loss) you are not eligible. Today, February 22, 2021 the White House says there will be some changes to PPP that may help you but we don’t have details yet. When we do we will update this article.

  52. I have a few questions considering eligibility of a PPP and or EDIL? I’m just seeing if I qualify as an Independant contractor of which I’d done work for other people/customers. As well I’d been working on opening my own small business as covid came in and has financially stalled (work with clients/customers) and opening my small business/nonprofit community farm to table co-op. I used my own funds and had hired extra help as well purchased building materials etc and did a majority of the work myself. I have a business/residential property that is in a commercial zoned area and 1/2 of my rent and common utility bills support my business end too and the other 1/2 my residential. So I’m unclear if i qualify for a PPP and or an EDIL form being an independent self contractor by customers, building a business and contracting out work for the building of a business and doing majority of the costs and work myself? Ive had .coms though not an up and running website. I’m also over the last several months 7-8, been working with SBA in my area for business start up loans as Financially i cant exhaust anymore of my personal funds and with no self contracting available with worries of pandemic I’m not getting contracted by customers either. I’m hoping in some format I can find help/support in all I’ve exhausted into creating and building a small business and nonprofit and the property i rent before i end up losing it all. I look forward to hearing a reply and some well needed guidance and answers to my concerns and questions. Thanks much <3

  53. I was denied a sba loan last year and my business was dissolved. I received an email for the targeted advancement. Am I still eligible for the loan?

      1. Hey I.did my taxes on the 8 the of last months and it tells me there still.beimg prossest what up with that how do I find out

  54. What if I started my small business in 2019 and I didn’t file taxes because I’m I was forced out of my residence in early 2020 and the new ok wner destroyed all my legal documents and I had no legal financial institution and during that year.

  55. I received $20500 in June last year. My business is connected to the airlines I am a worse position now than this time last year, but now the SBA want the loan repaid. I did get $2000 advance I hope I can get increase on advance or grant whatever they call it.

  56. What if you see your business name on the list for bail out loan and you didn’t apply and receive it how can you trace it

  57. I got the email early this morning about the targeted Eidl. I only received 1k grant the first time so Lord willing I get the other 9k. Thanks for all the updates.

    1. Started my business March 5 2020;got a grant 1000 got a loan 1000 made 4000 only because buisness pick up didn’t report my earnings to the irs yet or get any forms wat do I do to be eligible for alone loan

      1. I am not sure I understand your question Dawn. If you already got an EIDL loan my understanding is that you cannot get a second one. But it sounds like you got a $1000 EIDL grant – correct? If so you may be invited by the SBA to apply for the Targeted Grant of $10,000 (minus the $1000 you already got). You have to wait until you get an email from the SBA to apply for it. They’ve just started notifying businesses but it will take some time before all are notified. Since your business is still struggling I’d really encourage you to reach out to your local SBA resource partner such as your SBDC or SCORE. They offer free assistance to small business owners. Find your local office here.

        1. What is SBDC or Score? My business started March 6,2020 and I was never able to pay myself but I did pay one employee contract labor. Do I qualify for the grant?

          1. Those are organizations that help business owners for free.

            If you did not apply for the grant in 2020 you cannot apply now. (That may change if the new proposed stimulus bill passes but for right now it’s only open to those who applied in 2020.)

  58. The big question is do Unemployment benefits get listed in the Gross Receipts for income that you must provide in the 2nd round application. Will those PUA benefits be reflected in the 30% decrease as that was the only income for many months but interferes with my 8 week loss count.

  59. HI I HAVE QUS I received a message today from SBA FOR 10000 EIDL GRANT BUT I DONT HAVE 2019 TAX RUTERN I CAN USE 2020 THX

  60. For the new targeted EIDL advance, do gross receipts include state and local grants. We received PA COVID Funds and local grants, which are taxable sources of income. Grant funds are not specifically mentioned on the SBA FAQ under definition of gross receipts, but the application states income from “whatever source”. Thank you

    1. I wish I had the answer! For PPP the SBA says not to include forgiven PPP in gross revenues but I don’t see a further breakdown for this. I will see if I can get more information from SBA. In the meantime if you have been invited to apply I’d encourage you to reach out to the SBA and see what they say. If you get an answer, please share! You can call SBA at 800-659-2955 or email

      1. Have you received an answer to this question? For the new targeted EIDL advance, do gross receipts include state and local grants. We received PA COVID Funds and local grants, which are taxable sources of income. Grant funds are not specifically mentioned on the SBA FAQ under definition of gross receipts, but the application states income from “whatever source”. Thank you

        1. Linda, I was told unemployment does not count. I would imagine that since EIDL grants don’t count other relief grants don’t count either but I can’t speak for the SBA. I’ll see what I can find out though it may take a bit to get an answer. I’d encourage you to reach out to the SBA directly (800-659-2955 or by email at or to your SBA district office. If you learn helpful information please let us know.

  61. My comment is that we are a small LLC and are eligible for only very small loans. Loans that are insufficient to help in the long term. Small businesses are hardest hit and get the least assistance. Our local older gentlemen bankers are not eager to assist when we seek other sources.

  62. Hi I’ve gotten a email from sba around the 17 of January 2021 , talking about the targeted eidl so I’m waiting to here what’s going on . I applied back in August 2020 .

  63. Yes I’ve applied but haven’t received anything . Do Facebook have a grant program ? I was offered 10,000 through this program but I wasn’t for sure about it and they didn’t say if they were part of sba or with the sba .

    1. Hi I’ve gotten a email from sba around the 17 of January 2021 , talking about the targeted eidl so I’m waiting to here what’s going on . I applied back in August 2020 . I’m the owner of my business. I run a cleaning service , I provide services to businesses for a monthly fee. But I didn’t have any on going work back in 2019 and 2020. Work was really slow so I was doing odd jobs cleaning up a few houses when I can get a job. My last job was for 3 1/2 years .

      1. I am still waiting on an email to apply for my small business loan. I have ran my business since 2017 but since March of 2020 my business revenue fell. I just wonder what’s taking so long to receive my email to be able to apply. What can I do to expedite the process? Thank you.

        1. They have just started sending them out Candace and there are thousands that need to be sent. The SBA is going to try to evaluate all those who respond within a few weeks, so I imagine they are trying to make sure they have the capacity to respond to the requests they get. know it’s hard to wait but hopefully you’ll hear from them soon.

  64. So if your business is not located in a “low income area” and you did receive a partial grant in the past, You will not ever get the rest of the grant??? That is so unfair.

    1. Yes that’s how Congress designed this round. I would encourage you to reach out to your elected officials in Washington with your concerns as there is another round of stimulus being debated.

  65. If I applied for eidl grant in Jan. 2021, they processed it as a loan and denied me. When the next eidl grant is open can I apply should I reapply or will they consider the first application or is there something g else I should do.

  66. I have applied for SBA. And then was told they ran out of fundsI couldn’t get help from no one I own my own chid care business.I desperately need this Grant our children are our futureThis COVID has hurt my business please

    1. Joann – Three suggestions:

      1. Keep your eye on your email. The SBA may contact you to let you know you may qualify for the Targeted EIDL grant described in this article.
      2. The stimulus bill passed Dec. 27, 2020 included funding for childcare businesses. Unfortunately I don’t know much about it. I’d suggest you contact your SBA resource partner (SCORE/SBDC) to find out what may be available to your business.
      3. Contact your elected officials in Washington – both of your Senators and your Representative. The Administration is proposing more grants for small business and your elected officials need to hear from you.

    2. I applied and was declined because of my credit score but my score has went up will I be reconsidered or do I need to reapply?

      1. You may be considered for the Targeted Grant (I don’t find the guidance 100% clear on people who didn’t get anything in the first round due to credit) but for the loan you need to apply for reconsideration. I don’t think it would hurt to apply for reconsideration as described in the article. You can always say no to the loan if you decide you don’t want it.

  67. I want to get a 2nd EIDL loan and it looks like from the info here that I send an email to the email you provided asking for an additional amount of money on my 1st EIDL and include my 1st EIDL loan number?

    1. Since you are asking for more money on your first EIDL loan, it may make things easier to call the SBA and ask them if and how you can apply for additional money from your first loan. You can call SBA at 800-659-2955.

  68. Hello Gerri –

    Can you offer any suggestions on how those of us who received a partial EIDL grant payment and who qualify currently for the new round of funding / grants or remaining $10,000 – can go about proving or showing the 30% reduction in revenue? I do a meal prep business and was paid mostly thru cash or PayPal payments.
    I know the SBA will give us ‘guidance’ but if they request documentation, how should one prepare?

    1. The best advice I can give you is to get your business bookkeeping up to date. With PPP you can provide business bank statements or other proof of revenues so I assume it will be similar here though I can’t say for sure yet. If you have Paypal statements that may help but I’m not sure about the cash payments your business receives. Hopefully they are going into a business bank account; if not, I’d recommend that going forward.

  69. Will the SBA allow for applicants who have not applied already for EIDL funding to apply for and EIDL loan and EIDL grant? Or is the grant solely for this who did not receive the full $10,000 disbursement?

      1. Thank you. Is this to prioritize work for the SBA or going to be the standard going forward? because the sba only allowed farmers for a time?

  70. Do you have to have a business checking account when applying for the EIDL loan and grant? I have been a sole proprietor for 3 years and have been using a normal checking account for my business. It’s a separate checking account but it is just a regular checking account.

    1. Rick – Technically no but we highly recommend you start using a business bank account. A few applicants have reported issues with a personal account. (Also note this story has been updated to note they are not taking grant applications from new applicants.)

  71. Hi. Thank you so much for doing this site. I am a sole proprieter, the business is just myself, I am a fine art landscape photographer and my business has dropped to near zero since last March when I had to close my studio/gallery, and it is still closed. (My wife and I are both over 65 and high risk). I got the EIDL grant the first time but only got $1000 since I am the only employee. I was offered a loan but declined, and also got a PPP loan for 2.5 times my monthly net income, which in 2019 only amounted to a loan of $2100, am still waiting to hear if it will be forgiven but was told it should be, have filled out all applications and the funds are spent. My business qualifies for the low income by having 22% of the population in my census district below the poverty line, and I have no problem qualifying on the 30% income reduction, it was more like 90%, business lost money in 2020. Schedule C is filled out for 2020, not submitted yet, plan to do it by the end of Jan, waiting to see if there are any changes to reporting and 1040’s. Do you think I will qualify for the $9000 on the grant that I didn’t get the first time around? It would be a lifesaver for my business. Do I need to do anything? I keep waiting to here more about the EIDL, but am hearing just wait. I already put in my application for the second round of PPP loan, same amount as before is what I requested. Thanks for your help.

  72. Hi, and thank you so much for being such a wonderful resource.

    I have 5 employees and got a $5,000 EIDL Grant in the first round. Since “Any EIDL Grant (not loan) previously received will be subtracted from the $10,000 EIDL Grant,” I guess I will not be eligible for more EIDL Grant money – is that right?

    1. I’m not so sure Bradley. The way I read the legislation, if you qualify for the targeted grant (low-income community, 30% revenue reduction) you may be able to get the difference between $10,000 and $5000. Hopefully we’ll know more soon!

  73. my question,I have 3 employees and applied for loan and grant , I was turned down for loan but received grant for 3000, am I understanding this correctly that I can apply for the difference of 7000.or is this wishfull thinking?

    1. Jim – You may. From what I understand at this point you’d need to meet the new requirements of the targeted grant (30% revenue reduction, low-income community) but if you do it sounds like you may be eligible for the full grant. That said, the original CARES Act made it sound like you could get $10,000 then SBA administered it at $1000 per employee. So until we get guidance from the SBA I have to remain a bit vague!

  74. You are really good at this and its been the best explanation for these options for the public to apply for these moneys available. I have been very confused and this assisted me to get started and hopefully I will be successful. Thank you for your help.

  75. Good Evening!

    I have a question. It was mentioned in the post that “The legislation says that a qualified business (“covered entity”) may submit a request to the SBA Administrator and receive the full $10,000 EIDL grant regardless of whether their application for an EIDL is or was approved,” they accepted an EIDL loan, or they previously received a PPP loan.” Was this cited someplace or was this something that was spoken? If it is written, would you please direct me to it’s location? I’m also wondering if the request needs to be written, sent through email or a portal. I did some researching and found the definition of “covered entity” within CFR but, still need clarification on the request process.

    My Best,


    1. The general procedures for requesting the grant are in HR133 (start on page 862 of the PDF). The next step is for the SBA to issue guidance to implement then. To my knowledge they have not done so yet so my understanding is there is nothing you can do yet.

  76. I wanted to know when do the portal open.i heard january 17th but it’s still not on the sba website.

    1. Jamal – I update the article after a conversation with the SBA. They have only opened the portal for EIDL LOANS – not the targeted grant. We are still waiting to get instructions for the grant. Unfortunately they were not able to provide a date.

  77. I applied for loan recieved 1000 grant was approved for loan but did not take it. If I get the remaining 9000 does this mean I have to submit financials each year by march to the sba and that they ha e the right to audit me. This is if I do not take any type of loan just the grant.

    1. Tena – Until they come out with guidance I am not certain. I believe they can still audit use of the grant funds but I am not aware of a requirement to provide annual financials just for the grant.

  78. I received an EIDL loan for $79k in Sept. Am I eligible for an additional loan? A company called and said I was eligible for $150k and I would receive the difference

    1. I would be very leery of someone who called you stating that. It sounds like a scam. As mentioned in the article, if you still need more funds you can contact the SBA directly to see whether you may be eligible.

  79. Thanks for this much needed information. I own a small business bills bike shop est 07.I bought bills bike shop in June 2018. I’m broke and struggling to pay my bills concerning my business. I meet all the quitarty to get the loan I guess he’ll I don’t know.Thank u for all ur effort in putting this on the enter net.

    1. Sandra – the fact that you live together should not be relevant (although it could potentially trigger a fraud review.) If these are separate businesses that file their own tax returns then you should apply for separate loans.

  80. Hi there, I had seen a lot of different information regarding the new loan advances so I called the EIDL contact number to ask about the program(when it would be available, how much I qualify for, etc.). The lady on the phone told me that there was no new EIDL Advance and that it was not going to be reopened since it had closed last year. I was wondering if you could provide me with the sources where you found the information on the new Advance Grant program. I have seen a ton of websites saying that it is a thing but now I am concerned since someone at the EIDL office said it was not. Hopefully she was wrong but it would help to see the actual guidance from the SBA.


    1. Hi Zach – It’s confusing. The EIDL advance is apparently not going to reopen but the Targeted EIDL grant described in this article will. (That’s part of the stimulus legislation that became law Dec 27, 2020. You can read it here starting on page 862 of the PDF.) Part of the confusion was that the legislation included appropriations for the section of the law that created the advance in the CARES Act but the SBA rep I spoke with last week said that is for EIDL loans, not advances. So we’ll still need to wait for guidance from SBA about how and when these Targeted EIDL grants will open up.

  81. “Any EIDL Grant (not loan) previously received will be subtracted from the $10,000 EIDL Grant” – I have 5 employees and got a $5,000 EIDL Grant in the first round. Would that disqualify me from getting another EIDL Grant? Thx.

  82. I was approved for the EIDL and an advance of $3,000. Supposedly, the $3,000 never came due to bank misinformation, yet my PPP and EIDL amounts went through. So my question is will I be able to apply for the grant this second time around? Or do I have to request the $3,000 that never came? I need some clarification.

    1. You should have your 2019 business tax return and if you can get one for 2020 together that may help but I doubt it will be required this early in the year. We don’t have a lot of specifics yet though. In the past they have checked credit.

  83. Hi- I received an EIDL $1000 grant in Q2 of 2020. I subsequently (after reconsideration application) received and EIDL loan in Q4 of 2020. Can I apply for $9000 of the loan to be considered a grant (bringing me up to the $10K grant threshold) instead of a loan? Thoughts appreciated.

  84. I understand other people that didn’t get the 10K or the remainder from the first time around. But the people who do have a business & got their Grant first time around should definitely get the 10K again. We’re still suffering too!

  85. Thank Gerri for a great article. My nail salon just in business since Dec/18/2019. We didn’t have much gross income since we was in business for less than 10 days in 2019, but we till have a 2019 tax return. Now I could not prove that my business decline 25% to qualifier for second round of PPP. My first applied for the EIDL loan was declined because my gross receipt even less than my EIDL advance. Here their original Declined letter :
    “1. Your economic injury is less than the amount you received from the EIDL Advance. As a result,
    we are unable to substantiate any additional eligibility at this time.
    2. The information you submitted does not indicate an economic injury.”

    Do you know some one might help my business in this case ?
    Thank You
    Kevin Le

      1. Yes I was denied the first round PPP everywhere I applied because I had a loss on my 2019 schedule c – because I opened at the end of the year. Finally one lender helped me and we got it, bit lenders make it so difficult for businesses that weren’t operational in 2019. Now they want us to show quarter losses from 2019 compared to 2020, when those of us with only 2020 numbers are supposed to be able to compare quarters within the year. There’s no accomodations for this with any lenders that I’ve looked at so far.

        1. I’m sorry to hear you have so much trouble getting the assistance your business needs. Unfortunately lenders have to go with the requirements spelled out in the legislation. (It’s Congress, not the individual lenders, who came up with these requirements.) My best suggestion is to contact your elected officials in Washington. There is already talk of more stimulus programs with the new administration.

  86. I applied for the EIDL advance grant ad loan back in June of 2020 I never got the advance grant ad got told I couldn’t get the loan Cuzz of. Credit history my question is my son in law got the advance grant but no loan Cuzz of his credit history my question is wasn’t anyone that applied for the advance grant was to get it regardless if they were approved for the loan or if they accepted the loan ad will I get it this time

  87. Hello,

    I filed out a EIDL application, early – on 01/12/2021, I didn’t realize I was supposed to wait until the 17th, can I still move forward with my application and then apply for the grant or should I just not create my online account and wait for the 17th and reapply?

    1. Jau – I know it’s hard when your business needs the help but try not to get too stressed out yet. We don’t have instructions or guidance from the SBA yet on the application process for the new targeted so I can’t advise one way or the other. You can wait for further guidance which should be coming soon (!) or you can reach out to the SBA: For help with applying for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan, call 800-659-2955 or email (I’m not sure they have much information yet either but you can always try!)

  88. I applied back in 1st round and got the $10k grant. I was approved for $271k loan and then days before money was released they capped the program to $150k, so that’s all I received, And I never would have thought this pandemic would have carried on all this time. But my original amount would be very helpful for the continued success of my business. Have you heard anything about getting the original amount you were approved for since that was based on your actual financials?

    1. That’s an excellent question Erica. No I have not. I didn’t see additional appropriations for that in the bill but they haven’t spent the first round either. I’ll keep looking for additional guidance there.

      In the meantime are you also applying for PPP?

  89. Hello there!

    I have a question about the eligibility for new business when applying tor the EIDL: I paid for the formation of my LLC via Rocket Lawyer on January 1st, 2020 but I did not receive my final registration paperwork until February 2nd, 2020. Technically, I was “in business” before the January 31st deadline, but I understand a lender may have alternative interpretation of the requirements. Will I still qualify for the EIDL?

    Thanks for your time!

  90. Hello! I have a question about the eligibility for new business when applying tor the EIDL: I paid for the formation of my LLC on January 1st, 2020 but did not receive my actual registration paperwork until February 2nd, 2020. Although I was “in business” before the January 31st deadline, on paper it says February 2nd, 2020. Will I still qualify for the EIDL?

    Thanks for your time!

    1. I applied for EIDL in April 2020 and never received an answer let alone a dime. I was approved for a PPP LOAN and never received it either. The financial industry was advertising to apply for PPP with several banks and SBA penalized me for getting approval for more then one and canceled both! Checked on EIDL late 2020 before money dried up…said still reviewing my application. I also had several applications to which they cancelled all but one. Never RECEIVED A RED cent from ANYONE!!!!

    1. EIDL is open but my understanding is that is only for new applicants – not for those who already applied for EIDL and are hoping for the targeted grants. You can apply for PPP now. The SBA portal is opening over this week (with certain applications going first.)

      1. Yes i applied in June of 2020 for the advance Eidl grant ad loan I was never given the grant ad was told due to my credit I couldn’t get the loan
        On their site ad by congress anyone that meet the qualification could get the advance regardless if they were eligible for the loan
        I know many business that applied got the grant ad was told no to credit so I’m ble to get the grant now in this new bill my application is still with them cause I reapplied on Jan 8th 2021 ad was told I had a application on file ad that they was going to dis regard that one

        1. Lisa – We don’t have guidance from the SBA yet for the new targeted grants. I can understand your frustration but we’ll need to see what they come out with. Hopefully soon.

  91. We got a SBA loan in the first round but we did not get the grant funds. We received a loan that was less then we could have received. I did not ask for the grant which was an error on my part. Can we apply for the grant on the second go around?

  92. GERRI 🙂 Your video was extremely helpful, thank you so much.
    My questions are regarding the gross receipts for the two 8-week periods.

    1.  Confirming: that the two 8-week periods would be something like:
    (5–10-19 – 7-10-19) vs (5-10-20 – 7-10-20)
    Meaning, the exact same 8-weeks, different years.

    2. My business gratefully received the $1K EIDL. Does that dollar amount need to be included in the 8-week period?

    3.  What documents should I prepare to show these two 8-week periods?

    I’m new to you and Nav, and I thank you so much for helping with this.

    1. 1. That is my understanding but we haven’t seen detailed guidance from the SBA yet. Hopefully soon!
      2. I don’t think so but I haven’t seen specific guidance on this. (Oddly EIDL grants weren’t mentioned in the PPP guidance for gross receipts even though it clearly excluded forgiven PPP loans from cross receipts.)
      3. We don’t know the documentation requirements yet so my best advice is to have your business bookkeeping up to date.

  93. Hello,
    I’m not in a “Low income” area? Is there anything written about NON low income area businesses receiving a Grant? Low income area businesses aren’t the only ones suffering.

    1. PJ – I’d encourage you to wait until we get more guidance from the SBA. It’s possible you will still be eligible for the original EIDL grant of $1000 per employee. Also have you checked into PPP? Those loans are 100% forgivable if spent properly which essentially turns them into a grant.

      1. Thank you for responding
        My business was Opened around April of 2020, the Pandemic was just gearing up and my State was soon ordered a Stay in place. My new business has been in the RED since day one. Due to my business start date, I don’t think I qualify for a PPP loan.

        1. If you are self-employed with no employees and your business does not show a profit on Schedule C line 31 you are not eligible for PPP unfortunately. And last time the business had to be operational by January 31 2020 to apply for EIDL. That date could change so I’d recommend checking back here over the next couple of week – hopefully we will have more guidance soon.

    1. It currently is a check box at the end of the EIDL application. You can go through the application online and not submit it if you want to see what’s asked. If you have already applied for EIDL in the past I suggest you check with SBA before applying again as it may create a duplicate application.

  94. I have a single-member LLC. I applied for the first round of PPP and was approved for a loan but did not want to take the loan at the time. I did however receive $1000 of the EIDL advance. My question is, do I need to reapply to receive the remainder of the $10,000 advance? Also, if I did want to reconsider the loan would I need to reapply for the loan again? I I am unclear about the forgiveness guidelines for single-member LLC since majority of the portion of the funds that need to be used are for employee retention salaries I believe, would this constitute paying myself? Thank you!

    1. As I mentioned in the article Elliot we don’t know the procedure yet for requesting the additional EIDL grant funds. Hopefully the SBA will release guidance soon. It is NOT my understanding that you need to reapply for the loan.

      As for PPP forgiveness, you may qualify based solely on payroll. It doesn’t have to be exactly 60%. We’ve written a lot of articles about PPP – you can start with this one.

  95. If I recieved the $1000 grant I heard I dont have to do nothing and will get the amount of $9000 is that true just wondering because I heard I can not apply again and I should of got the full $10000.

    1. Brandon – you may qualify for the full $10000 if you meet the requirements we spelled out in this article. It’s not necessarily true you don’t have to do anything – we don’t know yet. We are waiting for further instruction from the SBA.

  96. Hi. If I’m a sole proprietor, independent contractor and never got the 1000 advance this time around would I receive just 1000 or 10,000? Trying to figure out if the new advance of 10,000 is for each person or a business with 10 employees? Also my husband got the 1000 advance for his business which he is the only employee is he elegible to get 1,000 or or 9,000 more ?

    1. The new targeted $10,000 is not based on number of employees. But you have to meet the new qualifications (low income, 30% economic impact). If he already got $1000 then my understanding is he may be eligible for up to $10,000 total – the $1000 grant he got would be subtracted.

  97. I would like to apply for the EIDL grant i own a small rental lost money because of the corvona i am the only one no empolies

  98. Funds ran out when I last tried to apply for the EDIL grant. I would like to qualify for the grant now before the deadline.

  99. Hi! I applied for the EIDL on June 28th. I received a request to update my information and after updating, I was offered a loan but never received the advance. My question, is now that six months have passed, do I start a new application, or do I have to ‘request reconsideration’?

    1. Kari – Reconsideration is for a loan that was denied. Since you were approved you would not ask for reconsideration. As for the grant, we don’t know the procedure yet for requesting the grant if you already applied but didn’t receive yet. We should know more soon.

  100. I’m a new business owner sole ownership with no employees will I be eligible for the new stimulus package on January 17th

    1. Gerald – Sole proprietors with no employees may be eligible for EIDL and PPP if you otherwise qualify. However, you mentioned “new” but that’s another story. Your business must be operational by February 15, 2020 to apply for PPP. And under the current rules your business must be operational by January 31, 2020 to apply for EIDL.

      1. C&J concrete creations they saidI I was going to get mine last time promised my guy and all never did show up please help

      2. I got the loan but not the advance and I ✔️ the box for the advance but funding had run out will I need to apply for the advance? I’m dying down here in New Orleans

        1. I’m sorry to hear how rough it’s been Andrew. As I mention in the article we don’t know the procedure yet to apply for the grant if you already applied previously. SBA should put out guidance soon.

    2. I’m just looking for some financial help since I never got either stimulus payment. Idk what to do to receive any money.

  101. I’ve been doing my company for 25 years and since it’s pandemic I have lost my business employees because can’t go in people’s houses cuz I remodel homes and fix houses for the elderly now can’t go inside because I can’t wear masks am I eligible for this grant

  102. I have a question, if I applied just one day before the funds ran out and they didn’t give me the grand for that reason, do I have the right to get those 1000 that they didn’t give me?

    1. I have never applied for the PPP Or EDIL GRANT. I am a single small business in Michigan. It is a 18 hole golf course with a full line restaurant and bar. Been in business for 36 years and this past year and the beginning of this year has been extremely hard. I would like any possibility of recieve any form of much needed help an amount in excess of 6000.00 would be great.

  103. So, If I have never filled out an application for a eidl grant, I can still do that with the older sba application that is still available? And, if I do that, will I have to fill out another one when the new portal is available for the new $10,000 grant? Thank you for your time.

  104. Apologies if this question has been answered. I do not see it. I applied and received a denial letter back on August of 2020. Reason for denial was unsatisfactory credit history.

    I never seen a option for the grant. I believe at that time all funds were allocated.

    My question is that with me having a denial application from back in August will I be eligible for the full grant? I appreciate your time in answering my specific question.

  105. If I applied previously and received $10K in May, do I need to re apply? Thank you for your time and helping so many of us.

    1. Great question Laura. The way I understand the legislation if you got the full $10,000 grant you will not be able to qualify for another grant. But the SBA has worked in mysterious ways before so check back and we will update this article when we have more information.

    1. That’s a great question Brandon. I’ve never been asked that and am not sure. You can call the SBA Disaster Assistance hotline if you are concerned that the funds will not be deposited correctly: 800-659-2955.

    1. As I wrote in the article: We do not know the procedure for requesting the full grant yet. We must wait for guidance from the SBA. We anticipate that will happen sometime in early January 2021. We will monitor the news from the Small Business Administration and will update this article when that information is available.

      In the meantime if you never applied for EIDL that portal is still open at

  106. Hi,
    In July, I received part of the grant, and I was denied the EIDL loan due to not so good credit (using my ss#). Should I apply again using my business ein number rather than my social? I am legit business, in a targeted/low income area, and ai have passed the 6 month reconsideration mark.

    1. Don’t apply again – you will just get a notice that it’s a duplicate application. You can ask for reconsideration for your first loan and for the targeted grant hold on until we get instructions from SBA. (You can always try contacting the SBA EIDL Disaster Assistance Hotline – I’m pretty sure you are going to hear the same thing but it doesn’t hurt to check.)

  107. Hello , could I apply if I started a business in July of 2020. I couldn’t get my business off the ground due to lack of funds during the pandemic

  108. What are the restrictions on spending the new $10,000 EIDL grants? Do I need to prove what I spend it on? We’d like to use in on rent for a new physical location.

  109. I have a question about this portion “Have suffered an economic loss greater than 30%,”

    does that include unemployment & or other grants received or just income from running ones business?

  110. If you applied for the eidl loan but the grant was not available for you to request it on your application do you have to reapply when the grant is available to request it on your application?

    1. Tammy – A great resource for help applying for EIDL is your regional SBA office, SBDC and/or SCORE. All are SBA resource partners and provide free help to entrepreneurs. Find your local office here.

  111. The EIDL Advance is no longer available. When will it be available? Jan 6 or Jan 11? I’m a bit confused about this….

    1. Cuong – We don’t have a specific date yet. What we know is that the SBA has 15 days after the stimulus legislation was enacted to issue regulations, so we should know more next week at the latest.

  112. Good Morning!
    Is the new application up?
    And if so, would applying now qualify me for the grant?
    I want to make sure I am applying for the right one at the right time.

  113. Hey I applied for the SBA grant I got $6000 but was denied for the loan but I tried to redo it again and I received an email stated I have more than 1 applications… so do that mean I can only applied once or will the give me the other $4000 I didn’t receive

  114. Hello, I am a sole independent contractor and got a EIDL grant of 1k, also got a loan of 15k. Can I apply for a new EIDL loan with this new legislation? also can I apply for the 10k, grant and when starts the application? , thank you

  115. Hi, I applied for the loan and grant. I was denied for the loan and I never got the grant. I was told that I would get the grant, but it took months for them to tell me that the money was out. Does this mean I won’t be getting anything or that I can’t apply again? Or would they continue with the normal process and I would just have to wait even longer?

    1. It’s possible you may qualify for the grant you didn’t receive previously but my understanding is you’ll need to meet the new qualifications. I would suggest waiting for the details from the SBA since they haven’t opened up those (re)applications yet. But you are always welcome to contact the SBA at 800-659-2955 or email

  116. I would like to avail the EIDL grant signed last Dec 27, 2020. Please direct me how to apply. I am a sole proprietorship and been affected with COVID~19,1 employee, I hav all the Tax Schedule C to show my 2019 income and profit and loss.

  117. Good Afternoon, I want to make sure that I am clear about the EIDL loan vs grant. If I apply for the EIDL Loan then the grant will cross out the loan for repayment?

    1. Not exactly. What happens is the business applies for an EIDL loan and then checks a box at the end of the application that they want to be considered for the grant. If they get the grant it is deposited separately (usually first). Then when they are offered the loan they can choose to accept part, all or none of it. There’s no subtracting the grant from loan. I hope that makes sense!

    2. Hello Im a single mother of 4 children. I have ran a a, Hawaiian shaved ice and more, for 6 yrs in my community to baseball leagues , churches, and charities. I am need of help at this time of 5000.00!! Can you please help!! Thank you!!



  119. thanks for all the info. I have more than one business, and got $150k for one, then the next app didn’t get processed for later and we got $50k – similar stats on the businesses so we assumed they were just running out of funds. No reason given. In the months after, we got different answers, but finally got someone to send us a form to apply for an expansion of our loan (additional funds). Continue to check in every couple of weeks. Do you think this new bill will effect the previous app for additional funds?

    1. I assume it will. I wasn’t completely clear on the appropriations for EIDL though – it wasn’t clear to me reading the legislation if the additional funding was just for the grants or for loans.

  120. Where and how do I apply for the:
    “Economic aid to hard-hit small businesses, nonprofits, and venues act”
    The $15B Grant approved for businesses with live venues.

    Thank You!

  121. Is the New Grant Application posted yet?
    I heard Jan 6th is the day for that and the one that is up now (jan 4) is ONLY for the loan

    1. Not that I have seen. I am not sure where you heard January 6th. The stimulus bill was approved Dec 27 2020 and the SBA has 15 days to issue regulations, so if that’s calendar days they have until January 11th. We are monitoring it and will update this article as soon as we have more information.

      1. Think they’re mixing the deadline up the the PPP loans: “On December 27, 2020 President Trump signed another stimulus bill that includes additional funding for PPP loans. The SBA has until January 6th (ten days after enactment) to issue regulations.”

      1. Hello, So with the new grant for 10,000 you do not need to have 10 or more employees to receive the full 10k? So if u have only one will you still receive the full 10,000 grant?

          1. So if I did not receive a grant the first time around because funds ran out, will I be able to receive it with this new bill? Also, I’d like to apply for a second loan. I received one already for my LLC, but I’d like to apply for another one as a Sole Proprietorship and another for my Amazon business. How can I apply again without them saying that I’m submitting a duplicate application? I still had to enter my Social Security Number and full name even though my first application was for my LLC so how would that work when applying for a second loan? I just don’t want my funds delayed for something that could be easily avoided.

          2. First question you may qualify if you meet the new requirements under the targeted EIDL grant section. Second question – before you apply contact the SBA. Call 800-659-2955 or email You’re right that it could trigger a duplicate business message or even flag it for fraud so get their advice first. Be sure to share what you hear back from them! Also there may be other business owners who dealt with this in our Facebook Group so you may want to post this question there.

      2. yes hello I applied for the grant and loan back in 2020 and I got denied for the loan because of credit but I did get the thousand dollar Grant can I reapply for the rest of the grant now even though I already applied for the loan and Grant in 2020

  122. I crochet blankets and hats and baby blankets and booties and baby hats and scarfs too sometimes I charge people and sometimes I gift products to people for birthday and other holidays too. I have a website and email address and an online store too. Can I apply for the EIDL grants too?

  123. If I had a business prior to covid but didn’t have an llc or anything for it until after January will I still qualify? Per my state I wasn’t required to have an llc to operate my clothing business. But in March I went ahead and got it due to not being able to open a business bank account without an ein # if I had people working for me such as paid models and online sales rep will this still qualify me to be able to get grant/loan as I have maybe since covid made 6 sales and had to try paying out of pocket for the few employees I had.

  124. Hello I Have A eBay Business That I Shut Down Because Of Covid
    I Am On ssdi So eBay Was For Trying To Make Extra Money

  125. Hello, my business has never gotten help and we went from having 30 homes that we did maintenance for to only 10 I need help providing for my family since we are struggling due to the pandemic. Do we have to pay back the grant? I’ve heard we do and I’ve heard we don’t so I am somewhat confused. Thank you. Also, what is the website?

  126. Just got off the phone with a representative named Fred at the SBA. Gov site had received an email stating the application that I submitted is a duplicate and their previous is going to be used from almost a year ago we went round and round them trying to put money in my account never got it done and then told me I was denied now I’m being told there are no grants that this just loans that I’ve got bad information so I read this on your website here and I’m a little bit confused I leave my email below and look forward to possibly hearing from you thank you.

  127. Thanks for the EIDL update Ms Detweiler.

    I was approved the first time around for loan and $1,000 grant many months ago. What are our expectation moving forward and do i need to to anything to receive the balance of the grant?

    Thanks again and be safe!

  128. Hi, are these considered grants or loans? On the application website it says they are no longer doing the EIDL advance, which I believe is the one that doesn’t need paid back. All I see is the application for the normal EIDL.

    1. The program mentioned in this article has not launched yet. Right now you can only apply for the loan but at the end of the application you should see a check box to be considered for a grant. However, that’s only for someone who has not applied before and I don’t know what priority new applicants will get for this round of grant funding. More information to come from SBA soon.

  129. I have 5 employees and got a $5,000 EIDL Grant in the first round. Since “Any EIDL Grant (not loan) previously received will be subtracted from the $10,000 EIDL Grant,” I guess I will not be eligible for more EIDL Grant money – is that right?

  130. Hello, I am an independent contractor and was wondering if I can apply both EIDL grant and PPP at the same time? How possible is to get approved for both the loan as I have very good credit score? Also this would be my first time applying as I didn’t know about when CARES ACT approved these loan for independent contractor back then.I contacted the SBA representative regarding the grant and they don’t have the information yet. How can I be updated with the EIDL grant if available in future? Can you also please let me know if the EIDL is approved will there be still $10,000 or $1,000 grant for independent contractor as I work as an Uber driver? And how much is the interest for EIDL and when do we have to pay back?

    Thank you,

      1. I messed up and entered the wrong information on my EIDL application. I added 2020 income instead of 2019. Can I fix that?

    1. If you got the full $10,000 EIDL grant already then it’s my understanding that you won’t quaLify for a second one but we’ll know more when the SBA comes out with guidance on this legislation.

      1. Hi I have a small painting busi and make the Same thing I do every year.around 24 to 35,000 a year I had no calls this year income how do I fill out for this and I live in one of the worst part of my city do taxis every year

      2. I applied for eidl loan and was denied due to credit history. The application didnt have the option for the advance. Can i recieve the advance grant even though i was denied the loan???

        1. Michael – It’s possible you may be eligible for the targeted advance if you meet the requirements. As I mention in the article we don’t have specific guidance yet so I can’t be specific. I will update this story when we do.

  131. I think I applied for the EIDL last April but did not get it. My understanding was the money was already exhausted. I don’t want to miss the opportunity for grant money this time.
    I am a small minority owned business. I am SWAM certified. I have suffered greatly from Covid-19. I am a Personal chef/ Caterer. My business has dropped off by 85%. My meals to go which is focused on the elderly has also suffered. Several of my clients have died because of Covid-19. It has been very difficult both financially and emotionally. I could use this grant money to get back on my feet again.

    1. Carmen – I hope you’ll get it this time around! We’ll update this article as soon as new information is available from the SBA. The SBA has 15 days after the date of enactment to issue regulations so my understanding is that we should have more details no later than January 11, 2021.

    2. Do you have to take out a Loan to qualify. I am a own a business with no employees, so did not qualify for anything the first time around. But now I have lost almost all of my clients. Not sure what I need to fill out.

      1. I’m not quite sure I understand your question Beth. Are you trying to get the grant you did not get the first time around when you applied for EIDL? If so then we are waiting for the SBA to explain how to apply for that. (No you do not have to accept a loan to get a grant.)

  132. Thank you for the clarity. I receive the $1,000 from the first offered EIDL grant. I’ll stay vigilant on this topic to proceed in applying for the balance. Appreciate this.

  133. Hello , if I have a full time job ( for 13 yrs now) And I have been a independent contractor ( Uber driver for over 5years now) can I apply for the EIDL GRANT….since the Pandemic i have experienced a lost ….ridership is not as high as it was of course before the covid 29 hit … a FYI…I always file my personal income taxes to include reporting and filing my earnings as a independent contractor.

    1. Junita – The application period has been extended to December 31, 2021. Generally the way this program works is you apply for the loan and, if you qualify, you get the grant. Then you may be offered a loan as well. We wrote about that in this article. Independent contractors, including Uber drivers, may apply.

  134. I never applied for the EIDL Grant, but I applied for the loan haven’t gotten it yet, so will I be able to apply for the grant this time around? I didn’t apply for the grant before because, they were out of funds.


    1. When you apply for the loan you are automatically considered for the grant. We should get information from the SBA soon on how to request the full grant if you didn’t receive it the first time around.

  135. What if I was a Uber/Lyft driver as it relates to being located in a low income area. I don’t fit into that category of business like a brick and mortar business who is located in a certain area. I just got in my car and drove all over southern California working for Uber and Lyft. And I have picked up and dropped off passengers in low income areas.

    1. Mitch – Independent contractors may be eligible to apply. However, we’ll need more information from the SBA to understand how the low-income community qualification may apply to situations like yours.

  136. Hello thanks for your information. I have a small painting company and I never got the grant because there was not more founds but I got $8 k eidl loan which I think it was a bit low in comparison with other companies but that’s ok . I never applied for ppp because I didn’t know I can get that too. Now my question is if I can apply for a grand this time and also I would like to apply for a ppp loan . Can I do that? Also can I apply for another eidl loan in casei need it ? Thank you and happy holidays

    1. Yes you can apply for PPP and EIDL if you qualify. Our PPP article is here.

      You may be eligible for the EIDL grant you didn’t get it the first time if you qualify.And you may ask for more money from your first EIDL loan. We don’t know the procedure for requesting the grant you didn’t get the first time around yet. As for requesting more funds from EIDL from your first loan application, you’ll need to ask the SBA. For help with an Economic Injury Disaster Loan, call 800-659-2955 or email

  137. Does working for a staffing agency’s qualify we was impacted we didn’t make what we normally make an my hours where cut I’ve been doing side work and essential work during this pandemic so I a self contractor I also have a in home jewelry business I’ve lost money on I haven’t been able to sell none of my jewelry

  138. Update. I spoke with SBA and was advised to call back next week concerning the grant. (Today’s date: December 30, 2020)

      1. Hi I have a small painting busi and make the Same thing I do every year.around 24 to 35,000 a year I had no calls this year income how do I fill out for this and I live in one of the worst part of my city do taxis every year

  139. Hi my name is Patricia Harvin I am writing to apply for a grant for my business I own a beauty salon and I hoping that I can get a grant of 10000 to help in funding my business.

      1. Tiffany – if you need help with an EIDL application, I suggest you reach out to your regional SBA office, SBDC and/or SCORE. All are SBA resource partners and provide free help to entrepreneurs. They are familiar with these programs. Find your local office here.

  140. Could you please provide a direct link to the SBA’s website specifically covering the topic you discuss here? I received the first EIDL loan and believe I qualify for the second one. I don’t want to apply incorrectly. Thank you for this informative article. I’ve never had a month as bad as December and this would be a saving grace in keeping my business afloat.

  141. Your article states in at least two different places that “new applicants will be able to apply for EIDL grants through December 31, 2020, but we will await guidance from the SBA on how to do this”. December 31, 2020 is tomorrow. You expect guidance from the SBA today? I assume you meant 2021, but you mention December 31, 2020 as the deadline for applying a couple of other times. That means I need to get this done today. At another point in your article, you tell small business owners like myself to wait for guidance from the SBA which you expect in early January. How can we wait if we have to send in our application by tomorrow. PLEASE ANSWER THIS RIGHT AWAY, TODAY DECEMBER 30TH, 2020.

    1. Yes! You are right. I thought I already updated that. The legislation extends the period to December 31, 2021. The one thing I’m not sure of is whether it will take brand new EIDL grant applications. I think so but I’m not positive. Hopefully we’ll learn more soon.

      1. My mother has 3 rental properties that the people didn’t pay their rent the whole year because of covid. An the houses need repairs because the tenants and she hasn’t been able to get her handy men and contractors over there to fix them because of no revenue coming in. Does she qualify? And how would she apply for the Edil grant?

        1. She may Elizabeth. The deadline to apply has been extended to December 31, 2021. The way it has worked in the past is you apply for the EIDL loan and check a box at the end of the application to be considered for the grant. (Make sure she checks that box.) We wrote about that in this article.

      2. Yes they have been still giving the 10,000 grant but only if the buisnesses address is located in area of low income and the buisness/ has to show a 50% decline in any quarter from the same quarter of 2019

        1. My rental properties meet the low-income community criteria, however my business mailing address is not in a low-income community. Are you sure I Do Not qualify for the targeted EIDL grant?

          1. No – the SBA has not released detailed guidance so I am not sure of anything related to that criteria yet! All we have is the legislation. Let’s wait until the SBA releases guidance so you can determine whether or not you may be eligible.

  142. To be clear, if you got an EIDL grant before at $1k/employee, and then for an EIDL loan, you are or are not eligible for an additional EIDL grant and/or EIDL loan? Additionally, businesses that had theoretical EIDL loan amounts (3x 6 months gross income, I think it was?) that were too high for Mnuchin were capped at $150k. Will that happen again to new applicants, and if it happened before, can you re apply for the “correct” amount?

    1. With regard to the grant, whether or not you got the loan doesn’t impact whether you may be eligible for the full $10,000 grant. I am not clear on whether there will be new EIDL loans under the stimulus bill. I will update this when I learn more.

  143. I got the Eidl for 3000$ in September before funds were completely exhausted. I’m very excited to know I’ll be qualified to get the full 10000$ this time around. Please post updates from the SBA!!

  144. What if my business didn’t start bringing in revenue until this year?How do I go about getting tax documents if the year isn’t complete or how do I prove revenue?

    1. Adrienne – The SBA has not provided updated information for this scenario yet – previously it has been based on 2019 information. My best advice is to get your bookkeeping up to date asap so if you do have to provide more recent information it will be ready to go. Hopefully you have a business bank account as well, as bank statements may help. Again, we will hopefully know more soon.

  145. I’ve applied for the loan and the grants and have not got an answer on either of them and I’ve done it in May and I just did it yesterday and they sent me a email stating that they’re not giving me my grant because they’re out of money already I don’t understand why I don’t qualify for the $10,000 Grant back from May, I don’t know why I don’t qualify for this I’ve lost my place of business all my vehicles have been repossessed and I’m no longer in business over the shutdown I’m at a complete loss and don’t understand why they won’t help guys like us and I know it’s because I’m white

    1. Jamie – You’re not the only one who has complained about not getting approved or getting an answer. I noticed the new legislation requires SBA to notify you within 21 days if you don’t qualify with a reason why. You may qualify for this round so stay tuned as we update this with more information from SBA.

  146. I need assistance with filling out a EIDL application. I just found out about this information. I have do Uber and Lyft.

    1. Rachel – A great option for help filling out the application is to reach out to your local SCORE or Small Business Development Center. They help business owners for free and many have a lot of experience with this program. Find your local office here. You can also contact the SBA Disaster Assistance hotline though it can be hit or miss in terms of the experience level of the people you will talk with. I’d also recommend you read our first article about this program here.

  147. I was approved for sba loan but bank sent it back so I never received funds. So I notified sba to withdrawal my loan application. Because it seemed to be faster if I reapplied and the system still shows funds being funded to my account. Should I reapply for the grant and loan again?

    1. Scott – The new EIDL grants are not yet available. As I mentioned in the FAQs the SBA has not issued information yet on how the reapplication process for those grants. I’d recommend you reach out to the SBA for specific questions about your situation.

    2. I’m a small business owner that was directly affected by cov19 the Pandemic is a crises the American people need help.

    3. I applied for the EIDL LOAN AND GRANT. But was denied for both die to my credit I have applied for reconsideration but havent heard anything but during this process they ran outa funds, so if my reconsideration is approved will I still get the EIDL grant or will I need to re apply?

      1. I have the same issue. When I was denied due to credit, I just stopped there instead of doing the Reconsideration. I did that(sent the response) should I just reapply?

        1. Danielle – Not sure yet but I don’t think you want to reapply. The legislation requires the SBA to come up with procedures for notifying previous applicants that may be eligible. We should know more soon. You can always try to reach out to the Economic Injury Disaster Loan at 800-659-2955 or email

    1. It is Small Business five employees . Limousine Transportation Business . I want to apply for grants .

  148. It really isn’t fair to me as a small businesses owner just starting out and can’t get help. We started our business in June and there are no grants or anything to help us unless I am over looking something. Please let me know if any grants available. Feels like I’m losing out on everything.

  149. Sole Proprietor, 1 employee. Received 1000. EIDL Advance
    in April. Applied twice for PPP. Denied both times. Received 20100. SBA loan in May. Total loan was put back into Business. Business was shutdown 2nd time Nov. 20.

    Shall I contact my 7a institution ? And do I reapply again?

    Thank you,
    Nancy Hart
    Laurel Gaming LLC Illinois Terminal Operator

    1. Nancy – For EIDL I added FAQs – how to I apply and how to I reapply? TL;DR – we don’t know yet. Waiting for SBA guidance.

      For PPP, Nav is happy to help match you to lending partner making PPP loans. Sign up for a free account here and we will notify you when lending partners start making these loans. I’m guessing around 2nd week of January but that’s just my guess. Could be sooner.

  150. Thank you your article is do clear and helpful.
    I am self employed i got the $1000 but was denied the full $10000 will i qualify automatically or i need to meet the two conditions of the median income and 30% loss of income.
    Thank you
    Happy holidays

    1. It appears you do need to meet the qualifications of low income, 300 or fewer employees and 30% economic impact. The way I read the legislation the SBA will be contacting previous grant applicants to allow them to apply.

  151. If I applied before and was given $1000 and I’m the only thing I need to know if I qualify for the remaining $9000 if I live in California but in the city of National City 91950 ?

  152. Thank you very VERY much for all the precious information especially the constant updates! Very appreciative!!!
    I run a single member LLC since 2008 with no employees only independent contractors from time to time as our business is event technology and entertainment services. As you can guess our business have been literally forced to stop operations and because of the new wave of Covid19, we have never really resumed operations. It’s sad that nobody is talking about our industry as we are the heart of the social and professional gatherings and so many of us work in this industry and we’ve all been extremely affected by the circumstances…
    So my point is, would an entity like mine be qualified for gov’t assistance through both programs?
    I’ve heard in a CPA/Tax Law webinar that single member LLC’s can request PPP as “owner compensation replacement” based on the bottom line of the LLC’s 2019 tax return and that would be entirely forgivable.
    Can you assess the validity of these statements? and if so, would I be eligible for both that PPP amount AND the EIDL 10K grant?
    Last but not least, since I couldn’t apply on the first round I don’t know how this works; would you be able to request a higher amount simply as a LOAN that you can repay in time to get some cashflow to maintain and eventually other ways to grow my business?

    1. Yes, you can apply for both if you qualify. I can’t say whether you will get it but it’s definitely worth pursuing if you believe you meet the qualifications. I realize it’s confusing with all these acronyms and qualifications. With EIDL you apply for the loan then may get the grant. However in this new round it’s not clear to me yet what’s available in terms of new loans. I do know you can still apply for EIDL loans through the end of the year at

      The CPA is referring to PPP loan for the self-employed which we talked about here. Our article on the new PPP loans is here.

      Nav will be matching business owners to lending partners making these loans when they are available (early January?). If you sign up for a free Nav account we will alert you when they are available.

      1. They are not helping people who really need help. I applied and was denied because of credit. Didnt have option to check box for advance. Can I still get the grant before I lose my business????
        Where can poor people who are trying to run a business get real help???

  153. I applied for a grant from the main street launch riverside county program and did not receive an award due to funds being depleted. Do you think I will able to get consideration for this program?

  154. I would like to know if a nonprofit organization qualify for this Grant? I started a nonprofit in January 2020 and was suppose to have a community launch in June but due to Covid-19 we had to postpone.

    1. Nicole – You may apply I am concerned that you may have trouble qualifying since it sounds like your organization didn’t have any revenues. I’d suggest you check back once we have more details from the SBA.

  155. My wife and I are independent contractors for grocery shopping service.. Would we be eligible for the grant if our income declined from the previous year?

    1. In my second reconsideration.was denied the second time based on economic injury not substantiated.never received the grant the first the process of question is will I receive a grant because I never received the first due to funds running out?

  156. Can you please tell me when we can apply for the new $10,000 EIDL grant advance? Would it be wrong to apply now? I see the application for EIDL is still open (but I assume this is for loan and not for the grant advance as the grants were depleted). Also, I had already applied and received $2,000 (grants) from the 1st EIDL. Thus, I am not sure whether I need to reapply if I want the 2nd EIDL grants or do I use my old 1st application?

    1. No you cannot apply yet (as of Dec 28, 2020). It’s not open yet. I updated the article with more details today. I’d recommend giving it another read as I did my best to answer your question there.

  157. I applied the first time and got the funds but, the pandemic is still in affect. Got to the point of produciong the books i create and write witht the help of 5 instead of 10 employees. Really hope i can get my business up and running again for the future .

  158. I am a small business with 20 locations. How will the disadvantaged community area be done? Per location or the main office managing all locations. I do qualify for the grant under all the other terms,

  159. Gerri: Thank You for your good work here. I was a one man corporation for 2019. But (in the same business) switched to a Schedule C proprietor for 2020. Can I still Qualify for the 10K EIDL grant ? My income is way down. What type of documents would I have to provide ? Thanks.

    1. I don’t think the business structure matters. Although I’ve read the legislation multiple times, what I’m not quite sure about is grants for those who haven’t yet applied. As soon as I know more I’ll update this article.

  160. I received an EIDL Loan not the grant, I am self employed contractor, will I quailify for the grant or the PPP Loan? Also how do I apply for the grant and/or the PPP Loan once the President signs the bill

    1. Margaret – It’s law!

      I don’t know if you will qualify for the grant but you should try once it becomes available. I updated the article this morning with more information about how to apply once it is available. Please give it another read.

      Information about the new PPP loans are here.

      If you sign up for a free Nav account we’ll let you know when new PPP loans are available from lending partners. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.

  161. In the first round, I was given $1000 grant and the PPP. The SBA grant was not forgiven and must be repaid because I accepted the PPP. In this new legislation signed by Trump today, can we have both forgiven? And do you know yet— how do we find out if we are recognized as living in a low income area so to be awarded the full grant? Thank you for your help:-)

  162. If I got the grant of a 1,000 back when covid started will I have to reapply if the grant is signed and they start again

  163. I applied for the first ppp loan for 10,000 for my small business would I be able to apply for any of the upcoming assistance

      1. How do I apply for the grant of $10,000 we receive the SBA for All American softy Inc.
        . My portion of our business is a DBA of all American Softy inc. it’s called NY2LA salon.
        It is a hair salon I have been shut down by the government three times now and I am having extreme difficulty coming up with rent money.

  164. I have several questions ..
    1. How do I find out if someone FRAUDULENTLY received an EIDL ADVANCE in my name ?
    2 . I applied for the EIDL LOAN and I was denied because of my credit score .. Why does my credit matter ?